WWE NXT UK Results (1/30): Walter Makes In-Ring Debut, Moustache Mountain In Action

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The show starts with a video package recapping the end of NXT UK TakeOver: Blackpool, when Walter came to the ring and met Pete Dunne face to face. The video hypes up Walter's debut for tonight.

Dave Mastiff vs. Jay Melrose

The match begins with Mastiff and Melrose locking up, but Mastiff shoves Melrose off right away. Melrose finally secures Mastiff in a headlock and then comes off the ropes with a failed shoulder tackle. Mastiff stands in place and yells, "Come on!" Melrose with another shoulder tackle but Mastiff doesn't move and follows it up with a crossbody. Mastiff hits some elbows on Melrose and gets a 1 count. Mastiff irish whips Melrose in to the corner but Melrose catches him with an elbow as he approaches. Melrose with strikes and kicks on Mastiff in the corner. Melrose with a headbutt, some forearms and a big fist for a 2 count. Melrose puts Mastiff in an armbar but he's no match for Mastiff's power.

Mastiff gets to his feet but gets a knee to the abdomen and a strike to the face. Mastiff starts fighting back until both men are trading blows in the middle of the ring. Mastiff goes for a vertical suplex but Melrose forearms him and locks in another armbar. Mastiff gets up to his feet and puts Melrose in a standing fireman's carry. Melrose wiggles out, hits Mastiff with a right hand and then unsuccessfully tries lifting Mastiff on his shoulders. Mastiff gets a 2 count and follows it up with a couple running senton splashes. Mastiff delivers a german suplex and then connects with Into The Void for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Dave Mastiff

We see replays as Mastiff celebrates his victory inside the ring.

Videos are played recapping the sensational tag team match from NXT TakeOver: Blackpool. As well documented, Gibson & Drake won the first-ever NXT UK Championships.

We see a video package hyping WWE NXT UK superstar, Xia Brookside.

Zack Gibson & James Drake make their way down to the ring with their new WWE NXT UK Tag Team Title belts. Gibson gets on the mic and introduces himself, followed by Drake, saying that they were focused on being the best and getting the titles. He says focusing on their goals is what has brought them to the first-ever tag team titles. Gibson tells the crowd that their taunts won't take the moment away from them. Gibson says they are grizzled, young veterans of NXT UK and they'll make the titles get the recognition they deserve.

Sid Scala comes out to the stage and announces that they will travel to Phoenix, Arizona to show the world why NXT UK is the best brand. Scala tells Gibson & Drake that they will defend their titles against Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch " soon" in a NXT vs. NXT UK match.

The announcers continue hyping up the debut of Walter.

Next week Ligero and Mark Andrews will do battle!

Jack Starz vs. Walter

The bell rings and Starz comes after Walter with strikes and chops that seem to have no effect on Walter. Starz blocks a swing from Walter but gets pierced with a LOUD chop that sends him down. Starz tries to escape to the outside but Walter meets him there and delivers a clubby blow to his back. Walter picks Starz up and tosses him back-first on to the apron. Back inside the ring, Starz's chest looks rough after just one chop. Walter challenges Starz and he gives him his best shots, but then Walter retaliates with a knee that sends Starz crumbling to the mat.

Starz comes off the ropes and tries to slide under Walter but Walter manages to catch him and toss him in to the corner. Starz avoids any injury and comes out of the corner with a dropkick. Walter comes back with a dropkick of his own and a standing powerbomb for a 1-2-3!

Winner: Walter

We see replays while Walter stands proudly in the ring. The crowd loves him.

We see a replay from 2 weeks ago, when Ginny defeated Isla Dawn in a pre-TakeOver match.

We see a video from during the break. Apparently Mark Coffey was challenging Walter, but then Fabian Aichner and Marcel Barthel appeared and told Walter that they are close by if he ever needs friends.

Ginny vs. Kasey Owens

The match begins with both women locking up but Ginny quickly gains the advantage and tackles Owens down to the mat in an armbar. Owens tries to kick Ginny but Ginny starts scratching her nails on Owens' forearm to keep control. Ginny bends Owens' wrist backwards, causing Owens to scream. Owens makes it up to her feet and does a unique reversal in to a snapmare takeover. Ginny pulls her back in to a headlock and then takes her down to the mar. Owens makes it to her feet but Ginny comes off the ropes and hits her with a shoulder block. Ginny gives Owens a couple stomps and an axe kick. Ginny goes for a pin but she's reversed. Both women trade reversals until Ginny clutches at Owens' heels and holds her back from the ropes.

Owens with an uppercut but Ginny knocks her with a forearm. Owens irish whips Ginny in to the corner and rushes at her with a double stomp. Owens comes off the ropes with a springboard crossbody for the 2 count. Ginny escapes a fireman's carry attempt and hits a hurricanrana on Owens. She follows that up with a reverse STO in to the 2nd turnbuckle that sends Owens out of the ring. Ginny tosses her in to the barricade and then back in to the ring. Ginny puts Owens in an abdominal stretch but Owens rolls through and tries to pin Ginny a couple times. Ginny puts Owens in her signature submission but Owens is able to escape it. Owens manages to pull Ginny's arm in to an armbar on the ropes. It doesn't save her - Ginny hits the Makeover in the corner for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Ginny

We see replays as Ginny poses in the middle of the ring.

We see a video from earlier today where Rhea Ripley visited Johnny Saint and Sid Scala. She demands that she get a NXT UK Women's Championship when NXT UK travels to Phoenix. He makes it official! Three weeks from now, it's Toni Storm vs. Rhea Ripley for the NXT UK Women's Championship.

Johnny Saint announces that Mark Coffey will face Walter in next week's NXT UK main event!

Moustache Mountain vs. Fabian Aichner & Marcel Barthel

The match starts out with Bate and Barthel locking up in the center of the ring. Bate puts Barthel in a wrist lock until Barthel finally manages to escape with a headlock takeover. Bate wiggles out and goes in to a headstand. Barthel trips up Bate and puts him in an ankle lock of sorts. Bate tries to twist out of it but Barthel keeps the pressure on his ankle. They exchange more reversals but Barthel still keeps the leg hooked in his grip. Bate is able to escape once more and nip up to his feet. Bate explodes with a running dropkick and an arm drag.

Bate tags in Seven and he takes over control of Barthel's arm. Barthel breaks Seven's grip, kicks him in the abdomen, and tags in Fabian Aichner. Seven with an arm drag on Aichner but Aichner fights back with multiple strikes. Aichner with an uppercut on Seven in the corner but when he tries to follow up, Seven throws him over with a hip toss. Seven secures a wrist lock on Aichner and then tags in Tyler Bate. Bate comes off the top ropes and MM delivers a combination rolling senton for a 2 count. Bate with a standing armbar on Aichner but Aichner gets out and puts in a wrist lock of his own. Bate escapes again and Aichner is so frustrated, he just chops Bate.

Aichner tosses Bate in the corner and tags in Barthel. Bate actually holds control and puts Barthel in a headlock. He escapes and the men begin reversing each other on the ropes as Aichner makes a blind tag. Aichner sneaks in, catches Bate and delivers an unorthodox slam that puts Bate face-first on the mat. Aichner puts Bate in his corner and he and Barthel begin double teaming Bate while the ref is distracted. Barthel tags back in and delivers a running dropkick that sends Bate out of the ring. Aichner tosses him back in as Barthel posses on the top turnbuckle.

Bate tries to fight out of Barthel's corner and nearly makes a tag, but he still is unable an gets dragged away. Bate goes for a sunset flip but Barthel comes out of it with a spinning uppercut for a 2 count. Barthel puts a chin lock on Bate and then tags Aichner back in the match. Aichner taunts Bate and then drops him for a back suplex and a 2 count. Aichner puts Bate in a body scissors in the middle of the ring as the crowd rallies. Bate uses his power to dead lift Aichner and slam him down with a body slam. Bate nearly tags in Seven but is stopped, nevertheless, he still manages to reach his corner and Seven goes after Barthel.

Seven with hard chops and a DDT on Barthel. He continues the work on Barthel in the corner as Aichner comes rushing in with a big boot, ultimately missing an nailing his partner, Barthel. Seven delivers a powerbomb on Aichner, a snap dragon suplex on Barthel and then a huge body slam for a close 2 count. Seven tags in Bate but Barthel uses elbows and uppercuts to scurry over to his corner and tag in Aichner. Seven chops Aichner and then MM begins the setup for their springboard clothesline/combo finisher. Bate goes head-first in to the top rope, as usual, but this time, Barthel was there to greet him with a kick. Aichner delivers a back suplex on Bate and then Aichner/Barthel hit a combination kick & rollup for a close 2 count.

Bate manages to send Barthel over the top rope and out of the ring. Aichner comes after Bate but he side-steps and Aichner runs in to Barthel on the ring apron. Bate connects with bop and bang, and then Bate hits a hug splash over the top rope on to Barthel. Seven with a hard clothesline for a very close 2 count. Aichner tags in Barthel and he comes in, nailing Seven with a double forearm to the throat. They take out Bate and connect with a spinebuster/kick combo for a 2 count on Seven. Seven with a stunner on Barthel and then both men tag in their respective partners. Aichner kicks Seven off the apron but Bate is still able to fight off both men at first. Aichner with an assisted brainbuster suplex but Bate is out at 2!

Everyone is slow to get back up but Barthel gets tagged in and goes after Bate's ankle. Aichner comes off the ropes with a stunning 5 star splash but he rolls out of the way. Bate takes out Aichner and Barthel an then tags in Seven. MM with their combo full-nelson, dragon suplex finisher for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Moustache Mountain

We see replays of the match as Moustache Mountain celebrates in the ring.


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