Kevin Owens Wrestles Current WWE NXT Superstar For The First Time In Over Four Years

WWE's Kevin Owens continues teasing his return to the ring via Twitter. Owens' playful tweets began on Sunday during the Royal Rumble, when Owens wrote: "I can't believe I'm number putting little cover thingies on the legs of my chairs so they don't scratch the floor of the house we just moved into today. Seriously, I'm the best at it. Nobody does it better!" The, "I can't believe I'm number 1" seemed to poke fun at the concept of the Royal Rumble entrants coming out numerically.


A few days later, Owens would take a picture of a minuscule lady bug crawling along his finger. Owens silly tweet read, "It landed on me 3 times in the span of 2 minutes and even accompanied me inside the store and in my car. I put it back outside and now it's just sitting on my side view mirror. I think we all know what this means...The @WWE roster is clearly in big trouble when I come back."


Just earlier today, Owens tweeted out once again, this time stating that he had just finished wrestling WWE NXT star, Adam Cole for the first time in four and a half years. Owens wrote, "I just wrestled @AdamColePro for the first time in 4 and a half years. There was exactly one spectator. He gave it 51.25 stars."

Kevin Owens last match was on October 8, 2018 when he lost a one-on-one bout with Bobby Lashley. At that time, Owens needed to step away from WWE to undergo double knee surgery and it was uncertain when exactly he would be back. Shortly thereafter, at the conclusion of 2018, WWE aired a vignette promoting the imminent returns of both Kevin Owens and his lifelong friend, Sami Zayn.