WWE 205 Live Recap (1/9): Itami Faces Alexander For Final Spot In Fatal-Four Way, Dar Versus Nese

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General Manager Drake Maverick give a recap of last week's 205 Live, when Kalisto defeated Lio Rush, and Akira Tozawa triumphed over Drew Gulak to move on to the Royal Rumble Fatal-Four way title match. Maverick then hypes up tonight's matchups, which includes Hideo Itami and Cedric Alexander battling for the final spot for the Rumble.

205 Live Intro.

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. Commentary team discuss how Buddy Murphy will not have a champion's advantage at the Royal Rumble due to the nature of the multi-man matchup.

Noam Dar is on his way out for the first bout of the evening. His opponent...Tony Nese. Nese counts his abs as he walks down to the ring.

Early promo from Nese plays in the side-bar, saying how sick of Noam Dar he is, and that he plans on proving he's the better man tonight.

Noam Dar versus Tony Nese

Tie-up. Nese uses his power to wrestle Dar to the ground. Dar escapes and cranks Nese's arm before locking in a deep headlock. Nese gets to his feet, bounces Dar off the ropes, and runs right through him with a shoulder block. While Nese poses to the crowd Dar trips Nese and ties him up in a submission. He poses himself!

Back on their feet, Nese hits an elbow. He climbs to the top and backflips over Dar. Dar kicks Nese in the shin dropping him to the mat. Taunting by Dar. He headbutts Nese in the gut, wraps up his arms, and spins him several times. Backslide pin...Nese kicks out with ease, but rolls to the outside to compose himself. Dar chases him and throws him back in the ring, but gets caught with a knee from Nese as he attempts to climb in himself.

Now in control, Nese bulldozes through Dar with a flying elbow. Standing splash with a cover from Nese, but Dar kicks out with ease. Bodyscissor from Nese. Dar is able to escape, but Nese cuts off his comeback with a superkick to the gut. Nese with a combo, followed by a bearhug. He whips Dar into the turnbuckle and decapitates him with a running lariat. Another cover but Dar kicks out with ease again.

Dar avoids a running strike and Nese collides with the turnbuckle. Nese tries to climb the middle rope, but Dar targets the shin again with a kick, knocking Nese off. Running uppercut from Dar, followed by a running elbow and northern-lights suplex in succession. Dar attempts a vertical suplex but Nese blocks it, so Dar transitions into a guillotine choke. Nese uses his strength to break the hold, then nails Dar with a stiff jab. Stun gun off the ropes...Nese with a springboard asai moonsault lands. Pinfall...Dar kicks out.

Nese goes for a german suplex, but Dar drops to the mat and unloads a series of kicks to Nese's head. Nese fires back with a running elbow strike. Series of counters from both men. Dar jumps and locks in the guillotine again! Right in the center! Nese with a northern lights out of the hold! Pinfall...Dar just escapes! Hammerlock from Nese but Dar with another shin kick. He starts pounding on Nese who is near the ropes, and the ref has to pull him back. Nese takes advantage of the distraction and hits a pumphandle driver! Nese tries to drag Dar to do damage in the corner...roll-up by Dar! Got em!

Noam Dar wins by pinfall.

Nese is frustrated, trash-talking Dar. Dar smiles on the runway.

Brian Kendrick is backstage cutting a promo. He says Akira Tozawa couldn't be here tonight, but reads a letter that Tozawa wrote. Tozawa says he took this week to wrestle in Japan, and train for his upcoming title match at the Royal Rumble, where he promises to defeat Buddy Murphy, and become Cruiserweight champion once again. Kendrick ends the segment by saying that he will do whatever it takes to help his friend win the title.

Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher are with Drake Maverick. They give Maverick a list of superstars who they deem would be worthy to be in 205, and ones who won't take high risks. Maverick says he'll look them over. When they walk away, Maverick dumps the list to the ground.

Mike Kanellis and Maria roll-up. They're livid that Mike hasn't wrestled on the show in five weeks, and wants a chance to compete. Maria warns Maverick, saying that she hopes the new talent that Maverick brings in are ready to fight as much as her and her husband are.

Commercial for NXT UK Takeover. (This Saturday on the WWE Network...you're welcome.)

Promo from Lio Rush. Rush says that Kalisto didn't beat him clean last week, and that he only lost because of the Lucha House Party's interference. He claims that Kalisto would never be able to defeat him in singles-action. Rush then taunts the LHP, and says that they will feel the Rush.

Cedric Alexander is on his way out, which means it's main event time! Hideo Itami comes out second...Ariya Daivari is with him.

Cedric Alexander versus Hideo Itami for the Final Spot in the Fatal-Four Way Title Match at Royal Rumble

Tie-up. Cedric with the early takedown on Hideo. Hideo mounts Cedric in half-guard, but Cedric escapes before any blows can be landed.

Second tie-up. Cedric with a hammerlock and another takedown. He targets Hideo's arm, twisting it and cranking it over his shoulder. Hideo reverses the pressure, but Cedric lands the first, knocking Hideo flat on his back. Hideo responds with strikes of his own, kicking Cedric in the sternum and stomping on his head. Cedric with a chop, but Hideo lands another shot, this time to the gut. More kicks from Hideo.

Cedric builds up some momentum, taking Hideo down with a headscissor, and a flush dropkick. Early cover but Hideo kicks out. Cedric with an early attempt at the Lumbar Check, but Hideo rolls to the outside. Cedric follows him out and starts jaw-jacking with Daivari. Hideo with a distraction and Daivari clotheslines Cedric! Hideo comes to the outside to pick up the pieces, slamming Cedric off the barricade before tossing him back into the ring.

Hideo with more stiff kicks to Cedric's back, who is rolling around screaming in pain. Multiple strikes from Hideo, including an uppercut. Cedric starts another comeback, but Hideo catches Cedric in the ropes, climbs to the top turnbuckle, and drops a top rope legdrop! Hideo with a pinfall but Cedric kicks out. Running knee to Cedric's gut. Hideo snatches on a deep reverse chinlock. Crowd cheers Cedric back to his feet. He escapes the hold with a jawbreaker, dropkick to Hideo's knee. Basement dropkick from Cedric! He charges Hideo in the corner, Hideo moves...step-through flatliner from Cedric! Cover...Hideo kicks out. Both men are down.

Cedric goes for his signature handspring enziguri, but Hideo has it scouted and dropkicks Cedric in the neck. Running knee from Hideo, followed by a fisherman's suplex...Cedric kicks out again. Hideo goes for his finisher but Cedric pushes him off. Another knee to Cedric's head. Hideo climbs to the top...flying lariat! Pinfall attempt...Cedric kicks out again! Hideo goes for a dragon suplex but Cedric nails him with an elbow. They both start trading strikes in the center of the ring. Combo from Hideo...Combo in return from Cedric! Series of counters from both men...Hideo picks him up for the GTS! Cedric shifts his weight and hits the handspring enziguri! Cover...Hideo just gets the arm up!

Backstage, Buddy Murphy is watching.

Cedric goes for the Lumbar Check again, but Hideo clutches onto the ropes so the ref has to break their hold. Daivari pulls Hideo out so he can regroup. TOPE CON HILO OVER THE REF FROM CEDRIC TAKES DOWN EVERYBODY! He throws Hideo back in the ring...setting up for a springboard...Daivari charges Cedric...Cedric with a superkick! Springboard towards Hideo...HIDEO WITH A PALM STRIKE TO CEDRIC IN-AIR. He picks up Cedric...both men on the apron...HIDEO WITH A FALCON ARROW FROM THE APRON TO THE FLOOR. (MY GOD.) Hideo climbs back in...ref starts counting. Cedric gets back in at 9! Basement dropkick from Hideo! He goes for his finisher, Cedric rolls him up! Hideo kicks out! Another dropkick from Hideo! He lands his finisher...Cedric can't kick out.

Hideo Itami advances to the Royal Rumble Title Match.

Commentary team calls this the biggest win of Itami's career. He celebrates with Daivari in the ring.

Backstage Buddy Murphy gets interviewed, asking who he feels is his biggest threat for the Royal Rumble. Murphy praises Itami for his vicious striking, and congratulates him on defeating Cedric. Murphy then calls all his opponents sheep, and is on the path towards history. He offers an open-challenge for next week's 205 Live...in a non-title match of course.

That's the show friends.


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