WWE 205 Live Recap (1/29): Itami And Tozawa Battle In Main Event, Kalisto Faces Mike Kanellis

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General Manager Drake Maverick gives us a recap from the Royal Rumble, where Buddy Murphy retained the cruisweight championship in a fatal-four way. Maverick then runs down the evening's card, which includes Mike Kanellis against Kalisto, and Akira Tozawa versus Hideo Itami in the main event. Maverick indicates that the winner could potentially be in line for a future title opportunity.

205 Live Intro.

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English (second week in a row for Aiden) welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. Kalisto's music hits. He comes down to the ring for the first bout along with Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado. Mike Kanellis, accompanied by wife Maria is out second. Maria joins the commentary team.

Kalisto versus Mike Kanellis

Kanellis charges Kalisto into the corner to open things up. Kalisto tries to fire off a few kicks but Kanellis cuts him off with a kick of his own. Coming off the ropes...Kalisto lands a twisting headscissor that sends Kanellis to ringside. Suicide plancha from Kalisto! He tosses Kanellis back into the ring...springboard meteora. Early cover but Kanellis escapes. Maria shouts on commentary about how her and Mike haven't been able to really showcase themselves. Meanwhile, Kanellis takes control. Snapmare and boot to Kalisto's head. He takes the fight to the outside where he swings the luchador into the barricade. Kalisto tries to mount a comeback, but Kanellis gorilla presses him right on top of the barricade.

Back in the ring, Kalisto surprises Kanellis with a double-foot stomp from the ground. He uses his speed to get to the apron...enziguri! Another springboard attack from Kalisto, followed by a basement frankensteiner. Kalisto pumps the crowd up with Lucha chants...he goes for the Salida del Sol but Kanellis pushes him off. He charges Kalisto but goes over the top rope. Kalisto goes for a suicide dive but Kanellis side-steps it and Kalisto hits the arena floor hard! (OUCH.) Kanellis throws Kalisto back in the ring. He goes to pick him up but Kalisto cradles him! Two count! Superkick from Kalisto! Big tornado DDT! Kanellis climbs to the top but Kalisto hits him with an enziguri again. He tries for a top rope rana, but Kanellis blocks it. KANELLIS WITH A SIDE EFFECT FROM THE TOP ROPE. Cover...Kalisto gets the shoulder up! Kanellis picks up Kalisto for a series of vertical suplexes. Backpack stunner from Kanelllis! Another pinfall...Kalisto gets a foot on the ropes. Powerbomb attempt from Kanellis but Kalisto rolls him up! Got em!

Kalisto wins by pinfall.

Kalisto celebrates with Metalik and Dorado, as Maria consoles Kanellis in the ring.

Commentary team announces the Worlds Collide tournament, which pits superstars from 205 Live, NXT, and NXT UK for a future title shot opportunity.

Promo from Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher, who welcome newest 205 Live wrestler Humberto Carrillo to the roster in a video. They put together a video package showing Carrillo using unnecessary high-risk moves, and if they follow their guidance, they can make a safer 205 Live.

Ariya Daivari and Hideo Itami are backstage. Daivari says Murphy is lucky to have escaped with the title on Sunday due to the multi-man match stipulation. He claims that Itami has systematically run-through all of his opponents...and tonight he's going to do the same thing to Tozawa.

Commercial for NXT Halftime Heat, taking place this weekend during the superbowl.

Footage from earlier today, where Tony Nese and Noam Dar began brawling. Nese would win the battle, and have to be separated by members of the 205 roster. An update says that Dar is not injured, but Tony Nese has been suspended. Buddy Murphy walks in. He says he can't legally say that he's happy that Nese attacked Dar, but he's not unhappy either. When asked about his recent title defense, Murphy says he achieved yet another milestone in his title defense, and looks forward to the next challenger.

Akira Tozawa is on his way out with Brian Kendrick, which means it's main event time! Hideo Itami and Ariya Daivari are out second.

Akira Tozawa versus Hideo Itami

Itami with a headlock. He bounces Tozawa off the ropes and lands the first bump with a big shoulder block. Sunset flip from Itami but Tozawa rolls through and goes for a PK. Itami ducks and a staredown occurs. Tozawa lands the first strikes of the match. Powerslam and screaming senton in succession from the former champ. Big chops to Itami's chest...he fakes him out with the phantom jab. He climbs for the top rope senton but Itami gets to his feet. Tozawa gets in him place again and climbs the middle rope for the same move...Itami gets the knees up. Tozawa rolls to ringside, where Daivari attacks him. Ref didn't see it. Kendrick runs him off.

Itami targets Tozawa's chest, laying into him with vicious sounding kicks. Tozawa attempts a comeback but Itami traps him in the ropes, and lands his signature top rope legdrop across the back of Tozawa's neck. Big knee from Itami, followed by a kick to Tozawa's neck. He wears him down with a headlock. Samoan drop with a pinfall attempt...Tozawa gets the shoulder up. Series of swinging neckbreakers from Itami. McGuinness has a great observation that he's setting him up for his finisher.

Tozawa with another comeback attempt but Itami again slows him down with his power striking. Another headlock. Coming off the ropes Tozawa catches Itami in the octopus hold! Itami escapes, but Tozawa goes right after him landing a frankensteiner. He climbs the top....missile dropkick! Itami rolls to ringside...BIG SUICIDE DIVE FROM TOZAWA LANDS FLUSH. He throws Itami back in the ring for the pinfall...Itami kicks out. Tozawa goes for a dead-lift German suplex...Daivari holds Itami's hands down so Tozawa can't pick him up. Kendrick runs Daivari off again. Itami takes advantage of the distraction and slams Tozawa's head off the ropes. Top rope clothesline from Itami. He picks Tozawa up...combo...Tozawa counters with a big boot...another frankensteiner by Tozawa sending Itami into the turnbuckles. He climbs again for his finisher but Daivari distracts him again! Itami crotch drops him. Discus clothesline from Itami! (Nearly killed him.) Falcon Arrow. Tozawa kicks out again. Itami goes for his finisher but Tozawa shifts his weight and nails a trouble in paradise.

Another distraction from Daivari, but this time Itami accidentally hits Daivari! Tozawa with a quick German! He climbs...SENTON LANDS. Cover....that's it.

Akira Tozawa wins by pinfall

Kendrick and Tozawa celebrate as Daivari checks on Itami. Daivari even helps get Itami to his feet...BETRAYAL! DAIVARI WITH A LARIAT! Itami is out! Daivari slowly walks up the entrance ramp with his eyes glued to an unconscious Itami.

That's the show friends.


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