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Tessa Blanchard vs. Taya Valkyrie (c) (Street Fight for the Impact Knockouts Championship)

The match starts out with Blanchard grabbing a steel chair and rushing after Valkyrie as she's on the stage entering the venue. Valkyrie dodges and starts throwing punches at Blanchard. Valkyrie tosses Blanchard down the ramp and back inside the ring, but as she climbs inside, Blanchard kicks Valkyrie in the head. She stays on Valkyrie with clubby blows. Valkyrie gets to her feet as Blanchard wedges a chair in to one corner of turnbuckles. Blanchard tries to irish whip Valkyrie in to the chair but she reverses in to a german suplex. Valkyire with a few kicks to the back for a quick one count. Blanchard gets dumped outside the ring, and as Valkyrie goes running for a dive, Blanchard wacks her in the head with a large metal sheet. Blanchard tosses a chair in Valkyrie's face and then connects with a running basement dropkick that bounces the chair off of Valkyrie's head once more.

Valkyrie is able to get in some shots and returns with a metal sheet shot of her own to Blanchard's head. Valkyrie grabs a beer from an audience member nearby and tosses the remnants in to Blanchard's face. She then comes off the barricade with a springboard attack, but Blanchard has it scouted and connects with a kick to Valkyrie's stomach. Blanchard maneuvers the open chair around Valkyrie's head and then bounces it off of the steel ring post. She then grabs some cords from the outside area and chokes Valkyrie with them. Blanchard rips Valkyrie's shirt off and spits on it. She charges after Valkyrie for a spear but Wera Loca avoids it and Blanchard's head impales the steel chair that was wedged in to the turnbuckles earlier. Valkyrie follows it up with a series of strikes, a clothesline in the corner, and a meteora on a sitting Blanchard. Valkyrie sets up the metal sheet in between Blanchard's legs, grabs herself a steel chair and then proceeds to wack the steel sheet in to Blanchard's groin area like it was golf. Valkyrie goes for the Road to Valhalla but Blanchard reverses and regains control.

Blanchard puts Valkyrie's head back inside the chair and stomps away at it. Blanchard looks crazed and goes to the outside of the ring to retrieve numerous chairs. She climbs back inside the ring with the chairs and climbs to the top rope. Valkyrie is able to meet her on the top rope and ultimately samoan drops her on to a chair as we go to commercial. Back from break, both women are winded but they're trading forearms back and forth. They actually end up sitting down in the chairs and chap at one another's chests. Valkyrie grabs a chair and boots it in to Blanchard's face for a close 2 count. Blanchard with two separate spears on Valkyrie in to a large canvas set up in the corner for another close 2 count. Blanchard pulls out a legitimate table from under the ring and sets it up horizontally in one corner of the ring. She places Valkyrie's body across the table and climbs to the top rope, however, Valkyrie pops up and shoves Blanchard down to the outside. She jumps down from the top with a splash on Blanchard, tosses her back in the ring, and receives a 2 count. Valkyrie gives Blanchard a knee to the face and then a double stomp through the table for the 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL Impact Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Backstage, team Impact is getting hyped for their match against team AAA tonight. Sami Callihan says that he's going to appoint himself captain and lead the team to victory. Fallah Bahh keeps saying, "Bahh!" as Eddie Edwards gets in Callihan's face. Eli Drake explains that there's a lot of money and a trophy at stake tonight. Callihan exits as Drake gets on the mic and tells Bahh that they need to roll him over everyone. Drake explains that they need Callihan to be as dangerous as ever, and Eddie Edwards, well, he continues thinking that Edwards needs to get rid of the kendo stick.

Ethan Page vs. Willie Mack

The bout begins with Page kicking Mack in the abdomen right off the bar, followed by a couple of jabs. Mack with a reverse irish whip and a taunting headstand on the top turnbuckle. Mack with a corkscrew elbow off the ropes. He continues with chops and then twists the nipples of Page, making him scream. Page comes back with a running DDT to retaliate. Page with more strikes and chops on Mack. He attempts a vertical suplex but gets reversed in to Mack's own suplex. Mack with a couple of elbows and clotheslines on Page in the corner. Page manages to hop up on the ropes and enziguris Mack for a 2 count. He continues the offense until Mack dodges him in the corner. Mack then connects with a running back elbow and a pump kick to Page's face. Mack bounces off of Page with a cannonball in the corner. A samoan drop and a moonsault give Mack a close 2 count. Mack attempts a stunner but gets a couple of kicks and a brainbuster for a 2 count of his own. Mack regains control, and after a few reversals, Mack connects with the stunner for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Willie Mack

Scarlett Bordeaux gives the Impact Wrestling viewers an example of her squatting form as she prepares to make her in-ring debut.

Backstage, Killer Kross tells Johnny Impact that he will need a miracle to walk away with his Impact World Heavyweight Championship tonight. Kross explains that it is kind of a 3-on-1 handicap match, and all 3 participants have defeated him before. He tells Impact that if his mind wanders, he'll lose the match and his title. Kross says that everybody pays the toll as he exits. The camera pans to the side and we see Willie Mack entering from recently winning his match. Suddenly, Jake & Dave Crist appear from behind a corner and follow behind Mack.

Also backstage, team AAA says that they are coming for team Impact tonight. Psycho Clown says that they came to face the best of Impact and win that World Cup trophy. Puma King says that they wrestle for honor and pride, and the cup will be staying in Mexico.

Sami Callihan comes out to the ring and jumps on the microphone. He explains that he's out on the mic to talk to Rich Swann, and he wants Swann to get close to the monitor and listen to him. Callihan says that they are truly brothers because of their pasts together, however, Swann's interview from last week was apparently "fake news." Callihan mentions how he's continually offered the oVe t-shirt to Swann, but for whatever reason, he keeps turning it down. Callihan says that, if their relationship ever meant anything, Swann will come out right now and confront him face to face.

Swann enters the ring and Callihan tells him he has two options: the easy way or the hard way. Callihan tells Swann that it's in his best interest to put the shirt on and then tosses it in his face. Swann tosses it back and that prompts Callihan to begin attacking Swann. Swann is able to gain some advantage and actually hits a triangle phoenix splash to the outside on Callihan. Swann continues his defense until Callihan thumbs at his eyes and tosses him on to the ramp. Callihan drags him to the top of the stage and piledrives him down. He picks Swann up and tosses him off the stage, through a table.

Sami Callihan, Eli Drake, Eddie Edwards, & Fallah Bahh vs. Psycho Clown, Puma King, Hijo Del Vikingo, & Aerostar (World Cup Elimination 8-Man Tag Team Match)

Clown and Callihan start the match out trading shots back and forth. Callihan gains the advantage with a clothesline, but Clown comes back with a springboard crossbody and a clothesline. The men continue their offense from corner to corner of the ring until Clown hits a snap scoop powerslam for a quick count. Aerostar is tagged in and connects with an assisted dropkick, followed by a corkscrew plancha off the top rope. He does some more rope play with a springboard codebreaker on Callihan. Somehow, Callihan has the wherewithal to reverse Aerostar and drop him in to the turnbuckles. Drake gets tagged in and he hits his unorthodox throwaway slam on Aerostar. Vikingo gets tagged in and Drake attempts the same maneuver but he's able to reverse it in to a DDT for the 2.

Edwards is tagged in but Vikingo tosses him out of the ring with a unique hurricanrana. As Vikingo starts charging to jump out of the ring, Edwards slides inside and elbows him down. Puma is tagged in and delivers a crossbody, a kick to the jaw, and a delayed vertical suplex for a 2 count. Puma tries to continue his offense but is met with a kick to the head while perched on the top rope. Edwards with a backpack stunner and then a tag to Bahh. King with a series of kicks on Bahh but Bahh says, "No, no, no!" and the two men go in to a power struggle. Bahh connects with a belly-to-belly and the steamroller. Bahh tags in Callihan. Callihan tries for the abdominal stretch but it incites a huge brawl between both teams in the middle of the ring. Team AAA clears the ring and poses, however, Drake & Callihan come in and attack them from behind. Clown ends up coming over the top ropes with a somersault plancha on Bahh and Callihan. King with a hurricanrana on Edwards inside the ring. He then hops to the outside with a crossbody on the men involved. Aerostar then springboards off the top rope with some major airtime and a crossbody. Bahh jumps off the ring apron and knocks everyone down. Vikingo with an insane springboard 630 that collides with everyone on the outside. Drake picks Vikingo up and powerslams him off the apron and in to everyone on the outside.

Drake and Edwards are beginning to fight over the kendo stick. The distraction allows Puma to confuse Drake and pin him for the 1-2-3! Drake has been eliminated. Back from commercial, Callihan has Puma caught in a variation of the crossface. He knocks Puma down to the mat and tags Bahh in to the match. Bahh picks Callihan up and body slams him on top of Puma. Puma is able to get a nice kick in on Bahh, and that allows him to tag in Vikingo. Vikingo immediately takes out the members of Team Impact on the apron, he then delivers a hurricanrana that sends Bahh in to the ring post. Vikingo dodges Callihan and gives him a springboard codebreaker that sends him outside. Vikingo dodges Edwards a few times and then continues offense on both Edwards and Bahh. Vikingo with a meteora on Edwards. Bahh runs in to him and says, "No, no, no!" The two trade more offense until Vikingo comes off the top rope with a springboard, but he's caught by Bahh and given a running powerslam for the 1-2-3! Vikingo has been eliminated.

Aerostar comes off the top with a dropkick on Bahh. He tries again and again but can't seem to knock Bahh off of his feet. Aerostar comes off of the ropes but Bahh meets him with a crossbody. Bahh goes for a vader bomb but he's tied up in a jackknife pin for the 1-2-3. Fallah Bahh has been eliminated. Callihan immediately rains down punches on Aerostar. Callihan continues attacking Aerostar until Edwards tags himself in to the disapproval of Callihan. Aerostar comes off the ropes with a rolling cutter. He attempts a springboard splash but misses, allowing Edwards to deliver the Boston Knee Party for the 1-2-3. Aerostar has been eliminated. Edwards tries to toss Puma out of the ring but he clutches on to the ropes like the cat he is. Puma kicks Edwards in the mug but Callihan tags himself in his place. Puma with a spin-out back suplex but Callihan manages to connect with the powerbomb, a knee, and the piledriver for the 1-2-3. Puma King has been eliminated.

Clown gets himself hyped up as he's left to face Edwards and Callihan. Clown with a series of kicks and a clothesline, however, it's futile and they outnumber Clown. Edwards with another Boston Knee Party, but Callihan tosses Edwards out of the ring and wants the pin for his own. Clown counts out at 2 and then Clown rolls him up in a small package for the 1-2-3! Sami Callihan has been eliminated. Edwards and Clown meet face to face and then wack one another with chop after chop. They reverse one another's irish whips until Edwards slides to the outside. Clown with a suicide dive on Edwards. Back inside the ring, Edwards reverses Clown and connects with a sit-out powerbomb for a close 2 count. Clown hits a series of kicks, strikes, and a slice bread no. 2 for a close 2 count. Edwards nails Clown with a clothesline that lays him out in the ring. Drake comes out with the kendo stick and distracts Edwards from the match. Clown tries to take advantage and ultimately tosses Edwards in to the ropes, where Drake wacks Edwards on the head with the kendo stick. A backstabber and a pin give Psycho Clown the 1-2-3!

Winners: Team AAA

Backstage, Brian Cage is lifting some dumbbells and preparing for his four-way match up next!

Reno Scum is on it's way back to the Impact Zone in 2 weeks!

We see a replay from last weeks match between The Lucha Bros. (Pentagon Jr. & Fenix) & LAX. Backstage, Konnan says that he should have just listened to his gut because The Lucha Bros. were never going to lose last week's match while they were angry at LAX. Konnan says that he's going to get them a rematch but it will be the very last one because LAX is his family and he doesn't want to lose them.

Also backstage, Dark Allie is having a difficult time coping with all of the mind games that Rosemary has been playing with her.

Scarlett Bordeaux wakes up in bed and reminds everyone about her in-ring debut in Las Vegas next week! We will also see Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards in Vegas!

Johnny Impact (c) vs. Killer Kross vs. Moose vs. Brian Cage (Four-Way Match for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship)

The match begins with all four men standing in the center of the ring and confronting one another. The action begins quick and Moose seems to have an advantage, but as he goes running after Impact, he drops him to the outside of the ring. Impact with a series of kicks on Cage & Kross, he then dives over the top rope with a corkscrew plancha on Moose. Back inside the ring, Kross nails Cage with a forearm and a kick. Cage comes back with a dropkick that sends Kross to the outside. Cage off the ropes and jumps clear over the top ropes with a somersault plancha on all the other participants in the match. Cage and Impact trade offense in the middle of the ring until Impact bests him and delivers the shining wizard to Cage's head.

Kross and Moose come rushing back in and pummel Impact & Cage with stomps. Moose hits a standing powerbomb and goes for a cover, however, Kross pushes him off and the two trade some words about it. Moose with another powerbomb, this time on Brian Cage, and then he suddenly rolls up Kross. Kross looks irate, but Moose tries to reach out his hand to reconcile things. Kross plays it up and hugs Moose, but he ultimately tosses him over his shoulder with a northern lights. Impact is back and connects with a few kicks on Kross, followed by his signature spinning neckbreaker. Impact also hits a backbreaker, a side russian leg sweep and a leg drop that sends Cage out. Moose comes in and low blows Impact. As each of the other participants collect themselves in their respective corners, Moose attacks each one individually. He hits the Go To Hell on Impact but Cage breaks it up at 2. Cage with a kick on Kross and a double german suplex on Kross and Moose simultaneously! Cage with a superplex that brings Impact from the ring apron and in to the ring for the 2 count. Kross with a high angle back suplex on Cage.

Kross tries for the straight jacket submission on Cage but Moose intercepts and all four men begin trading blows in the center of the ring. The ending of the sequence sees Cage nail Moose with a lariat clothesline, and Impact coming off the ropes with a springboard spear on Cage. Impact nips up like he's completely fine. He goes to the top rope but Moose meets him there. It looks like he's going for a superplex but it is broken up by the other men in the match. All four men combine forces for a superplex/double powerbomb that gives that definite advantage to Kross. Kross pins Impact for the 2. When it doesn't work, he immediately ties Impact in the Kross armbreaker. Moose puts Impact in a figure-four leg leg lock. Cage puts Kross in a dragon sleeper as Impact turns the pressure over on Moose. Kross gets out by delivering a northern lights suplex for another close count on Cage. Impact comes rushing after Kross but he's tossed in to the corner, on top of Cage.

Moose with a running dropkick on Cage in the corner. He goes for a lariat on Kross, however, Kross avoids it and uses his high angle back suplex on Moose. Impact comes off the ropes with a springboard kick on Kross for another 2 count. Impact seems to be going for Starship Pain on Kross but Moose breaks it up. He goes for another go to hell but is thrown to the side with a hurricanrana. Impact charges after Moose but is caught in a pop up powerbomb and a running senton for another 2, broken up by Cage. Moose headbutts Cage and goes for the Game Changer. Cage misses the discus clothesline but he still strikes Moose with a knee and delivers the Drill Claw for another 2, broken up by Kross. Kross with another high angle back suplex, this time on Cage, but it seems to have no effect. Cage delivers the Drill Claw on Kross, however, meanwhile, Impact is connecting with the Starship Pain on Moose and gets the 1-2-3 just moments before Cage!

Winner and STILL Impact World Champion: Johnny Impact

Cage gets in Impact's face and looks furious, however, Impact retains and he celebrates on the ramp with the Title.