WOW Recap (1/18): Santana Garrett Defends Word Title, Tessa Blanchard Appears, Eye Candy In Action

Show opens with the WOW Champion, Santana Garrett, making her way down to the ring with the newly designed WOW championship belt. Garrett gets on the microphone to tell the fans how happy she is to be there, especially since her father Keny G is there as well.


She grabs the Mic from the champ and says that her family is wrestling royalty. Her father, the famous Tully Blanchard, was a member of the Four-Horsemen, and that Keny probably laced up his boots and carried his bags. WOW creator David McLane tries to calm Blanchard down, but Blanchard insists that she get a shot at Garrett's title. McLane explains that title shots are not just given...they must be earned, and just because her father, stepfather, and grandfather were in the business doesn't mean she gets special treatment.

Blanchard doesn't seem affected. She's willing to claw her way to the top, before calling the title belt her property that Garrett is just holding. Segment ends with Garrett yelling at Blanchard to get to the back of the line!

After a commercial the Beast is in the ring, an issues an open challenge. Stephy Slays answers it! She hopes to do better against the Beast than the last time when the Governor's daughter, Abilene Maverick, tricked her into to facing the Beast.

Stephy Slays versus the Beast

Tie-up. Beast shows off her power and throws Slays into the corner. Slays looks outmatched. They tie-up again...Beast with a waistlock takedown. She rag-dolls her around some more. Spear! Beast lays into Slays midsection with shoulder blocks before unloading some vicious forearms. Slay avoids another spear, climbs to the top, but Beast catches her in a belly-to-belly. Huge lariat by Beast, followed by a fallaway slam. Pinfall attempt...Slays kicks out. Beast stomps her down and smiles at the crowd.

Slay with some offense. She rolls Beast up! One count, but she lands a dropkick as they get to their feet. Victory roll attempt but Beast counters it into the Air Raid Siren. Cover...Slays escapes again! Series of suplexes from the Beast. She has the match won, but lets Slay up so she can nail her with the Beast Bomb. That'll do it.

The Beast wins by pinfall

Post-match Beast tells the crowd that she's the biggest, and she's the baddest.

Vignette for a new WOW superhero...Fire. Fire says her parents were both born in the south, giving her strong southern roots. When she was younger she got bullied in school for being smart, and used wrestling as an escape. Her motto is if you fight for something hard'll eventually be rewarded.

Abilene Maverick enters with a new fancy robe. Fire comes out next and we have our second bout for the evening.

Abilene Maverick versus Fire

Fire plays to the crowd, which gets under Maverick's skin. Maverick locks in a wristlock but Fire transitions into an armlock of her own. Maverick endures, then pops to her feet and surprises Fire with a body slam. They stare each other down.

Second tie-up. Maverick reverses an Irish-Whip but Fire bounces back with a dropkick. Splash misses, and Maverick takes advantage with a shoulder block, and hair-pull in succession. Back suplex into a cover...Fire kicks out. Maverick plays to the crowd this time, who rain boos upon her. She lays into fire with big boots, and pulls her down to the mat from her hair again. Fire responds with stiff forearms of her own. Gut kick from Fire. Basement dropkick! Maverick reverses another Irish-Whip and surprises Fire with a drop-toe hold. She quickly slams Fire's face into the mat. Slingshot from Maverick and Fire goes right into the ropes. Springboard knee drop. Another! She puts Fire in the corner...big knee. Mule kick! Maverick with the pin...Fire just escapes.

Fans chanting to get Fire back into the matchup. She dodges an attack, and hits Maverick with a series of elbows. Snapmare from Fire, followed by a mule kick of her own. Maverick in the corner...big lariat from Fire. Hip attack and a shotgun dropkick! She lands a fishermans neckbreaker and goes for the cover...Maverick just kicks out! Fire can't believe it. She's goes for it again but Maverick hits a knee. Draping DDT from Maverick! Got her!

Abilene Maverick wins by pinfall

Backstage, Maverick spots Stephy Slays in the medical area after her brutal beating from the Beast. Khloe Hurtz bumps her out of the way.

We go right into the third match between Eye Candy and Khloe Hurtz.

Eye Candy versus Khloe Hurtz

Eye Candy with the quick roll up but Khloe escapes with ease. Hurtz lands a gut kick, but Candy comes captures Hurtz in a backslide pin! Hurtz escapes again. Another roll-up by Candy, but she transitions right into a snap-suplex! Big elbow drop and Candy is in early control.

Candy with a rolling senton...she climbs for a moonsault but Hurtz kicks out her leg. Lungbower from Hurtz! Candy right back to her feet...they trade blows. Candy with a missile dropkick from the middle-rope. Another cover and again Hurtz kicks out. Firemans carry from Candy but Hurtz turns it into a firemans carry of her own. Samoan drop and leg drop in succession from Hurtz. This time Candy kicks out! Suplex attempt blocked from Candy. She picks Hurtz up...DVD! Candy climbs...MOONSAULT! EYE CANDY WINS!

Eye Candy wins by pinfall

Video vignette for Siren. She says she has been to hell and back, and is the change that is coming to the WOW roster. "There's nothing anyone can do about me" she claims.

It's main event time!

Santana Garrett versus Jungle Grrrl for the WOW World Championship

Santana wins the early exchange with a wristlock. Grrrl reverses the pressure. Series of counters from both women, who keep exchanging submissions and quick pinfall attempts. Test of strength...Grrrl overpowers Santana but the champ rolls back to reverse the knuckle lock! Elbow from Santana with the hold still applied. Irish-Whip reversed by Grrrl...she surprises Santana with a dropkick! She picks her up for the Jungle driver...lands it! Cover...two count. Grrrl can't believe it. She stomps Santana down and climbs to the top. She goes for a splash but she misses! Santana tries to take advantage but Tessa Blanchard appears and attacks Keny G in the crowd! She grabs his oxygen! Garrett rushes out to save her dad and she and Tessa start brawling! She angrily tosses Tessa all over the place...but the ref has been counting! It gets to 10!

Jungle Grrrl wins by count-out but Santana Garrett retains the WOW World Championship

After Garrett realizes she loses, Blanchard blind-side her! Hammerlock DDT! Jungle Grrrl attacks Blanchard! Jungle Driver! She's quite upset that she cost her the title. Now the Beast comes out! She stares at Jungle Grrrl but referees break them up before they can brawl! A let them fight chant comes from the crowd, with Blanchard and Garrett laid out.

That's the show friends.


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