WOW Recap (1/25): Tessa Blanchard Takes On Beverly Hills Babe, Azteca Against Jessie Jones

Recap of last week's episode, when Tessa Blanchard interrupted the WOW heavyweight championship bout between Santana Garrett and the former champion Jungle Girl. Blanchard's interference led to a countout victory for Jungle Girl, which means Garrett retains thanks to the champion's advantage. The episode ended with The Beast running down to run have a staredown with Jungle Girl.


WOW Intro.

Vignette promo telling the tale of Tessa Blanchard's upbringing. She talks about her father, her stepfather, and her grandfather's involvement in the industry. Tessa says that she's won champions and tournaments all over the globe, and that's what brings her to WOW...TO WIN. "I'm a born legend," says Tessa.

Santana Garrett is on her way to the ring to talk with WOW founder David McLane. McLane says that he and the rest of the WOW Universe are disgusted by the actions of Tessa Blanchard. Garrett begs McLane to sanction a match between her and Tessa.

This brings her and Tessa out. She and the champ start brawling, and it takes several referees to separate them. McLane screams that Tessa needs to earn her way up the ladder to become the #1 contender, and gives her an opponent for tonight to prove that: The Beverly Hills Babe!


Vignette promo for Princess Aussie talking about her tribal upbringing. She recalls standing up for herself as a young white girl, using the lessons she learned to fend off her opponents.

Shaul Guerrero introduces the competitors for the next match. Voodoo doll comes out first...following Princess Aussie, who comes out dancing with her ancient tribesman.

Voodoo Doll versus Princess Aussie

Voodoo Doll lets out a taunting scream at Aussie. Series of arm-drags from the Princess, followed by a headscissor takedown sending Voodoo Doll to ringside. Voodoo Doll charges Aussie but runs into a kick to the midsection. Voodoo Doll with a northern lights suplex. Standing splash with cover...Aussie kicks out. Voodoo Doll rakes at Aussie's face, then lays her boots into her chin in the corner.

Aussie finally gets back on her feet and lands a series of strikes. Voodoo Doll slows her down with a shot to the gut, then throws her in the corner and lands a big splash. She puts Aussie up on the ropes for a superplex, but Aussie hits a right hand...TORNADO DDT FROM AUSSIE! She bounces off the ropes and lands a running elbow drop. Aussie climbs...FROG SPLASH WITH A PIN...THE PRINCESS WINS!

Princess Aussie wins by pinfall


Cut to Tessa Blanchard preparing for her WOW debut. She looks at the camera and says that she'll do whatever is necessary to become the WOW champion. She then calls out the Beverly Hills Babe, stating that she choked out Santana's father, imagine what she'll do to her.

Jessie Jones gets a video package. Her southern roots are highlighted based her relationship with former superstar Selina. Jessie wants to represent southern pride, and has been vicious to her fellow trainees under Sellina, even separating someone's shoulder. This led Selina and Jessie to separate.

Following the vignette, Jessie makes her way to the ring for the next matchup of the evening. Jessie gets on the microphone and says that all of the WOW Universe make her sick. She quotes president Trump...saying "I'm here to make wrestling great again." She starts talking about wanting the wall to be built, which leads to a "you suck" chant.

Her opponent...from Mexico City...Azteca!

Azteca versus Jessie Jones

Tie-up. Azteca latches on a hammerlock and quickly transitions into a headlock. She pulls Jessie to the ground and goes for a triangle choke! Jessie maneuvers out of it, but Azteca shows off her athleticism with a headstand...Jessie is stunned. They break apart and staredown.


Tie-up again. Arm-drag from Azteca. She dodges a lariat from Jessie, grabs her arm, walks the ropes, and lands a flipping Japanese arm-drag sending Jessie to the arena floor. Jessie slides under the ring. As Azteca starts looking for her...she pops out the other end and shoves Azteca into the ringpost!

Back in the ring, Jessie wears Azteca down with forearms and kicks. Thumb to the eye from Jessie. Azteca reverses an Irish-whip and hits a series of running elbows. Jessie avoids the last one and targets Azteca's shoulder. Snapmare from Jessie...she goes for a running knee but Azteca turns it into a roll-up! Jessie escapes! Azteca tries to gain some momentum but Jessie runs right through her with a shoulder block. She goes after the shoulder again, cranking it over the ropes.

Azteca mounts a comeback with a 10 hit combo that ends with a buzzsaw kick to Jessie's head. She goes to the apron and lands a springboard corkscrew! She pins Jessie...Jessie gets her foot on the ropes! Big chop from Azteca to Jessie's chest. Another. Jessie kicks Azteca's arm and locks in a submission on the injures shoulder. Jessie cranks back on the wrists...Azteca can't take it...she taps out!

Jessie Jones wins by submission


Following the matchup, Jessie Jones mocks Azteca. Crowd reigns boos upon her.

Video of Lana Star and the Beverly Hills Babe backstage. Lana has a champagne bottle set up for Beverly, saying that after she defeats Tessa, they'll be going after the WOW championship. Lana's attorney comes in...Lana commends her attorney, Sophia Lopez, as the best in the business.

Havok will be making her WOW debut in the next couple weeks.

Video package of Beverly Hills Babe's journey to WOW. Having once worn the WOW tag team championship, attorney Sophia Lopez had the titles taken away after saying Beverly cheated. She then fell down the path of Lana's teachings, and the WOW championship is in their sights.

Beverly Hills Babe comes down to the ring along with Lana Star, which means it's main event time! Tessa Blanchard is out second.

Lana Star is on commentary for this bout.

Beverly Hills Babe versus Tessa Blanchard

Tie-up. Beverly takes early control with an arm-lock, but Tessa escapes and reverses the pressure. Beverly with a headlock, and pulls Tessa down by her hair. Beverly with a series of covers, but Tessa shows off some incredible core strength to escape, including a bridge out of a lateral press. They separate and have a stare down to the delight of the crowd.


Tessa begins stringing together a series of high-impact moves that weakens Beverly's midsection. Running jumping boot from Tessa that rocks Beverly. Beverly mounts Tessa and unloads a series of right hands. Snapmare and kick to the back in succession from Beverly. Another kick to Tessa's gut. Pinfall from Beverly but Tessa escapes with ease. Swinging neckbreaker from Tessa...she climbs for a double-stomp but Beverly moves...superkick from Beverly!

Beverly sets up Tessa her finisher but Tessa escapes...Buzzsaw DDT attempt from Tessa but Beverly shifts her weight and slams Tessa to the ground. Tessa with some fancy footwork...she captures the arm of Beverly...Buzzsaw DDT! That'll do it.

Tessa Blanchard wins by pinfall

Lana Star is not happy with the Beverly Hills Babe. Tessa gets on the mic and starts jaw-jacking at David McLane, saying that she has just proven why she deserves a title shot. She then calls out Santana Garrett. "Your'e daddy's not the only one whose gonna need oxygen when I'm done with you." This brings out Garrett...who spears Tessa in the middle of the ring. They are once again separated by the refs. David McLane is screaming saying that they're out of time.

That's the show friends.