– As seen in the video above, WWE has released a video focusing on Ronda Rousey’s White Power Ranger attire from last Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV. The outfit was ironically designed by the husband of her Royal Rumble opponent, Sasha Banks.

– Below is the list of items included in the King Booker: All Hail! collection, arriving on the WWE Network this Monday, February 4, via WWE Network News:

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! (Interview)
A royal invitation is extended to the WWE Universe, as King Booker offers everyone a look at the quest to obtain his crown.

SmackDown 04/21/2006 ? The Quest for the Crown Begins
Booker T looks to advance his quest to become King of the Ring in this bout with Matt Hardy.

Judgment Day 2006 ? Winning the Game of Thrones
Booker T’s quest to become King of the Ring is realized when he faces Bobby Lashley.

SmackDown 05/26/2006 ? Long May He Reign
After winning the 2006 King of the Ring, Booker T accepts his crown with a royal coronation.

The Most Noblest of Men (Interview)
With the SmackDown Kingdom in his hands, King Booker speaks out about the new threat to his reign, Bobby Lashley.

SmackDown 06/02/2006 ? Abject Humiliation
King Booker looks to humiliate all who challenge his reign, as he goes one-on-one with Bobby Lashley.

SmackDown 06/30/2006 ? Heavy is the Head
With a desire to enjoy some golden spoils, King Booker challenges Bobby Lashley for the United States Title in a steel cage.

SmackDown 07/14/2006 ? A Masked Rebel
Rey Mysterio makes a show of force against King Booker and his loyal subject, William Regal.

Great American Bash 2006 ? King of the World
King Booker tries to expand his empire by challenging Rey Mysterio for the World Heavyweight Championship.

The King Slayed the Peasant (Interview)
King Booker offers a revisionist’s history of his battles with Rey Mysterio and becoming World Heavyweight Champion.

SmackDown 07/28/2006 ? Retaining a Place with Destiny
King Booker puts the coveted World Heavyweight Championship on the line against Rey Mysterio.

SmackDown 08/04/2006 ? Giving the Devil his Due
Another monster makes his presence felt when King Booker steps into the darkness to battle The Undertaker.

SummerSlam 2006 ? An Animal on the King’s Road
The biggest threat to King Booker’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion comes in the form of Batista in this classic bout.

SmackDown 08/25/2006 ? Knights of King Booker’s Court
Violence breaks out when King Booker rewards William Regal and Finlay for their service with a royal knighthood.

ECW 09/19/2006 ? Conquering ECW’s Own
With his World Heavyweight Championship in tow, King Booker invades ECW to go one-on-one with Rob Van Dam.

No Mercy 2006 ? No Mercy from the King’s Justice
King Booker defends the World Heavyweight Title against Bobby Lashley, Finlay, and Batista in a Fatal 4-Way Match.

RAW 10/09/2006 ? Blue Brand Representative
As all three WWE brands collide on Monday Night RAW, King Booker represents SmackDown against ECW’s Rob Van Dam.

SmackDown 10/20/2006 ? Men Without Honor
Chaos engulfs King Booker’s SmackDown Kingdom when he defends the World Heavyweight Championship against Batista.

SmackDown 10/27/2006 ? Power and Majesty
King Booker partners with Big Show to take on John Cena and Batista in a huge Tag Team Match.

Cyber Sunday 2006 ? Three Champions, One King
King Booker is forced to defend the World Heavyweight Title against WWE Champion John Cena and ECW Champion Big Show.

SmackDown 11/24/2006 ? Tactical Negotiations
Before defending his World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series, King Booker meets Batista for a royal contract signing.

Survivor Series 2006 ? Defeated but Not Conquered
King Booker’s reign as World Heavyweight Champion is threatened by an animalistic usurper in Batista.

Some People are Just Plain Rude (Interview)
King Booker lets the WWE Universe know that though he may have been defeated, a true monarch continues to fight some formidable foes.

SmackDown 12/22/2006 ? Never Shrink from Destruction
King Booker and Finlay unite for battle against the destructive duo of Kane and The Undertaker.

SmackDown 02/23/2007 ? A Large Insurance Policy
King Booker enlists the help of The Great Khali during a one-on-one bout with Kane.

SmackDown 03/09/2007 ? If the Shoe Hits?
Queen Sharmell uses an unusual foreign object to help King Booker during a match against Matt Hardy.

Only One True King (Interview)
King Booker recalls his departure from his SmackDown Kingdom, and the new challenges that would await him on Monday Night RAW.

RAW 08/06/2007 ? The Rightful Monarch
King Booker looks to show everyone who the rightful monarch in WWE is when he battles Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

RAW 08/13/2007 ? A New Challenger to the Throne
While trying to make Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler bend the knee, King Booker is informed of a new challenger to his throne.

SummerSlam 2007 ? Clash of Kings
A true clash of kings ensues when Triple H returns from injury to dethrone King Booker.

RAW 08/27/2007 ? Hustle, Royalty, Respect
In what would be his last match in WWE for years, King Booker goes one-on-one with WWE Champion John Cena.

SmackDown 08/28/2018 ? The 5-Timers Club
King Booker returns to SmackDown to make some royal decrees for The New Day as part of a new club.

Your King Must Be on His Way (Interview)
Before departing into the annals of history, King Booker bids the WWE Universe a royal farewell.

– Lio Rush was on Instagram earlier today, inviting fans to interact along with him. As seen in the video below, Rush agreed to participate in a rap battle with one fan. Rush mocked the individual for swaying back and forth as he rapped, until finally, Rush delivered his own lines. Rush rhymed, “This is Lio Rush and I got this live stream on lock, I didn’t like your rap so now you’re blocked!” And with that, the fan’s image disappeared off screen. You can see the full videos below: