WWE Royal Rumble By The Numbers: Which Records Could Fall Tonight

For us number nerds, part of the fun of the Royal Rumble is WWE's focus on statistics and records for the event that, at the end of the night, don't matter at all. Don't get me wrong, having the most eliminations in a Rumble is a GREAT ego booster… but if you're not the last man standing, you're not going to WrestleMania, no matter how many superstars, legends, and "wait, they're still on the roster?" jobbers you toss over the top rope.

So what records are ripe for breaking this year?

Quickest Elimination

This one's obvious. The "quickest elimination" record has been broken a few times, plus WWE likes to "update" some of these records every few years with a more relevant (i.e. on the roster now) superstar. Santino Marella has held this "accomplishment" since 2009 with an incredible 1 second - God Bless that dude for being way too good at his schtick.

The company has revisited this one a few times in recent years, including an awkward Godfather spot in 2013 (he took a little extra hang time, likely to avoid this dubious distinction), and with Sheamus last year in a moment that had to be mere milliseconds off of Marella's record.

But this year? At number 30? Expect R-Truth to attempt to be the one (mili)second man.

Vince McMahon has been digging him some R-Truth comedy lately, evidenced by Truth's amply screen time. And one can imagine the crowd-pleasing "pop" when WWE's resident rapper shake, rattle, and rolls his way down to the ring in one of the longest Royal Rumble entrances in history (remember: they're in a stadium this year) only to get quickly knocked out by whatever big man is dominating at that stage.

The 30 spot is an ugly one - fans want a surprise, the internet wants a darling. So comedy might be the only solution.

Longest Time in the Rumble

If quickest elimination always goes to WWE's kid-friendly flavor of the month, then "Longest Time in a Rumble" can only be earned by the company's resident underdog.

Bob Backlund held this honor for years, due to his weird early-90's renaissance. Chris Benoit broke the record in 2004 by 20 seconds. Rey Mysterio then topped him just a year later, coming in at 62 minutes and 12 seconds.

Now, if you believe The Greatest Royal Rumble counts as a "real" Rumble match (I don't), then Daniel Bryan holds the top spot at just over 1:16. But that match had 50 entrants. (Plus it wasn't very good.)

So who here in 2019 could top Mysterio? Well, I wouldn't put it past Mysterio to try to top himself. He's in some of the best shape of his carrer, WWE is obviously behind the high-flyer, and nothing would cement WWE's most famous luchador's status as one of the all-time greats quite like breaking his own incredible record.

That being said, it's unlikely WWE would go that route with a guy on the backside of his career.

Seth Rollins is a contender - the fans are behind him and he's got something to prove. Randy Orton is fired up, he's as crisp in the ring as he's ever been, and his stamina would definitely hold up.

But, more likely, look out for Mustapha Ali. He essentially took Daniel Bryan's underdog torch on Smackdown a short while back and hasn't stopped since. This guy is over with the fans. He's had a few big wins. And while I don't think "World Champion" is in his immediate future, going the distance only to get eliminated by a late-game heel, would cement Ali's status as the Daniel Bryan heir apparent.

Most Eliminations in a Single Rumble

This is the one that's hard to break simply because they're aren't enough people in the match. The record is currently held by Roman Reigns with 13 eliminations. Greatest Royal Rumble gives it to Braun Strowman with 14 eliminations - but again, doesn't count.

Before that, it was Kane with 11 in 2001, and Hulk Hogan with 10 in 1989 (it's worth noting that Stone Cold Steve Austin tied Hogan's record in 1997, just a year before he won the damn thing).

So who could break Reigns' record? Well, I doubt WWE wants to take ANYTHING away from Reigns right now (unless they know for a fact his return is imminent - so, doubtful).

But I could see Vince & Co. getting Braun over just a little bit more - especially if he's going to win the whole shooting match and go on to WrestleMania - by letting him get that prized 14th elimination in a traditional Royal Rumble match.

The other wildcard here? Brock Lesnar. This dude has been champion for like, 10 years. So if he were to lose his Universal Championship (replica or not) to the fan favorite Finn Balor earlier in the night, he'd likely be in ultimate beast mode. In which case the Rumble field should be worried. (Keep in mind here automatic rematch clauses are done with.)

If Lesnar enters the Rumble with a chip on his shoulder, he'll likely eliminate a bunch of guys and likely do it very quickly. I can see a situation where Truth, poised to come out at number 30, gets smashed by Brock in the back before even making it to the ring, Lesnar then takes Truth's spot, and then the 14 or so superstars left in the ring all take a direct flight to Suplex City.

Other Records

Most of the other records see like an impossibility this year. Jericho holds the total Rumble time distinction at just over five hours, so unless Triple H enters and ALSO breaks the single rumble time record, I think he's safe.

Stone Cold Steve Austin has the most Rumble victories - 3. Both Batista and Randy Orton have two each, so either one of those guys (assuming Bluetista is a surprise entrant) could match it. And actually, Orton is the exact kind of main-eventer who could use the rub of a record like this, however unlikely it is that he'd win again just two years after his previous victory.

Nobody in WWE today is anywhere close to beating Kane's total number of eliminations, an astounding 44 (from over 19 different Rumbles, mind you). Undertaker is only four behind, but the next closest usurper would be Triple H at 33 (doubtful), Reigns who is currently sitting at 30 (unlikely), and Orton, Cena, or Strowman who would all have to eliminate 20 people to break it.

But did you know that Goldust is in second for "Most Rumble Apperances"?

Or that coveted number 27 only has ONE MORE winner by entry number than both 30 and 24?

Now for the real question...

Who could break Titus O'Neil's record for absolute greatest Royal Rumble moment of all time with the infamous Saudi Slip? (I know, it's a GRR moment, but I'll allow it.)

Nobody. But I betcha WWE will try.


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