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We see tonight’s cold open as the show begins!

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs. oVe

The Crist brothers instantly attack Mack/Swann until they’re both laid out. Swann continues on with the match but The Crist brothers keep control with quick tags to start. Swann pushes Jake in to Dave as he’s perched on the top rope, causing Dave’s groin to collide with the top turnbuckle. Swann rushes over and tags in Mack. Mack comes in with an arm drag, hurricanrana, and a double clothesline on both the Crist brothers. Mack with a huge somersault plancha over the top rope and then Swann comes over with a corkscrew splash. Jake Crist drops Mack in to the 2nd turnbuckle and then he jumps outside and connects with a beautiful topei, tornado DDT on the floor. Mack comes off the ropes but his boot is pulled to the outside by Dave Crist. Dave delivers a pump kick to Mack and Jake follows it up with a rake to Mack’s eyes. Dave pins Mack back inside the ring for a 2 count, when it’s unsuccessful, he pulls Mack in to a crossface hold.

Mack finally makes it to the ropes for the break. The Crists with some more hot tags and a couple of combination kicks to the face of Mack give Dave a 2 count on Mack. They continue knocking Swann off the ring apron as Dave tags in Jake and he performs an impressive northern lights suplex with a bridge for a 2 count. Jake continues the offense with a clothesline to a sitting Mack for yet another 2. After another failed attempt at knocking Swann off the ring apron, Dave Crist ties Mack in a half straight jacket hold. Jake is tagged in once again and he and Mack collide in the ring with a mutual crossbody that lays them out. Swann finally gets the tag in and immediately gets some revenge as he kicks Dave off the apron. Swann with a hurrincanrana off the top rope on Jake, followed by a series of kicks and a rolling thunder/splash for a close 2 count on Dave. The Crists manage to pull Mack in to their tandem piledriver/top rope double stomp for a super close 2 count, only broken up by Mack. Mack retaliates with a double stunner and Swan follows it up with a double cutter. Mack & Swann work together to perform a combination cutter, they then follow it up with a couple of kicks on Dave. Swann finishes with the 2nd rope 450 Splash for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Swann & Mack celebrate inside the ring as Swann’s music plays and he holds up his X-Division Title.

We see a replay from last week’s huge main event between Johnny Impact & Brian Cage vs. Moose & Killer Kross. We then see a replay of Daga & LAX vs. The Lucha Bros. & Taurus last week.

Fenix says that tonight, in his hometown of Mexico City, they will become the tag team champions. He says that tonight, they will wrestle in front of his family & all of his lucha libre family. Pentagon says that LAX is lucky that Konnan accepted the tag title challenge because he wouldn’t have liked to see would have happened. He says that the titles are going to stay in the family, but they’re going home with them.

The title match at Uncaged next week will now be a fatal-4-way between Johnny Impact, Killer Kross, Moose, & Brian Cage! We also see the card for the remainder of this evening.

Kiera Hogan vs. Dark Allie

Hogan immediately explodes in to Allie with two running dropkicks, some hip attacks, and a kick for a 2 count. She follows it up with some strikes and forearms, followed by a running bulldog for yet another 2 count. Hogan keeps on Allie in the corner but gets caught with a swift clothesline that gives her a 2 of her own. Allie hits a reverse STO that rams Hogan’s face off the turnbuckle, followed by hard running forearm that gives her a close 2 count. Allie keeps in control as Jordynne Grace rallies for Hogan on the outside of the ring. Allie tries to pin Hogan but only gets a quick 2 count. She tries to follow it up with a codebreaker but, instead, Hogan delivers a series of kicks for the 2 count. Allie bounces Hogan’s face off the ropes and pulls Hogan in for the backstabber and a 2 count. Hogan slams Allie to the mat but both are slow to start moving again. Su Yung starts to get herself involved in the match up and Grace runs over and proceeds to shove her in to the outside ring post. Allie starts freaking out that Yung is hurt on the outside which allows Hogan to connect with a kick and her fisherman’s hook, spinning neckbreaker for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Grace and Hogan celebrate in the ring as Hogan’s music plays.

Backstage, Johnny Impact is just finding out about the fatal-4-way and he’s losing his cool about it. Cage appears and tells him that it sucks to be him, and that he’ll be seeing him next week.

The main event for the Impact Wrestling United We Stand event will be Sabu & RVD vs. The Lucha Bros.

Backstage, Allie repeatedly says, “She’s here,” as Yung follows behind her. The camera glitches and writing has appeared nearby that says, “The Withching is upon us..Don’t say we didn’t warn you… – R”

Gama Singh introduces Rohit Raju & The Desi Hit Squad to the ring.

Rohit Raju vs. Trey Miguel

The match begins with Miguel dodging Raju a few times before they finally lock up. Raju gets the initial advantage with a wrist lock and a little bit of mat wrestling. Miguel looks around perplexed until he comes in and shows up Raju with a little bit of impressive mat wrestling of his own. More quick reversals from both men as the crowd reacts to both men’s taunts. Miguel with a snap hurricanrana and a dropkick that knocks Raju off of the apron. Miguel comes off the ropes and nearly dives to the outside but gets nailed with a right hand instead. Raju with a DDT on the ring apron to Miguel. Miguel starts gaining an advantage but gets nailed with a back elbow that keeps him back down. Raj gets involved in the match, allowing Raju to his a hard lariat for the close 2 count.

Raju and Miguel trade strikes and reversals until Raju comes out on top and connects with a falling forearm for another 2 count on Miguel. Raju goes for a vertical suplex but it gets shifted and Miguel is able to double stomp the back of Raju. The men trade strikes in the center of the ring, but then Miguel gets Raju in the corner for a 6-1-9. Miguel stays on Raju with a kick and a neckbreaker for another close 2. Raju reaches Miguel before he can come off the top rope and shoves him down. He follows it up with a neckbreaker and a gore buster for another 2. Raju with a stiff running knee to the back of Miguel but he still isn’t able to put him away. Raj tries to get involved again and eats a couple of superkicks from The Rascalz. Miguel with another 619 on Raju’s head and a meteora for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Trey Miguel

We see an advertisement for the various stars that will be involved with the AAA tournament next week.

It’s announced that Scarlett Bordeaux will make her in-ring debut when Impact Wrestling comes to Vegas!

Sami Callihan vs. Puma King

Callihan immediately attacks Puma King before he can take off his cape and get ready for the match. King comes back with a press and a kick to Callihan’s face, followed by a delayed vertical suplex. Callihan chases after King but he’s bamboozled as King pulls down the top rope and Callihan goes toppling over. Puma off the ropes with a somersault plancha on to the outside and Callihan. King chops and forearms at Callihan on the outside. He continues with a double axe handle but Callihan uses the ref to shield himself from more offense. Callihan then connects with a DDT on the outside to Puma before he climbs back in to the ring. Callihan with a sit-out powerbomb for a 2 count. Callihan tears at King’s eyes and seems to be going for King’s mask. King connects with a boot but Callihan retaliates and continues tearing at King’s mask as he screams. Callihan spits on his hand before chopping at King’s chest. Callihan ties King to the tree of woe, he climbs to the top, but King connects with a leg scissor maneuver and a missile dropkick from the top. King goes diving to the outside but has a gnarly landing as we go to commercial.

Callihan now has King on the ring apron as he continues ramming his face in to it. He follows it up with a running pump kick to the King’s face as it’s still hanging off the apron. They begin exchanging chops in the middle of the ring until Callihan rakes at King’s eyes and gets hit with a spinebuster. Both men trade strikes back and forth until King kicks Callihan in the face and both men fall to the mat. When they eventually make it back to their feet, King connects with a clothesline and a rolling elbow drop. King with a Blue Thunder Bomb for another 2 count on Callihan. King with a kicks and some hard strikes but Callihan hits a nasty lariat for another close 2 count. Callihan tries for the piledriver but King puts him in to a pinning predicament. Callihan grabs the bottom rope for the break. King comes off the ropes but gets a pump kick to the face form Callihan. They begin trading pinning predicaments until King wacks Callihan with a couple superkicks. Callihan finally nails the piledriver for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Sami Callihan

We see a video package recapping what has occurred between Taya Valkyrie and Tessa Blanchard before their title match next week.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards tells Eli Drake that they should just do their own individual things. Edwards says to please just let him do his thing. Drake tells him that his thing needs to be without the kendo stick and the jeans, that way they can bring the world cup home.

Also backstage, Kross says that the fatal-4-way is in their favor and Moose adds how close of a team they are. Moose says that he wants them to be co-champions but Moose seems reluctant.

LAX vs. The Lucha Bros.

The match immediately starts out quick, with Penta putting Santana in a full nelson as Fenix superkicks him. LAX, however, manages to get the better of the situation and they send Penta out of the ring before teaming up on Fenix. LAX with a double back suplex on Fenix. Penta runs back in and superkicks Santana in mid-air. Lucha Bros. with a tandem codebreaker/double stomp maneuver on Ortiz as the crowd rallies. Santana connects with a cutter on Penta, followed by a kick to Fenix. Penta kicks Ortiz in the face and that sends him out. Penta and Santana are face to face as the crowd erupts. Santana gets a back elbow on Penta but Fenix comes rushing in with a spinning kick in the corner on Santana. The ring clears out again until it’s Fenix and Ortiz standing in the center of the squared circle and trading strikes and kicks. Santana runs in and tackles Fenix out of the ring. Ortiz and Penta go at it with chops. Penta runs after Ortiz but gets stuck in a crossbody by Santana. Fenix comes in and double missile dropkicks LAX. This is chaos!

Back from commercial, Fenix and Ortiz exchange momentum until Fenix climbs to the top rope with Ortiz and double stomps him for the 2 count. Ortiz with a pump kick and a vertical suplex on Fenix. He continues the pressure with a spinebuster in to the mat. Santana and Penta trade hard chops until they turn in to exchanged kicks. Santana with a modified uranage for another 2 count. Santana springboards off the ropes but gets stuck in the Pentagon Driver for a 2 and 7/8 count! Fenix is tagged in and he comes off the top in an attempt at the Fear Factor Piledriver, however, Santana escapes. Ortiz comes rushing in and LAX works in tandem for a double cutter, a codebreaker, a back kick, and their finishing alley-oop slam for the 2 count. That’s how they won at Homecoming last month! LAX connects with the Street Sweeper but Penta broke it up before the 3 count. Penta chops away at LAX but gets a double kick. Penta with a sling blade on Ortiz, Fenix with another spinning kick on Santana. The Lucha Bros. connect with the Fear Factor Piledriver on Santana and, immediately after, Fenix suicide dives on Ortiz on the outside. Penta for the pin and the 1-2-he kicked out! Penta with another piledriver on Santana but it’s another 2 count! Penta with a superkick and Fenix with a reverse hurricanrana. They kick Ortiz off the apron, deliver another Fear Factor Piledriver, and Fenix explodes on the outside to topple Ortiz with a somersault plancha. Penta with the pin and the 1-2-3!

Winner: Pentagon Jr. & Fenix

LAX and the Lucha Bros. come face to face and Konnan forces LAX to shake the hands of Penta & Fenix for their victory. They do shake hands but get in one another’s faces immediately after.