Women of Honor’s Kelly Klein took to her Instagram to answer some questions from fans. The former Women of Honor World Champion responded to questions about All Elite Wrestling, who first inspired her to get into wrestling, who she would want to be a tag team with in WWE, her past wrestling with Sarah Logan, and if she would ever go to WWE if given the opportunity. You can read highlights from the Q&A below:

What’s one thing she wants to be remembered for:

“That I conducted myself with integrity and treated everyone with respect.”

If she would accept a contract with AEW:

“There are too many variables to consider to answer that question. I just want to be somewhere that I know people believe in me, and that I can wrestle.”

Who inspired her to get into wrestling:

“I saw a live event at Heartland Wrestling Association. But the reason I had the courage to pursue it when all logic said I shouldn’t? That would be my family.”

Which current WWE wrestler she would want to team with:


If she wrestled Riott Squad’s Sarah Logan in the past:

“I wrestled her in one of my earlier Ring of Honor matches. You can find it on the ROH YouTube channel also, thank you!”

If she would ever go to WWE:


Klein also talked about AEW’s Double Or Nothing and who she likes working with. You can read the whole Q&A here.

Below is Klein’s full Instagram post:

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