A couple of years ago Bilal Ansari was an investment banker in the United Kingdom. Today he is still living and working in the UK, but he has traded in the suit and tie for wrestling gear as he competes as Amir Jordan on the NXT UK brand.

You couldn't make any more of a career change in going from a banker to a wrestler, and Jordan talked with BBC about when he knew that he had made the right career choice.

"It was difficult but it was something that after the first training session I knew I wanted to do it again and again," said Jordan who competed with Defiant before joining WWE in 2018.

His family was initially disappointed with Jordan's decision to leave behind a steady career for the unknown of wrestling. But their opinions all changed when he got his first big break and signed with NXT UK.

"There was quite a lot of disappointment from my parents," said Jordan's sister Madiha. "When he got signed with WWE that's when the switch happened. We're really, really proud of him."

Jordan's first NXT UK match came at the 2018 Download Festival where he was defeated by Zack Gibson. Since then, he has mainly wrestled in tag matches and has teamed with Kenny Williams who hails from Scotland.

Jordan knows that his path to WWE was unique, but he hopes his journey serves as a source of inspiration for others who are thinking about giving wrestling a try.

"In a place like Dewsbury [in England] if it comes across as me being a positive role model for something like that, then that can only be a good thing," stated Jordan.