Former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Says Dusty Rhodes Was 'Overrated'

WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes has been widely viewed as one of the best minds in pro wrestling history. Throughout his career, in addition to being a top name in the NWA, Rhodes was also a head booker for many years during his time with the company. Rhodes would go on following his retirement from full-time competition to be a head creative mind for both TNA, FCW, and NXT. Despite his highly acclaimed creative abilities, one person, former NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ronnie Garvin, feels much different. Garvin shared his thoughts on the latest episode of Under the Mat Radio.


"Dusty Rhodes was overrated. He was the booker most places he went, Florida, Carolinas," said Garvin. "I didn't like what he done a lot of times. A lot of politics, he put himself in places he should've been, he didn't draw the big of money. When he was in the main event, he booked 30 men on the card and had more gimmick matches. Rock n' Roll Express, those kids were so over. So over, that they would sell out and Dusty Rhodes would book them in small towns because he didn't want them on the same card as him because he wanted the thunder."

Garvin reached the pinnacle of his career on September 25, 1987. In a steel cage match, Garvin defeated Ric Flair to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. Although Garvin stated that he made more money in a short period of time than he ever had, he also admitted that he "didn't go crazy" when he won the title.


"You know I've had a lot of title matches, I don't want to diminish the World Title, it was great," said Garvin. "But I guess with luck and staying healthy long enough, I got to the very top. To me, and I'm being honest, wrestling was a job, pure and simple. I didn't go crazy because I was the world champion. I'll tell you, the World Title is probably the most money I made in a short period of time.

"I was in wresting five years before Flair showed up. I don't know the guy, I mean I know him (speaking as in working with him), but I never visited with the guy, never had a meal with the guy, never traveled with him. I ran into him a few times in the dressing with and said hi and [bye], but know nothing about the guy. We had two different lives. He had the party life which is fine and I don't begrudge it. One thing about Flair no matter how I hard I hit him he never complained."

Garvin also discussed Randy Orton using his signature stomps, and more. You can listen to the full interview here.