Matt Taven Reveals That He Still Talks To Former Kingdom Members

Matt Taven recently chatted with, where he revealed that he still keeps in touch with former Kingdom members. Taven also discussed how the stable has lasted so long, and he mentions that he wants a match with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal at G1 Supercard. Below are highlights from the interview:

The Kingdom's bond and keeping in touch with former members:

"This is a real bond of guys that stays till this day. I still keep in touch with Adam [Cole], and Mike [Bennett], and when it was time to kinda to reinvent things, it was a no-brainer to add Vinny and TK to the mix. Because they were guys that were in the same vein as Adam and Mike, just guys that were real-life friends that traveled together, that talked about wrestling all the time, and that wanted each other to succeed, and were there to carry each other and help each other when needed."

Why The Kingdom has lasted for five years:

"So, it's that genuine friendship bond, and also trust that we have with one another, that's made The Kingdom last five years, which is nuts."

Wanting a match with ROH World Champion Jay Lethal at G1 Supercard:

"I've said this before, and I believe that I am the Ring of Honor World Champion, and there's plenty of people that think that Melvin Jay Lethal as actually the Ring of Honor World Champion. I've gone long enough saying that I could care less about Jay Lethal, because, you know, he's only fooling himself by walking around with that belt. But if he would shut the Melvins up out there, I would love for me and Jay Lethal to square off, one-on-one in Madison Square Garden, both titles on the line, and we can finally find out who is the undisputed Ring of Honor World Champion."

Taven will be going for the ROH World title at ROH's 17th Anniversary PPV on March 15 in Las Vegas. You can read the whole interview from here.