Cody Admits To Thinking About Using AEW To Avenge Vince McMahon Ending WCW, Talks Ranking System

Wrestling Inc. was on hand for the Double Or Nothing Ticket Announcement Party at the MGM Grand Splash Pool in Las Vegas, Nevada tonight. After the event, Cody, Brandi Rhodes and Nick Jackson spoke to members of the media. During the scrum, Cody was asked if he would be using WCW as an inspiration for AEW.

"It sounds super romantic when you think about it," Cody said. "Dusty Rhodes feuded with Vince McMahon, and he lost, and here is his youngest son who is going to go and try to cut Vince's head off."

Cody said while the storyline of recreating WCW and avenging his father "sounds super Game of Thrones," the thought is in the back of his mind.

"In the back of my mind, when it's just me, I think about it a lot," Cody admitted. "But then I have these guys with me who have different visions. You can't turn the clock on old wrestling. WCW was friggin' awesome. What AEW is going to be is a whole separate animal."

While AEW will be its own animal, Cody and Nick Jackson admitted that they plan to use elements of WCW and other old school wrestling, while blending it with today's wrestling. Cody reiterated that he wants AEW to have more of a sports feel to it.

"I said tonight, we're going to try and keep it very sports-centric," Cody said. "Tony [Khan], his background is in sports. To me, I still get goosebumps when I hear someone like Ric Flair say 'the sport of professional wrestling.' We get that it's entertainment. I understand the suspension of disbelief. But guys are trying to beat the other guys in many different ways, and women try to beat the other women in many different ways. [It's] a very sports-centric presentation that we're going for.

"We've talked about something like a ranking system," Cody continued. "We've talked about a deep analytical level of something that's as specific of how many times an individual has lost to a certain maneuver. Things that fans can really lock in to."