Kavita Devi Calls Upcoming WWE Tryouts In India "A Game Changer"

Kavita Devi spoke with Yash Bhati of the Times Now News in advance of forthcoming WWE talent tryouts in India.

Devi feels that the tryouts, which could lead to WWE developmental contracts, would be a big deal for the Indian pro wrestling market

"Yes, definitely this will be a game-changer," Devi stated. "We can even see examples of that as several boys and girls are coming out and participating in it. This is just the first time it has happened and still, the response has been great."

Devi also provided clarity on the unique benefits of training in the Performance Center.

"Even if we travel for shows, everything is taken care off by the WWE. There are other athletes with us, who also make us feel comfortable," Devi said. "Only a select number of people from the world come to the WWE Performance Center and they are coached by world-class wrestlers.

"They treat us like a family member. Everyone stays together and they don't even let us realize that we are staying so far away from our homeland."

The performer does see room for improvement in pro wrestling training in India.

"Currently, the facilities are not there in India," Devi said. "The craze is there among the youth but lack of basic facilities that are hampering them."

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