WWE 205 Live Recap (1/15): Buddy Murphy Issues Open Challenge, Rush Versus Dorado, New Debut

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General Manager Drake Maverick gives us a recap of last week's 205 Live, when Hideo Itami defeated Cedric Alexander to claim the final spot in the Royal Rumble Fatal-Four way title match. Other participants include Kalisto, Akira Tozawa, and of course, the cruiserweight champion Buddy Murphy. Maverick then runs down the evening's card: Lince Dorado against Lio Rush, and the champion Buddy Murphy issuing an open non-title challenge.

205 Live Intro.

Vic Joseph and Percy Watson welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. Nigel McGuinness is back in the UK assisting with the new performance center. Joseph reminds viewers that this show is back to being live! (YAY! I guess?)

Lio Rush comes out and grabs the a microphone. He calls the show Lio-5-Live. (Not bad.) Rush talks some trash to his opponent Lince Dorado, before reminding the WWE Universe that his client, Bobby Lashley, is the new Intercontinental champion. He then blames Dorado for taking away his opportunity to become the cruiserweight champion, and promises that Dorado will "FEEL THE RUSH."

All members of Lucha House Party come out. Rush angrily grabs the mic again and says that he's sick of the entire "entourage" coming out all the time, and that Dorado knows he couldn't beat him with his friends. Dorado tells Metalik and Kalisto to go to the back but with his back turned...Rush blindsides Dorado! He unloads a series of fists before the bell even rings.

Lio Rush versus Lince Dorado

Dorado responds with a combo of kicks, and forces Rush into the corner. Snap suplex from Dorado with an early cover. Rush escapes with ease. Rush shows off his speed and lands a flying attack onto Dorado. He begins taunting the luchador. Dorado irately fires back with big chops. Rush comes off the ropes...backbreaker from Dorado! He climbs for the shooting star but Rush rolls to the apron, baits Dorado in, and knocks Dorado to ringside. Rush on the apron...springboard asai moonsault off the ropes! He throws Dorado back in the ring for the cover...Dorado kicks out.

Dorado tries to mount a comeback but misses a springboard maneuver of his own. Rush takes advantage and locks in a rear-naked choke. Dorado breaks the hold, but Rush thwarts another comeback with an uppercut. He stomps Dorado down in the corner, before landing a vertical suplex. Modified crossface submission by Rush. Dorado overpowers Rush to break the hold...jawbreaker by Dorado...dropkick. Rush counters another signature move from Dorado with a varied trouble in paradise kick.

Dorado finally mounts some offense with a huge flying crossbody, but is too hurt from earlier damage to make a pin. Rush charges, Dorado avoids and chops Rush in the chest sending him to the outside. Suicide dive from Dorado! He tosses him back in...middle-rope moonsault. Another one! He climbs to the top...GORGEOUS TOP ROPE MOONSAULT. Cover...Rush kicks out.

Big elbow from Rush but Dorado comes right back with a stiff big boot. Series of counters from both men...springboard stunner attempt from Rush but Dorado moves. Superkick! Golden rewind stunner! Dorado climbs again for the shooting star but Rush moves towards the ropes. Dorado drops a top rope leg off of Rush's neck! Dorado charges Rush in the corner but Rush moves and Dorado strikes the ring post hard! Rush climbs...final hour frog splash! It's over.

Lio Rush wins by pinfall

After Rush celebrates his victory, he attacks Dorado on the entrance ramp. Gran Metalik and Kalisto run out to save their friend...Rush flees.

Backstage Dasha Fuentes is interviewing Noam Dar. Dar says that last week he proved that he's a better cruiserweight than Tony Nese. Nese walks up and says that 99 out of 100 times he wins that bout. Dar comes back by saying that it doesn't matter...he lost. Nese issues another challenge, but Dar refuses.

Elsewhere, Drake Maverick and TJP are talking. Maverick says he knows that TJP came to answer Buddy Murphy's open challenge, but that match has already been set with a new debuting superstar. TJP laughs and walks off.

The champ is on his way to the ring...main event is next.

Commercial for WWE Shop. (Do any of us really need another T-shirt? The answer as always...is yes we do.)

Back from break, commentary tells us that each contender in the Fatal-Four way is ready to become champion.

Promo from Kalisto. He says that Lucha Libre is his life, and he's prepared to become a 2x champion.

Promo from Akira Tozawa, who is with Brian Kendrick. Kendrick speaks, stating that he's teaching Tozawa every dirty trick in the book to capture the gold.

Promo from Hideo Itami, who is with Ariya Daivari. Daivari speaks, claiming that the Itami era will begin in front of 60,000 people, and if no one believes it...they should check on Cedric Alexander.

A triple-threat between Itami, Tozawa, and Kalisto is announced for next week.

Buddy Murphy comes out. He gets on the microphone, tells the crowd to shut their mouths, and calls himself the greatest cruiserweight of all-time. He says that in two weeks he'll defend his title against the so-called best of the division. But he's not focused on that...he's focused on his open challenge.

His mystery opponent...

Humberto Carrillo from NXT. (SIGH.)

Buddy Murphy versus Humberto Carrillo

Tie-up. Murphy with a waist-lock takedown for the early advantage. He slaps Carrillo in the back of the head a few times before letting him up.

Second tie-up. Murphy grabs the wrist for a hammerlock. Carrillo reverses the pressure, but Murphy reverses it right back. Some nice athleticism from Carrillo to escape...he snags on a headlock. Murphy bounces him off...big shoulder block from the champ. Carrillo bounces back up and throws some strikes but Murphy dodges all of them. Murphy responds with strike attempts of his own but Carrillo dodges all of his attacks as well. Series of arm-drags from Carrillo sends Murphy to the outside. Carrillo fakes a suicide dive but instead baseball slides out over Murphy. Counters from both men...Murphy takes advantage of a Carrillo mistake and slams him onto the steel part of the entrance ramp.

Back in the ring Murphy wears Carrillo down with a chin-lock. Carrillo gets to his feet and lands a flush frankensteiner which sends Murphy to ringside again. Suicide Dive attempt but Murphy moves! Carrillo crashes to the arena floor. Murphy picks Carrillo up and tosses him into the barricade. He slides Carrillo in the ring for a pinfall attempt, but Carrillo bravely kicks out. Stiff forearms from Murphy. He sets Carrillo up for a superplex to the arena floor...Carrillo blocks it, but Murphy pushes him and Carrillo hits the ring post and lands on the apron. Murphy charges for a move but Carrillo back body drops Murphy onto the apron! (Ouch.)

Carrillo starts gaining some momentum with a big boot and a sprinboard crossbody in succession. Disaster kick from Carrillo. He climbs and lands a top rope crossbody with cover...Murphy escapes. Carrillo sets up for another top rope move...Murphy pops up and tucks the head for a superkick but Carrillo lands a kick of his own! Top rope missile dropkick from Carrillo! Cover...kickout! Carrillo charges Murphy in the corner but Murphy gets the feet up. Superplex attempt from Carrillo this time but Murphy slams him to the mat. Sunset flip from Murphy...he transitions into a sit-out powerbomb! Carrillo kicks out again! (Sorry I'm shouting. Crowd is NOT into this BTW.)

Murphy and Carrillo keep attempting suplexes but each man keeps countering. Murphy grabs his knee. UH-OH LOOKS LIKE HE HURT IT. (Sarcasm.) Ref keeps pushing Carrillo out o the way so Murphy can recover. Another ref comes out and they consult with the champ. Carrillo claps his hands and thanks Murphy for the match...BUT MURPHY STRIKES! He goes for Murphy's Law but Carrillo rolls him up! Two count! Big combo from Murphy but Carrillo dodges the final attack and lands trouble in paradise sending Murphy to the outside. SUICIDE DIVE ATTEMPT LANDS! He tosses Murphy back in the ring...springboard attack...MURPHY LANDS A THRUST KNEE. MURPHY'S LAW. THAT'S ALL SHE WROTE.

Buddy Murphy wins by pinfall.

Vic Joseph and Percy Watson commend Carrillo for putting up a great effort. The champ walks out a winner yet again. Crowd gives Carrillo a nice post-match reaction.

That's the show friends.


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