As noted, a promo began circulating over the weekend for Dean Ambrose vs. Nia Jax "Intergender Special Attraction" at a WWE live event in Jonesboro, Arkansas later this month.

According to John Pollock of Post Wrestling, the ad for that match was "outdated" and wouldn't be taking place. The report stated a WWE official confirmed the ad was "incorrect."

Two weeks ago on an episode of RAW, Dean Ambrose sat in the ring after a loss to Seth Rollins to cut a promo. Nia Jax and Tamina would interrupt him and head out for their scheduled time in the ring. Ambrose and Jax talked a little bit of trash to each other as Tamina circled around Ambrose. Jax would hit Ambrose in the back with a forearm, sending him out of the ring, referees then guided Ambrose to the back.

Speculation of a match between the two began soon after, but in regards to that specific WWE live event, it doesn't look to be taking place.