WWE NXT Results (1/23): Johnny Gargano And Tommaso Ciampa Cross Paths, Kairi Sane And Io Shirai

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Tonight features: NXT North American Champion Ricochet and Johnny Gargano confront each other, Aleister Black to appear, Kairi Sane and Io Shirai in tag team action, and Burch & Lorcan take on Barthel & Aichner.

- Moments ago, NXT North American Champion Ricochet showed up to Full Sail.

- Velveteen Dream heads out to the ring. Dream on the mic, says he has a little sparkle in his eye, something special in his sights and he waits for no man. Dream says that sparkle is championship gold, the North American Championship. Before he can get much further out comes Adam Cole and Bobby Fish. From the stage, Cole says Dream needs to pump his breaks and 2019 is the year for Undisputed Era and he (along with Fish) will have gold around their waist. Cole says Dream can continue to "dream on." Fish then gets on the mic and the crowd immediately gets a "Shut up, Bobby!" chant. He basically echos what Cole says. Dream challenges Fish, but says if only it's okay with Adam. Fish didn't appreciate that and charges in, he gets tossed out of the ring, Cole runs in and gets tossed out, as well. Dream slowly backs up the ramp and taunts Cole and Fish.

- Commentary runs down this Saturday's NXT TakeOver: Phoenix card.

- Vignette for NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler and Bianca Belair's upcoming title match. Baszler says the other women can't stand she has the title because there's not a thing they can do about it. Cut to Belair who says she's the best as we see a bunch of clips from Belair's previous matches. We see last week's segment of Belair having to deal with Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke while also slapping Baszler. Belair says it takes a lot of pressure to create a diamond and she's going to shine the brightest.

- Last week, we see Kassius Ohno hitting a lowblow on Keith Lee and get a cheap victory over Lee. Matt Riddle would come to the ring after the match and chase off Ohno. The two will meet this Saturday.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel

Lorcan and Barthel get things rolling. Barthel with a chop, Lorcan returns fire, but gets sent into the corner. Aichner tags in, hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, pin, one-count. Barthel tags back in and the two stomp away at Lorcan. Aichner back in, they try for a double team move, Lorcan leaps away and brings in Burch who swings away on his opponents. Burch with a leg pick, headbutt to Barthel. Enziguri, missile dropkick off the top, kip-up. Barthel back in and hits an air raid crash on Burch. Lorcan and Aichner in the ring now, Lorcan gets turned inside out with a big lariat.

Barthel back in, assisted brainbuster by Aichner on Lorcan. Aichner then hits a nice leap from one rope to another and nails a moonsault. Barthel with a flying forearm on Lorcan, but he kind of rolls through it and locks in a single leg boston crab on Aichner. Burch back in and clears out Barthel, but Aichner sends Burch out, as well. Lorcan with some big chops to Aichner, running european uppercut, and then he leaps to the outside, taking out Burch and Barthel. Aichner with a step-up flying crossbody to the floor, clearing out all three guys. Aichner tries for a springboard in the ring, Lorcan is able to avoid it and roll him up, Burch holds back Barthel, 1-2-3. Wild match.

Winners: Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch via Pinfall

- Later tonight: Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish

- Vignette for NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa vs. Aleister Black at TakeOver. We go all the way back to Tommaso Ciampa winning the NXT Championship and clips of his reign since then. We see Ciampa trying to get Black to fight Johnny Gargano instead, but Black says the title is rightfully his and he's coming for it.

Io Shirai and Kairi Sane vs. Tanea Brooks (Rebel) and Amber Nova

Shirai and Nova get things going, Shirai with some nice flips to avoid her opponent and hits a dropkick before tagging in Sane. Sane with a chop to the chest, neckbreaker lands, Sane with a fliding forearm in the corner. Sane heads to the top and gets distracted by Brooks who then gets tagged in. Brooks with a big knee to the face, some taunting to the crowd, tries for a suplex, nope, Sane with a spear. Shirai is tagged in, couple shots to the chest, low dropkick to the face of Brooks, 619, then she fights off Nova. Shirai with a springboard double dropkick. Sane tagged in. Shirai drops Brooks, Sane with a pop-up elbow drop, then Shirai with the assisted moonsault, Sane gets the pin and the win.

Winners: Io Shirai and Kairi Sane via Pinfall

- Moments ago, Sane and Shirai say they are taking care of business together and nobody can stop them. Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke roll through and tell them they will be sending the duo out to sea soon enough.

Velveteen Dream vs. Bobby Fish (with Adam Cole)

Cole with the quick distraction, allowing Fish the early strike. Fish misses a kick as Dream tries to keep an eye on Cole and Fish at the same time. Fish with a shoulder block, Dream looks for a dream valley driver, nope, but he does land a standing dropkick. Fish with a kick to the face, Dream recovers springboard chop lands, pin, but Fish is able to roll out of the ring. Dream with a springboard dropkick that sends Fish off the apron. Cole checks on his stablemate, Dream with a double ax handle all the way to the floor on Fish.

Back in the ring, clubbing blow to Fish's back, "That's for you bay-bay!" Dream says to Cole. Cole with another distraction, Fish with a dragon screw leg whip into the barricade. Fish focuses on Dream's leg now with kicks from behind. Fish continued to work over Dream's leg. Dream uses his other leg to kick Fish away, knee strikes to the face, Dream to the second rope, dropkick hits, cover, two-count. Dream with a spinebuster, heads to the top rope, rainmaker doesn't quite connect, Fish counters into a kneebar.

Dream crawls towards the bottom rope, but Cole pulls the bottom rope away from Dream. The referee finally sees him and yells at Cole, Dream with a roll-up on Fish, he tries for the Dream Valley Driver, no, he sends Fish into Cole on the outside, Fish comes back into the ring, Dream Valley Driver hits. Dream up to the top, purple rainmaker hits, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Velveteen Dream via Pinfall

- Outside, we see Johnny Gargano heading into the building.

- Next week: Street Profits vs. Forgotten Sons, also Kairi Sane and Io Shirai will take on Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir. These matches will be taped before NXT TakeOver: Phoenix.

- Ricochet heads out to the ring, gets on the mic to address Johnny Gargano. He noted how Gargano had said he was better than Ricochet, but then not five minutes later he superkicked Ricochet. He says 2019 Gargano is the same as 2018 and showed his true colors. Ricochet said he did the same, as champion. Gargano comes out and says he knows what "Rick" is trying to do, getting his emotions all riled up. Gargano gets in the ring and says this year's Gargano has a plan, he looks for a cheap shot, but Ricochet fights him off and out of the ring. From behind, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa attacks Ricochet.

Gargano looks up at Ciampa for a moment, then continues swinging away on Ricochet. Ciampa smiles and claps away, but out runs Aleister Black as he attacks Ciampa. Gargano sees what Black is doing and goes back into the ring to superkick Black. Crowd with a "DIY!" chant. Ciampa recovers and attacks Black once again. Gargano resumes beating up Ricochet. Slingshot DDT by Gargano as Ciampa plants Black to the mat. Ciampa grabs his title and backs up the ramp with Gargano looking over at him. The two make their way to the back, cautiously watching each other. Ciampa slowly puts his hand out, but Candice LeRae runs out and gets between them yelling "No! We're not doing this again!" as she backs Gargano away from the champ.


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