Kevin Owens returned on last night’s SmackDown from double knee surgery that has kept him out since October. His return was a shocking one as Vince McMahon decided to pull Kofi Kingston out of the WWE Championship match against Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane (March 10) and insert Owens.

Later that night, Owens said he wanted to team up with Kingston to face Bryan and Erick Rowan. Owens would pin Bryan after hitting a stunner.

In the video above, after the show Kayla Braxton spoke with Owens, who talked about how Kingston very much earned his title shot, but Vince came to Owens with this title opportunity at Fastlane.

“I’m going to address something that a lot of people have an issue with and it’s the fact that I’m taking Kofi Kingston’s place in this match at Fastlane after he more than earned a spot in that match,” Owens said. “That’s totally fair, I’m not blind, I’m not deaf. I’ve been watching for the last five months, but more importantly I’ve been watching for the last two weeks this phenomenon, I’ve seen it happen. They call it ‘Kofimania.’ Every year I talk about WrestleMania being ‘KOmania.’ It seems like the road to WrestleMania is ‘Kofimania.’ He deserves that title match at Fastlane, he does, but the thing is I negotiated this with Mr. McMahon?first of all, he came to me, which was a surprise to me as it was to anybody else watching tonight. The thing is, I’d be crazy to turn that down, no matter how much Kofi Kingston deserves it.”

Owens then got a bit emotional as he spoke about having to leave his wife and kids after being with them for the past five months. Noting he only left because this opportunity with WWE was worth it.

“I got a family at home, I have a wife, I have two kids,” Owens continued. “I spent the last five months with them, it’s the longest time I’ve had?I?anyway, look, I’ve spent the last five months with them, I’ve recovered from my surgeries, I’ve recovered from my knee injuries, but it’s very difficult to leave my house when they’re there and I’ve been there every day for the last five months for the first time since my kids have been born. So, I wouldn’t leave my house unless it was for something that was worth it, and of course, WWE is worth it.”

This morning, Owens tweeted Vince McMahon about his decision, “Everyone thinks you made the right decision and loves you for it, Vince McMahon! P.S. Don’t check your mentions.”

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