Former WCW Star, Buff Bagwell, had a recent discussion with Sitting Ringside podcast where he recounted a ridiculous angle that Eric Bischoff apparently pitched to him back in the day.

Bagwell explained that the idea was for his character to die in a scripted plane crash and then return to WCW as a ghost, haunting the roster. The potential angle gained enough momentum that Bagwell even called his close family members to warn them that they may see him "die" on TV.

"100% [true]. MGM Grand was the Halloween Havoc we did - the last one, if not the last Havoc, and [Bischoff] wanted me to die in a plane crash," Bagwell stated. "I said, 'Eric, I couldn't get you to get the cameras in the hospital to see [me injured]. Are you kidding me?' And so, he was gonna do it.

"I already called my parents and said, 'Hey, you know, get ready for this so that I won't scare you guys, and all that.' I called them few and my wife, and all them to let them know, and they switched it finally to some kind of run in as, I think president Clinton with a mask or something. At the same time, he wanted me to come down like a ghost on wires after the plane crash, too. That was out of his mouth to me."

Buff Bagwell wrestled with WCW for over a decade and is a former five-time WCW Tag Team Champion.

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