Earlier this week, it was announced that Eddie Edwards has signed a new, long-term deal with IMPACT Wrestling. The former IMPACT World Champion would discuss the decision to re-sign with IMPACT Wrestling.

According to Edwards, re-signing with IMPACT was not a very difficult decision for him at all.

“It wasn’t a tough decision for me,” Edwards said. “This has been my home for the past five years. Between Anthem, our office, the wrestlers, the ring crew, production, everything ? I feel comfortable and confident in this team. I want to be one of the guys at the forefront of IMPACT Wrestling, trying to bring us forward to the next level.”

Earlier this year, Edwards would be the victim of a nasty hit to the skull with a baseball bat to the face from Sami Callihan during an episode of IMPACT. When reflecting on that incident, Edwards told IMPACT that 2018 was a year of change, ushered in by a new attitude.

“Obviously I’ve been through a lot (this year), and it’s all been positive changes,” Edwards said. “As stupid as it sounds, getting hit with a baseball bat somehow worked into a positive. I enjoy the direction that I’m going, I enjoy the confidence that the company has put in me, and I enjoy trying to push the limit in the ring and outside the ring. I’m very grateful that the front office and everybody here has that faith in me.”

Edwards is also looking forward to taking on a leadership role in the locker room after establishing himself as a veteran of the company during his tenure.

“I mentioned comfort ? I’m definitely more comfortable being a little bit outspoken in the locker room and trying to help fellow wrestlers,” Edwards said. “I enjoy giving my input, as long as I don’t step on people’s toes. I enjoy my position on the roster and I love the people we have here.”