Adam Rose was the latest guest on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show to discuss his physical transformation and journey out of addiction into sobriety. On January 16, Rose made a heart-felt post on Instagram, sharing his journey out of addiction. He noted that on the left side, he was at the height of his drop usage, and the current pic on the other side is him now, over 400 days sober and over 50 pounds heavier.

Rose stated that someone sent him the pic of him weighing 170 pounds, and that really hit him to reflect where he was at that stage in his life. He shared more about his struggles and road to recovery.

“I didn’t even realize how bad I actually looked,” said Rose. “When you’re at the height of your addiction, you don’t realize how sick you look. You don’t see it. You know, other people do, but you don’t see it. When I was NXT, I weighed in at about 228 pounds as Leo Kruger, and, when on the main roster, [I] went down to a buck sixty-five at one point. That’s me really sick, and unfortunately, not realizing that I’m sick. And, unfortunately, still thinking I’m okay and still thinking I could move forward, and I couldn’t. You gotta reach rock bottom before you wanna get any better, and it ended up with overdosing, and it ended up with me living in my jeep on the beach in Panama City, still thinking that I’m okay.

“One of my good friends, Bull Dempsey, was on the phone with me one night, and he says, ‘you gotta get help. You’re gonna die.’ And he spoke to someone in the WWE, they contacted me, and the WWE actually sent a car to pick me up, take me to Tallahassee, and fly me into treatment. They didn’t have to do that. I had left the WWE in ill repute. I had been an embarrassment to the WWE, I’d done damage to their name. They did not have to do what they did. They were so supportive and so helpful. They got me into treatment on their dime, and have ever since then been helping me… the WWE has done nothing but support me through my recovery.”

Although he stated that WWE has not contacted them regarding an in-ring return to the company, Rose continued to praise WWE for helping him through his journey. “My experience has been once you’re a part of the WWE family, you’re a part of that family for life,” said Rose. “And they will help you and look after you when you need it.”

Source: Pancakes and Powerslams