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We start out the show with a replay from last week's Uncaged episode of Impact, including the four-way World Championship match between Johnny Impact, Brian Cage, Killer Kross, & Moose where Impact retained.

Johnny Impact comes out to the ring to get things going. Impact gets on the mic and explains that it can be rare for someone in pro wrestling to do what they say they are going to do. He reminds everyone that he said he was going to be a fighting champion and that's what he has been. He remembers being a child and always wanting to see fighting champions. Impact says that Taya has been worried about his body and the fans have questioned his win against Cage at Homecoming. Impact established his place at the top of the mountain and says that he beat Kross, Moose, and Cage all last week.

Out comes Moose to the stage. Moose gets to the ring and tells Impact that all he hears are complaints from Impact. Moose tells him that Impact isn't a fighting champion and he might be the worst one they've ever had in Impact. Moose says that Cage and Kross are the only reasons he's not the Impact World Champion. Kross comes out looking down Moose with his intense stare. He makes it to the ring and tells Moose that he betrayed him, he also calls him an SOB. Kross goes off about Moose's obsession with his outfits, and they begin bickering until Impact breaks it up. Moose tells Impact that he has no place in the conversation. Moose tells Kross that he benched Kross because Kross faced Impact twice and he failed, so it's his turn to be the Impact World Champion.

Impact explains that the problem is that Moose and Kross both think they're the A+ talent, but there can only be one A and one B. Impact persuades them in to a #1 contender's match for a shot at his Title. Kross says that Impact is just trying to stir things up. Kross says that he's gonna show Impact how it's down but Moose punches him in the face. Kross begins choking Moose and he starts to wiggle out of the ring to escape.

Killer Kross vs. Moose (#1 Contender Match for a shot at the Impact World Championship)

Back from commercial, the bell rings and Kross/Moose lock up. Moose backs Kross in to the corner and the men start exchanging various chops, forearms and knees. Kross off the ropes with a shoulder tackle but Moose nips up immediately. Kross knocks him back down and stays in control. Kross gives some running clotheslines on Moose in the corner turnbuckles. The ref tries to hold Kross off for a moment, allowing Moose to give a low blow for a 2 count. Moose gets frustrated and threatens the official, allowing Kross to return the low blow for his own two count.

The two men meet face to face and start trading shots in the middle of the ring. The fight gets carried out to the outside and Kross gains the advantage by ramming Moose's head in to the ring post. Kross throws "hot coffee" in Impact's eyes on the outside. Moose with a pump kick that Kross avoids, ultimately hitting Impact. Impact gets frustrated and runs in, attacking Moose. Everyone begins beating one another up and the bell rings in DQ.

Match ends in a no contest.

Kross and Moose begin teaming up once again to attack Impact. Brian Cage's music hits and he runs down to the ring, quickly gaining the advantage and then delivering in-tandem superkicks with Impact to Kross & Moose. Cage comes up to Impact's face as he holds the title, however, he concedes and exits to the back as Impact poses with his title.

We see a vignette hyping up the remaining matches for tonight's Impact Wrestling. Don Callis announces that Impact has hired Glenn Gilbertti and they play the audio clip where they reached out to Gilbertti.

Backstage, Konnan is getting LAX ready for their Impact Tag Team Title match for tonight. He says that no matter if it's win, lose or draw, tonight is the final chapter for the teams.

Back from commercial, Cage and Impact sit down together and Impact thanks Cage for helping him. Impact tells Cage that there's no way that they can have a fair title shot with Kross and Moose running around and interfering. Impact says that they need to join forces to get rid of them first. Cage says that he's said things like this before and therefore won't be able to trust him. Impact gives him a contract and says that if he signs the contract and they team up to take out Moose/Kross, he'll be guaranteed a title shot.

We see an updated card for the upcoming United We Stand event, including the intergender match between Tessa Blanchard and Eli Drake.

Backstage, the Rascalz are goofing around and Miguel tells Wentz and Xavier that he proved everyone wrong and beat Ethan Page last week. Wentz says that he can also beat Page, and he will next week when they go one-on-one. Miguel says, in that case, he'll team with Xavier and fight the Desi Hit Squad tonight. Gama Singh comes in to the smoking circle and invites them to try the hookah. 10 minutes later, the Rascalz are essentially unconscious. Gama says that smoking like that is how the real men did it in his day.

Reno Scum will be returning to Impact Wrestling next week!

Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) vs. The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Trey Miguel)

The match starts out with Singh giving Dez a schoolboy rollup for a quick count. He stays on the offense and stomps away as Dez struggles on the mat. Singh with a dropkick to Dez's face for a 2 count. Dez comes full speed off the ropes and eats a double forearm strike to the face that knocks him down. Raju gets tagged in but Dez is mostly able to fight off both men for a bit. Eventually, Singh catches him in a flapjack and exits the ring. Raju continues with the offense, quickly tagging Singh back in to the match to stomp away at Dez. Dez once again tries fighting off both members of the Desi Hit Squad but Singh snags him for another two count.

Dez throws some shots to Singh's knee, followed by a superkick that allows Dez to finally make the tag to Miguel, however, it looked more like a slap. Miguel with a double stomp to Raju's back. He also manages a kick to Raju's head on the apron. Miguel comes back full speed with a springboard cutter for a close 2 count. The DHS tries to clean up the ring but Miguel pulls the rope down, sending out Singh. Raju is able to use a sweeping kick to take the legs out from under Miguel. The DHS then works in tandem to deliver and elevated DDT for the close 2 count. Dez with some kicks and an enziguri to Singh. Raju keeps on Miguel, slamming him in to the turnbuckles and perching him on the top rope. Miguel wiggles out, delivers his signature head-tucked kick, the Rascalz connect with a tandem 6-1-9, and Miguel performs a meteora from the top rope for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Rascalz (Trey Miguel & Dez Xavier)

Backstage, Eli Drake addresses his confrontation with Eddie Edwards last week when they were on the same team with one another. Drake says that he's not angry at Edwards for what happened last week. Instead, he's taking him by the hand and showing him that hardcore makes him an absolute loser. Drake says he is wrestling and nobody can stop the gravy train. He says Edwards will realize what he's talking about tonight.

We see Rich Swann resting in a hospital bed as Sami Callihan comes up and sits next to him. Callihan tells Swann not to talk. He says that he understands that this is a rough time for Swann. Callihan apologizes to Swann and tells him to wake up because he's had his head too far up his ass. Callihan grabs Swann's face and tells him to look at him. Callihan explains that h'e proud of Swann because standing up to him takes balls. Callihan says that he's his big brother and he's there for him. He reminds Swann of the various times that he's been there for him when he needed him. Callihan demands that Swann start living up to his potential. He says that when Swann is finally ready to step up and come home - a nurse walks up before he can finish speaking and says that it's time for family only. Swann tells her that Callihan is family, and he ultimately tosses Swann the oVe shirt as he exits.

Eli Drake vs. Eddie Edwards

Eddie Edwards comes to the ring looking crazed with Kenny the kendo stick. Drake avoids him at first but they finally meet int he middle of the ring and exchange a series of reversal wrist locks. Edwards with a headlock takeover but Drake gets him up and backs him in to the corner. Drake connects with a few punches to Edwards but he's met with a couple arm drags and a hip toss. Drake slides out of the ring and begins pacing around the outside area. He comes back in and the two exchange a few words before Edwards smacks his chest with a stiff chop.

Edwards clotheslines Edwards out of the ring and then rakes at his back. Drake fights back with a couple of elbows but Edwards picks him up and rams him groin-first in to the metal ring post outside the ring. Edwards goes for his kendo stick but the ref tries to reason with him. The distraction allows Drake to wack him with a clothesline on the outside. He throws Edwards back in and hits repeating shoulder tackles in the corner until the ref has to force him away. Edwards ducks a clothesline and goes back to his loud chopping on Drake's chest. Drake comes off the ropes with a jumping DDT. He then climbs to the second rope and goes for an elbow drop, only to miss wildly. The crowd rallies behind Edwards but drake catches him with a kick. Drake tries to follow up with a springboard moonsault but he's evaded by Edwards. More chops follow that up from Edwards.

Reversals are exchanged until Edwards catches Drake with a kick to the head on the top rope. He delivers a backpack stunner for a close 2 count. More reversals lead the way to a back chop and a blue thunder bomb from Edwards for another close 2 count. Drake caught Edwards and nearly hit the gravy train but Edwards rolled through. Drake caches Edwards in his sleeper hold slam for yet another close 2 count! This one's back and forth! Drake scouts out Edwards and tries for the Gravy Train but is hit with the Tiger Driver instead. Edwards nearly gets the 3 to no avail! He rolls out of the ring and retrieves Kenny the kendo stick. He comes back in the ring and argues with the ref as Drake picks him up for the Gravy Train. Edwards still kicks out at 2! Drake grows frustrated and grabs Kenny. Edwards takes the opportunity to roll Drake up in a quick jackknife cover for the 3!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Eddie celebrates outside the ring with Kenny as Drake looks on in disbelief.

Backstage, Blanchard is yelling at Impact management. When interviewed, she explains that they won't give her the Impact Knockouts title she deserves. She says that Impact is just mad that she beat up Gail Kim. Blanchard says that they can't keep Gail safe forever, and she'll be getting her rematch one way or another.

Backstage, Gilbertti shows up and get directions on where the Impact management office is. He tries to follow the directions but ends up locked outside of the building, unable to get back in.

Alisha Edwards vs. Delilah Doom

The women get started with Edwards getting a headlock on Doom right away. Doom pushes her in to the ropes but gets dropped toe held in to the ropes herself. Doom switches it up with her own drop toe hold in to the ropes on Edwards, followed by a 6-1-9. Doom continues the assault in the corner. She goes for a meteora but is dodged. This allows Alisha to climb to the apron and give Doom a knee to the face. Edwards to the top and goes for a crossbody but Doom rolls through and gets a 2. Edwards with a reverse STO that slams Doom face-first in to the mat. Blanchard runs out to the ring and begins attacking Edwards. She tosses her on to the ring ramp with a press slam. She then slides in to the ring and goes back and forth with Doom. Doom has the immediate advantage until she gets hits with a sit-out powerbomb and a buzzsaw DDT. Blanchard's music hits and she exits up the ramp.

Winner: Alisha Edwards via DQ

Back from commercial, we see a vignette hyping up the arrival of Ace Austin.

Doom is backstage talking about her debut and she says that if Blanchard wants to take her out, she challenges her to a match on next week's Impact Wrestling.

We see a video recapping the press conference where NFL Alumni and Impact Wrestling announced their partnership.

Backstage, Father James Mitchell is standing beside Su Yung & Dark Allie, calling forward Rosemary. Rosemary greets him and the two argue about who Allie actually belongs to. Rosemary proposes that they come to some sort of agreement "as it was in the old days". Mitchell explains that he loves deals, especially in Sin City. Mitchell says that he wants Rosemary! He wants to add the demon assassin to his collection to give to "him". Mitchell tells Rosemary to assemble her dark army and he, along with Yung & Allie, will assemble theirs. They will battle it out in the ring with winner take all. If Rosemary wins, she gets Allie free and clear. But if she loses, Mitchell gets her. They shake hands and agree to the battle.

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie addresses Tessa Blanchard's behavior. Valkyrie isn't surprised that Blanchard is acting like a child again. She says that she's not going to bend to her demands because she's the Knockouts Champion and she's got better things to do.

The Lucha Bros (c) vs. LAX (For the Impact Wrestling Tag Team Championships)

Before the match can even officially get underway, LAX blindsides Th Lucha Bros on the stage and stomp away at them. Ortiz leads Fenix back down to the ring and slams his head against the ring apron and the steel steps. Santana chops away at Penta as Ortiz throws Fenix face-first in to the ring post. LAX hypes up the crowd and Ortiz soars out of the ring with a somersault senton. Santana jumps up to the apron but Fenix meets him there and delivers a running top rope kick to his head as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Ortiz and Fenix are trading sharp forearms and strikes in the center of the ring. Fenix connects with some kicks but that incites all the participants to enter the ring and come face to face with Santana. The two men yell in one another's faces until Santana begins the trading strikes. Santana comes off the ropes but Penta hits a superkick. He runs after him but Ortiz with a sunset flip and Santana with a superkick combo. LAX continues the tandem offense with a somersault senton and a tag team moonsault/fist drop. They turn their attention Fenix and give him a reverse STO and some splashes off the ropes for a 2 count.

Lax continue trading tags in and out while they work on Fenix. Santana comes off the ropes with a double stomp on Fenix's arms. LAX taunts at Penta while they continue the assault. Fenix is able to maintain some offense and nails multiple kicks on both Santana and Ortiz. Penta gets tagged in and comes off the top rope with a splash on Santana. He connects with some kicks and causes Ortiz to dropkick his partner. Penta with a slingblade and both Lucha Bros with a tandem superkick on Ortiz. Santana eats a kick and a german suplex. Penta with the Pentagon driver for a close two count as Ortiz breaks it up. The action remains fast and furious as Penta climbs to the top and gives a double stomp to Ortiz's legs.

Santana and Ortiz begins gaining some offense with kicks, a rolling cutter, and a jumping codebreaker off the 2nd rope. LAX uses their alley-oop tandem slam but it only gives them the close 2 count. Santana officially tags Ortiz back in and he goes straight to delivering right hands to Penta. Fenix comes out of nowhere with kicks to LAX. Lucha Bros with the Fear Factor piledriver on Ortiz for the 1-2-3!

Winners and STILL Impact World Tag Team Champions: The Lucha Bros

Konnan immediately enters the ring and shakes the Lucha Bros hands. Konnan goes on to force LAX to shake the hands of Penta & Fenix. They're reluctant at first and then the two teams begin fighting one another back and forth. Eventually, LAX grab the masks off of Penta and Fenix, exposing their faces as the show comes to an end.