MLW Fusion Recap (2/16): Teddy Hart Defends Middleweight Gold Against MJF, Alex Hammerstone Debut

Show opens with highlights of the Hart Foundation in action over the last few months soundtracked by a custom song from @BlkWrecellence on Twitter.

The feed cuts to the H2 (Hart Foundation network) where Davey Boy Smith Jr is petting a cat and telling the cameraman where he got his custom made shirt that's made out of Egyptian silk. Brian Pillman Jr is there also, and he says he's getting a shirt made too. Dave Boy explains that the shirt was made in Japan, and begins lecturing the cameraman about how safe of a country Japan is while also commending the Japanese culture. He show off some of the Japanese language that he's learned by talking to a stranger.

MLW Fusion intro.

Matt Striker welcomes us to the show. He hypes the main event for the evening, which is Teddy Hart defending the MLW Middleweight championship against the man who never officially lost the title...MJF. Also, Alex Hammerstone will be making his MLW debut.

Cut to a promo filmed earlier in the week by Salina de la Renta. She officially congratulates Tom Lawlor on his title victory. She then berates the fans for assuming that just because Promociones Dorado doesn't have the gold means they don't have the power. She then tells Lawlor that in Low Ki's says he's alotted a title rematch, and that he's invoking it at MLW Intimidation Games.

Ace Austin is on his way to the ring for our evenging's first bout. His opponent...Rich Swann.

Ace Austin versus Rich Swann

Swann offers Austin a handsahke. He goes to shake it but Swann pulls away and dances for psyching him out.

Tie-up. Swann gets wrist-control, but Austin switches behind him and grabs a waist-lock. Swann responds by locking in a headlock. Austin breaks the hold and goes for a headscissor but Swann lands on his feet. Frankensteiner from Swann but Austin lands on his feet. Nice sequence where both men show off their athleticism with quick-pins, arm-drags, and a double-dropkick.

Swann lands the first strike with a knee to the gut. Big chop from Swann, but Austin fires back with some right hands of his own. He takes Swann down with a kick to the leg, then drops him to the mat with a basement dropkick. Disaster kick attempt from Austin but Swann avoids it. Austin goes for another high-risk manuever but Swann pushes him off the top and Austin hits the arena floor hard!

Back in the ring both men trade stiff shots in the center of the ring, ending with each landing a thrust kick. Austin hits the disaster kick this time, followed by a top rope vader bomb. That wins it for Austin.

Ace Austin wins by pinfall.

Rich Boccini comes into the ring to interview Rich Swann. Swann is irate, and slaps the referee for making a bad count. Boccini says that Swann has been a different competitor the last few months, and wonders what's going on. Swann shoves Boccini to the ground, and starts jaw-jacking with the crowd. He tosses a steel chair in anger, before eventually leaving to end the segment.

Alex Hammerstone's debut is next. He'll be taking on Ariel Dominguez.

Alex Hammerstone versus Ariel Dominguez

Hammerstone grabs Dominguez by the throat and shoves him into the corner. He has a huge size advantage. Dominguez goes for an arm-drag, but Hammerstone lifts him up with ease for a gorilla press slam. Dominguez shifts his weight and goes for a roll-up, but can't because Hammerstone is too heavy. He DESTROYS Dominguez with a thrust kick, followed by a German-suplex that flips Dominguez onto his stomach.

Hammerstone with a ground-and-pound of mounted punches. He's in total control. He rag-dolls Dominguez across the ring with a pump-handle slam. Dominguez shows some heart by refusing to stay down. He escapes a vertical suplex and hits Hammerstone with a boot to the face, but gets caught with an elbow when he goes for a springboard attack. Big slam (dubbed the nightmare engine) by Hammerstone puts Dominguez away.

Alex Hammerstone wins by pinfall

Matt Striker reminds us that Teddy Hart defending the gold against MJF is still to come! Commercial for MLW Intimidation Games.

A promo from earlier in the day from the Southern Psycho Mance Warner. He's drinking lots of beer. His debut is announced for next week by Rich Boccini.

Commercial for MLW Battle Riot II.

Rich Boccini officially announces that Low Ki versus Lawlor will be inside of a steel cage at Intimidation Games.

MJF is on his way to the ring, which means it's main event time. Before Hart can come out, MJF grabs a microphone to cut a promo. Fans chant for him to shut up before he even begins speaking. He puts the Philadelphia crowd down for being from a disgusting city. He officially introduces himself, claiming that he is the fastest rising star in wrestling history. He then says that if you like ECW, you're white trash. "Speaking of white trash, how about we talk about that bum Tedd Hart," screams MJF. He then reminds the crowd that he never officially lost the title. He then tells Hart that if he had any balls he would come out without the Hart Foundation and face him one-on-one like a man.

Teddy Hart comes out carrying one of his cats, and draping the MLW Middleweight championship and tag team championship over his shoulders. He puts the cat on the turnbuckle. Let's do this.

Teddy Hart versus MJF for the MLW Middleweight championship

Hart offers MJF a handshake, then shoves him for not immediately accepting it. MJF shoves him back. Hart plays to the crowd, who are entirely behind him. MJF does the same and has boos reigned upon him. Hart goes to play to the crowd again but MJF attacks him to take the early advantage. He tosses Hart to the outside and Hart hits the ringside floor hard. As Hart tries to get back in the ring, MJF kicks the ropes and Hart grabs his leg. Huge back suplex from MJF. Early cover but Hart escapes. Headlock from MJF. Hart tries to escape but MJF has it locked in deep.

Hart finally breaks the hold with an arm-drag. He lands a right hand but MJF slows him down with an eye-rake. Hart fires back with an INCREDIBLE code-red after walking on MJF's back. Series of knees from Hart, followed by a powerbomb lungblower. He climbs to the top rope for a pitch-perfect asai moonsault. Pinfall attempt but MJF is able to get a shoulder up.

MJF regains control by draping Hart over the middle-rope and hitting an assisted piledriver. Hart just kicks out but MJF immediately transitions into an armbar. Hart uses MJF's leverage to go for a pin but MJF keeps pressure on the arm. Hart eventually gets to the ropes.

MJF sets Hart up for a superplex, but Hart punches back. He gives MJF a wedgee! Canadian exploder from Hart but MJF'S momentum sends him right into the referee taking him out. Hammerlock DDT from Hart. He has the match won but the ref is still out. While Hart is attending to the ref MJF grabs a chair. He goes to hit Hart but Hart low-blows him. He picks up the chair strikes MJF in the throat. Electric chair lungblower by Hart, followed by a moonsault elbow drop. He revives the ref, then pins MJF for the victory.

Teddy Hart retains the MLW Middleweight championship by pinfall

Backstage, Kaci Lennox interviews Tedd Hart following his matchup. He's attacked by Richard Holliday. MJF comes back to join in on the attack. They slam his head off a crate. Hart tries to fight back, but the numbers game is too much. They Irish-whip him into a garage door, then shove a chair into his throat. Hart screams that his ribs are broken.

That's the show friends.