Kenny Omega recently spoke with Tokyo-Sports about his time competing in New Japan, and he even revealed his dream opponent had he decided to sign with WWE.

If Omega had to choose his dream opponent for a match inside a WWE ring, it’s somebody he actually knows quite well from their time together in NJPW.

“AJ Styles [would be my dream WWE match],” Omega said, translated through Google.

Omega also went in to detail about why he felt as though his time had come to leave New Japan, explaining that he had achieved most everything he had set out to accomplish within the company. That includes main-eventing his personal version of WrestleMania, The Tokyo Dome.

“But, for example, you have wrestlers saying, ‘I want to go to Wrestlemania.’ The WrestleMania for me was Tokyo Dome,” Omega admitted. “My biggest dream has already come true. From now on, I want to concentrate on not only myself but wrestling overall. I do not want to imitate what I did in [New Japan]. I want to show my favorite professional wrestling to the world and I will in AEW.

“Of course I love Japan. I still live here and I like wrestling in Japan. But I could not do much more in New Japan now.”

Source: Tokyo-Sports