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Tonight features: Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross, Adam Cole facing EC3, Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel in action, and Johnny Gargano will address the NXT Universe.

– Johnny Gargano out to the ring and says he had a bit of a roller coaster ride in 2018. He realized though over the holidays all that matters is titles and wins. He says in 2019, he will be better, he will win, and he will become a champion. He mentions Ciampa and the crowd gives him a “DIY” chant, he says no and what happened in the cage is a one time thing and it won’t happen again. Gargano says Ciampa is still a piece of trash and has a title he wants. He noted when Ciampa mentioned the North American Title it fired up Ricochet who told Gargano, “If he wants the smoke…” Gargano says he doesn’t want the smoke, he wants that title and he’ll take it.

Cue Ricochet’s music, out comes the champ in a suit. Crowd with a “that’s a champion” chant. He tells Gargano says all he had to do was ask for a match. He wonders if Gargano is going to take his title face-to-face, man-to-man, or attack him from behind in the parking lot? Ricochet says at any TakeOver, especially one in Phoenix, there’s only one man walking out champion and it will be him. Ciampa’s music hit and out saunters the champion with a microphone. He tries to get started, but Gargano tells him to shut up and bounce, this is about Ricochet and him.

Black’s music hits and he’s up on the big screen. He tells Ciampa he should be more concerned with Black rather than grooming his dog in the ring because he will make Ciampa fade to black. The lights go out for a moment and Black is behind Ciampa! Black attacks, lands a big kick as Ciampa tries to get away, he gets up on the announce table and Black nearly suplexes him through it. The two end up running to the back. Ricochet is looking on at the action with a smile on his face, Gargano nails him with a cheap superkick to the face and looks down at him for a moment. Gargano heads out of the ring and to the back.

Bianca Belair vs. Nikki Cross

Some shoving early on, Cross with a crossbody, Belair tries for a hair whip, but misses. Cross then whips her jacket around, almost mocking Belair’s move. Cross tries for a single-leg takedown, Belair with a big clubbing blow. Cross tries for a roll-up, Belair just flips out of it. Cross with a hurricanrana, charges in the corner, gets sent to the apron, Belair with an elbow, sending her to the floor, Cross traps Belair between the apron and the ring and swings away. Back in the ring, Cross heads to the top rope, Belair smacks her, gorilla press slam, standing moonsault, cover, two.

Abdominal stretch into a backbreaker, pin, Cross is able to kick out. More shots to Cross’ back, delayed vertical suplex, but Cross is able to reverse it into a DDT, cover, two. Cross swings away, crossbody, body splash in the corner, running bulldog, cover, two. Belair with a spear, pin, two, Belair is starting to get annoyed with her opponent. She tries for a splash, knees up, Cross nails a swinging fisherman’s neckbreak, but Bleair immediately rolls out to the floor. Cross jumps on her back with a sleeper hold, but Belair drops Cross down on the steel ramp. Referee starts up a ten-count and both get in at nine.

Both just start hammering away on each other. Cross charges into the corner, hits the ring post, Cross rolls her up two for another two. Both up, big forearm to Cross’ chest that sends her flying to the mat. Belair jams her shoulder into Cross, slap to the face, sits her on the top rope, but Cross shoves her away. Cross with a crossbody, nobody home, Belair nails KOD, 1-2-3.

Winner: Bianca Belair via Pinfall

– Outside, The Street Profit hanging out, Ford does a quick rap and Dawkins provides the beat. Ford says 2019 is going to be a big year for them. They try check out some of the local businesses, but the doors are locked, Ford says no more lock doors in 2019! Dawkins says they are opening doors this year and coming for that tag team gold.

– Next week: The Street Profits will be in action.

Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel vs. Hector Kunsman and Stanley Watts

Barthel gets the fight immediately to the ground, shot to the side. Watts gets tagged in and immediately gets beat up, more shots to the side, double thrust to the throat. Aichner gets tagged in. Watts lands some big chops, but Aichner pops him sky high! Watts is able to get away, tags in Kunsman, fights off both Barcel and Aichner, spinebuster by Aichner, big penalty kick by Barthel, cover, two. Aichner with a baseball slide sending Kunsman out to the floor, taunting by Aichner and Barthel. Kunsman back in the ring, tries to tag out, and does so.

Watts with a flurry of kicks that slows down Aichner, knocks Barthel off the apron for a moment. Watts goes up to the top rope, but Barthel gets back up and sneds him over to Aichner who hits a brainbuster. Aichner and Barthel hit a powerbomb into a german suplex with the bridge, 1-2-3.

Winners: Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel via Pinfall

– Backstage, Cathy Kelley gives an update about tonight’s opening segment. Both Black and Ciampa were removed from the building. Ricochet walks by and says he wants Gargano at TakeOver.

– Last week, Kassius Ohno destroyed Matt Riddle after losing a second match to Riddle. Commentary said Riddle has not yet been medically cleared since the attack.

– Backstage, Sarah Schreiber asked Keith Lee what he thought about Ohno’s attack on Riddle. Lee says the attack was unsettling and wanted Ohno to show up next week to learn about what respect means. He finished that Ohno will then bask in his glory.

EC3 vs. Adam Cole (with Kyle O’Reilly, Roderick Strong, and Bobby Fish)

Cole shoves EC3 to the corner, does his taunt, EC3 then does the same with his own taunt. Cole tries to leap over EC3, EC3 stops and hits a massive chop to Cole, who hops out to the floor for a moment, EC3 immediately shoves him back to the floor. Cole able to do damage to EC3’s shoulder out on the floor, back in the ring he continues to target the shoulder.

Cole on the apron, looks to suplex EC3 out to the floor, but gets suplexed back into the ring. Big elbow drop by EC3, plants Cole into the mat, cover, two. Cole rolls to the apron, yanks EC3’s arm over the top rope, drops EC3, cover, two. Cole with a kick to the face, backstabber, pin, two-count. Cole pulls down his knee bad, looks for a running knee, misses, EC3 with a big clothesline, cover, two. Cool looks for a cross armbreaker, EC3 with the deadlift powerbomb, Undisputed Era with the distraction, EC3 knocks a few down. Cole with a superkick, lands a last shot to the back of the head, cover, 1-2-3.

Winner: Adam Cole via Pinfall

– Post-match, Undisputed Era gang up on EC3. War Raiders run down for the save and swing away on Undisputed Era. The group tries to use the number games on them, but in the ring Hanson cartwheels away, and disposes of both Strong and O’Reilly. Rowe with a double powerbomb on Strong and Fish. Rowe picks up O’Reilly and they hit a leg drop/side suplex combo on him. Undisputed Era gather together and head back up the ramp.