Back in 2017, Michael Elgin was accused of mishandling a sexual assault case at his personal pro wrestling promotion. Throughout the next few years, there was backlash wherever he went.

The case against Michael Elgin has officially ended. Elgin released court documents stating the case has been thrown out as of December, stating insufficient evidence as appointed by the judge.

“2018 was a tough year, I tried to find solice in time with my wife and son,” Elgin tweeted. “I had to take steps to save my career and a name I spent over half my life in building. I’m still mending and recouping from big losses in 2018. But today I’m happy we have 1 WIN to start.”

The statement from his attorney read:

Pleban & Petruska Law defended claims of “abuse” filed against Aaron Frobel, professional known as Michael Elgin. Our client has always maintained the claims were false. Recently, it appears the court agreed when it dismissed the case in its entirety. The person who filed the claims of “abuse” presented all of her evidence to the judge during a hearing. Having heard all the evidence, on December 17, 2018, the judge dismissed the matter. Our client is happy to have these allegations of abuse finally decided by the court. He hopes the court’s dismissal puts this matter to bed once and for all.

The woman involved, who goes by the name Moses Malone on social media, appears to not be done yet. She tweeted that they while the case was dismissed, she is still fighting. She claims that the case was dismissed because she couldn’t link the alleged online threats from Elgin “because of the nature and the anonymity it provides.”