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Matt Striker, and Rich Boccini welcome us to SuperFight, live from the 2300 arena in Philadelphia. They rundown the evening’s card, including a huge title match between MLW Heavyweight champion Low Ki, and “Filthy” Tom Lawlor.

The Hart Foundation are on their way to the ring. Teddy Hart carries the MLW Middleweight championship with him. His partner for the bout, Davey Boy Smith Jr, with Brian Pillman Jr. along at ringside.

Lucha Brothers are out second. Here we go.

Hart Foundation versus the Lucha Brothers for the MLW Tag Team Championship

Fenix and Davey start. Davey overpowers Fenix with a test of strength, and then puts Fenix on the top rope. He shoves the luchadore. Fenix comes right back with some open hand chops, but Davey responds with big strikes of his own. Pentagon nails Davey from the apron before tagging in. Double-team by the Lucha Brothers…double-superkick. Teddy comes in but he runs right into the tandem offense of Pentagon and Fenix. Another double-superkick onto Davey, followed by Pentagon flipping his brother onto Davey.

Pentagon and Fenix continue to target Davey’s chest to wear the big man down. Davey gets pissed, but refuses to tag out. Pentagon and Fenix go for a double suplex, but Davey hits a double-northern lights suplex on them both!

Hart tags in. He destroys the Lucha Brothers with a double-draping DDT.

We go to our first commercial of the evening.

Back from break…Davey is on the outside with the Lucha Brothers…TEDDY HART COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SPRINGBOARD ASAI MOONSAULT. Big pop for Hart. Back in the ring, Hart and Davey double-team Fenix. Powerbomb lungblower from Hart. He hands him to Davey on the top rope…TOP ROPE POWERSLAM. Hart climbs…TWISTING MOONSAULT ELBOW DROP. He goes for the cover…Pentagon breaks it up.

Pentagon and Hart in the ring now. They trade strikes. Pentagon bounces off the ropes…slingblade. He puts Hart up on the top rope and goes for a superplex, but Hart blocks it. He pushes Pentagon off…CANADIAN DESTROYER FROM HART! He looks like he hurt his leg, and can’t execute a quick cover.

Fenix tags in but runs right into an uppercut from Hart. Fenix responds with a superkick and a rolling cutter. Pentagon comes in…MEXICAN DESTROYER BY PENTAGON ONTO HART. They knock Davey off the apron. Another thrust kick by Fenix onto Hart…Pentagon with the Pentagon driver! The cover…HART KICKS OUT! Brian Pillman Jr. tries to get involved, but Fenix hits him with a knee strike! Pentagon and Hart are out on the apron…MEXICAN DESTROYER ONTO THE APRON BY PENTAGON. He throws Hart back in the ring…package piledriver. He goes for the pinfall…Brian Pillman Jr. pulls the ref out!

Meanwhile Pentagon and Fenix put Hart up for a double-superplex. Davey Boy pulls off Pentagon’s mask! He goes down…Hart with a low-blow on Fenix…ref didn’t see it! Davey boy puts Fenix on his shoulders with Hart still on the top…DOOMSDAY DESTROYER ONTO FENIX! THAT’S IT.

Hart Foundation wins by pinfall to become the new MLW Tag Team Champions

Hart Foundation celebrates with the fans at ringside, including Davey Boy Smith Jr’s sister.

Commentary team reminds us that Low Ki has been undefeated in MLW for over 15 years.

Low Ki cuts a promo. He says that the day has finally arrived. He says that in the last 15 years he’s conquered every opponent that has stepped before him. He runs down his accolades, including winning the title from Shane Strickland, ripping off Daga’s ear, and proving a point to Konnan. He calls himself the trophy hunter, and promise that Lawlor has not seen anything from him yet.

Ricky Martinez and Kotto Brazil is next, as we go to another commercial break.

Striker and Boccini give an update on the main event. Kotto Brazil is out first for the grudge match…he’s still wearing the eye-patch from Martinez’s attack in Miami.

Ricky Martinez is out second, accompanied by Salina de la Renta.

Kotto Brazil versus Ricky Martinez

Brazil surprsies Martinez with a tope con hilo right over Salina to start the match! He tears away at Martinez’s shirt, pounding him with fists and whipping him into the barricade. He tosses Martinez back in the ring…climbs to the top…missile dropkick from Brazil! Early pinfall attempt but Martinez escapes. Brazil continues with his onslaught…stomping Martinez down in the corner. Enziguri from Brazil on the apron. Salina grabs Brazil’s leg, distracting him long enough for Martinez to nail Brazil off the apron and into the steel barricade. Martinez then runs around the ring to gain speed and levels Brazil with a basement dropkick.

As Martinez taunts the crowd, Brazil dropkicks him to ringside. Plancha attack from Brazil but Martinez catches him! (What strength!) He puts him in the fireman position and drops Brazil onto the apron before whipping him into the barricade again. Back in the ring…Martinez wraps his legs around Brazil’s head, and does his signature head smash to the count of 10. Up in the corner…Martinez unloads chops, uppercuts, and fists onto Brazil. Brazil lands a boot and tries to go high-risk, but Martinez yanks his foot off the rope and lands a backbreaker! Martinez climbs now…he taunts to the crowd again…Brazil takes advantage and hops up on the turnbuckle and hits a top rope arm-drag! Both men are down.

Brazil counters Martinez and hits a series of running lariats. Brazil strings together attacks, including a flush dropkick that knocks Martinez onto his back. Martinez gets up quick and clmbs the middle rope…Brazil ties him up and hits a rope-assisted lungblower! Pinfall…Martinez kicks out! Brazil climbs to the top….BIG FROG SPLASH. Martinez kicks out again!

Martinez catches Brazil going high-risk again, and lands an electric chair face-crusher. Martinez picks him right up and land a huge slam. (Impressive.) Martinez goes for a middle-rope codebreaker but Brazil counters and catches Martinez in a submission! He’s right in the center…Martinez eventually gets to the ropes to break the hold. Quick-German suplex from Brazil sends Martinez to ringside again. Martinez tries to leave but Brazil chases him down and throws him back in the ring. Martinez rips at the eye-patch when Brazil comes back in…Martinez lands a pop-up knee to the face. Pinfall…Brazil kicks out this time. Martinez bounces him off the ropes…Brazil with a code-red! He transitions right into a submission…Salina with a referee distraction…Martinez taps but the ref doesn’t see it! Salina sprays Brazil pepper spray! Martinez with the lateral press…that’s all.

Ricky Martinez wins by pinfall.

Commercial break.

Promo for Jimmy Havoc’s return.

Striker and Boccini welcome us back to the show. He and Boccini got hit with some pepper spray as well. They preview MLW’s next live show in Chicago. They show a recap of the previous bout between Ricky Martinez and Kotto Brazil. Boccini says Brazil is being attended to by MLW doctors.

Backstage…the Hart Foundation is celebrating with champagne. MJF walks up and asks Hart how he feels for stealing the Middleweight from him when he was injured. Hart tells MJF that anytime he wants…they can go. He then tells MJF to go join the Elite, and stop interrupting their celebration.

Mance Warner, the Souther Psycho, is set to make his MLW debut soon.

Another commercial break.

“Filthy” Tom Lawlor is on his way to the ring, which means it’s main event time! Low Ki is out second, accompanied as always by Salina de la Renta.

Low Ki versus Tom Lawlor for the MLW Heavyweight Championship

Both men open up with a hockey fight brawl. Lawlor wins the exchange and takes Low Ki down with a big left hand. Low Ki forces Lawlor into the corner, but Lawlor grabs a waist-lock to escape the attack. Lawlor whips Low Ki into the corner, but Low Ki pops up and lands a flush dropkick onto Lawlor. Lawlor fires back with a slam, and follows that up with a big uppercut. He goes for the rear-naked choke early! Low Ki breaks the hold by charging into the corner slamming Lawlor into the turnbuckle.

Low Ki goes outside and grabs a door from under the ring! He places it in the corner like a table and charges…Lawlor moves and Low Ki smashes through the door! Lawlor with the cover but Low Ki just escapes. Lawlor with another slam attempt, but Low Ki locks on a dragon sleeper through the ropes! He climbs to the top but Lawlor catches him with a superman punch. He climbs for a superplex but Low Ki blocks it. He pushes Lawlor but Lawlor stays attached via middle rope. DOUBLE-STOMP FROM LOW KI. Pinfall attempt…Lawlor kicks out. Low Ki goes for a submission but Tom Lawlor switches into the rear-naked choke hold! Low Ki tries to fight it off…but Lawlor traps the arm! Low Ki passes out! That’s it! New champ!

Tom Lawlor wins by referee stoppage to become the new MLW Heavyweight Champion.

Lawlor celebrates. Commentary and Salina can’t believe it.

That’s the show friends.