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The NXT UK Women's Champion Toni Storm comes down to the ring. Storm grabs a mic and talks about winning the Mae Young Classic, and after that, winning the NXT UK Women's Title at TakeOver: Blackpool. Storm says that she's fine with Ripley wanting her rematch but she's not alright with the way Ripley bullied her way in to it. Storm says that she kicked Ripley's a-- and she'll kick her a-- again.

Ripley comes to the stage with a microphone and tells Storm that she only got lucky at TakeOver. Ripley reminds Storm that she was the first-ever NXT UK Women's Champion and people should be comparing Storm to her. Ripley tells Storm that she hates her, and she despises that she has her Championship. Ripley says that whatever Storm does, she still has her rematch. Storm tells Ripley that they've talked enough, she then tackles Ripley down to the mat and throwing punches at her. Ripley rolls out of the ring and screams, "I have my rematch!" as she walks up the ramp to exit. Storm poses in the ring with the NXT UK Women's Title.

Noam Dar vs. Jordan Devlin

The match starts out with both men locking up and a series of wrist locks as they reverse one another. Dar ultimately gains the advantage, side-stepping Devlin and tripping his feet out from under him. Dar with a headbutt and an interesting, unorthodox tilt-a-whirl backslide for a 2 count. Dar with a back suplex where he just tosses Devlin for the 2 count. Devlin finally kicks Dar away, gives him a urunage and a standing moonsault for the count. Devlin stays on Dar with a double axe-handle and a knee to Dar's head. Devlin with stomps and chops on Dar in the corner, followed by a backbreaker.

Dar tries to fight with forearms but eats a hard forearm and an uppercut that knocks him down to the mat. Dar comes off the ropes but gets pummeled with a couple of kicks. Dar tries again to get the advantage but Devlin gives him a vertical suplex for the 2 count. Devlin secures Dar in a surfboard submission hold in the middle of the ring. Dar with a series of strikes and forearms on Devlin. He then dodges a springboard crossbody from Devlin and kicks his feet out from under him on the 2nd turnbuckle, causing Devlin's face to plant in to the mat. Dar with a sharp forearm that catches Devlin right on the chin. Devlin tosses Devlin in a northern lights suplex for another 2 count.

Dar puts Devlin in to the ankle lock but Devlin rolls through, connects with a kick from the apron on to Dar's head, and then springboards back inside the ring and hits a cutter for a close 2 count. Both men struggle to get to their feet, but when they do, Devlin rushes after Dar and gets tossed on to the ring apron. Dar kicks Devlin's legs out from under him again, causing Devlin's face to smack off the ring apron. Dar goes for a running punt but Devlin dodges and ends up kicking the steel ring steps. Devlin tries to stomp on Dar's injured leg, the same way he did to Travis Banks. At the same moment, Banks comes running down to the ring to try and stop Devlin from injuring Dar. Dar takes advantage of the distraction and pulls Devlin's legs out from under him once more, this time, his face connects with the steel steps.

Dar nearly gets counted out but slides back in just in time. Back inside the ring, Devlin rolls up Dar and uses his feet on the ropes for leverage, however, Banks pushes them off and the two come face to face. Devlin kicks Banks off the apron but that allows Dar to give him a rollup for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Noam Dar

Devlin isn't happy about the loss and continues attacking Dar inside the ring. Banks pulls him to the outside and the two pummel one another with punches back and forth. Banks mounts Devlin and continues raining down strikes as we go to commercial.

We see a preview for 2 weeks away, when Walter will face NXT's Kassius Ohno. But next week, Toni Storm will defend her NXT UK Women's Championship against Rhea Ripley.

Jinny vs. Mia Yim

The bell rings and both women tie up, with Jinny quickly pulling Yim over with a headlock takeover. Yim transitions in to a headscissors but Jinny again reverses and uses Yim's hair to secure a front-facing headlock. The reversals continue as Jinny starts to focus on Yim's arm. She claws away and scratches Yim's forearm. Yim regains the advantage and uses a shoulder tackle and a few pinning combinations for some 2 counts. Yim rushes Jinny in the corner but she eats a boot. Jinny tries for the hurricanrana but Yim cartwheels out of it and taunts a bit. Jinny isn't happy and attacks Yim. Her momentum doesn't last long and now Yim had Jinny tied up in a near armbar. Jinny grabs the rope for the break and then gives Yim a reverse STO in to the 2nd turnbuckle for a 2 count.

Jinny stays on Yim with some punches and stomps. Jinny repeatedly slams Yim's face in to the mat and then slaps Yim directly in the face. Multiple near falls from Jinny on Yim. Jinny rolls Yim in to a variation of the sitting surfboard submission but Yim just barely makes it to the bottom rope. Jinny tries to keep on Yim in the corner but that allows Yim to tie Jinny in to the tarantula submission in the ropes. Yim blocks forearms and connects with a series of her own. Yim with a collection of kicks, boots, and chops push Jinny in to the corner. Yim with a cannonball that gives her another 2 count. Jinny catches Yim's leg and slams her face in to her knee. Yim responds with a german suplex that tosses the back of Jinny's head in to the turnbuckles. Jinny rolls out of the ring so Yim can't capitalize. As she's pushing Jinny back in to the ring, Yim gets caught with a sharp kick and Jinny puts her feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jinny

Next week, Mark & Joe Coffey will face Flash Morgan Webster & Mark Andrews.

Wolfgang vs. WWE NXT UK Champion Pete Dunne (Non-Title Match)

The match starts out as both men go in to an aggressive lockup. Wolfgang seems to come out on top with a wrist lock, however, Dunne quickly reverses and forces Wolfgang down to the mat with a shove. Wolfgang collects himself on the ropes and hesitantly approaches Dunne. Dunne contorts his arm in a wrist lock but Wolfgang drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring for a break. Wolfgang comes back in and explodes with a forearm on Dunne's chin. Wolfgang tries for a submission but Dunne gets him on the ropes and rams in to him with a clothesline.

Dunne with a missile dropkick on the 2nd rope to Wolfgang's knee. Dunne goes for an Achilles hook but Wolfgang grabs the rope, nevertheless, Dunne stomps at Wolfgang's hand. Wolfgang tosses Dunne out of the ring and he hits with a sick thud on the ring apron on his way out. Wolfgang with boots on Dune and then he tosses him back inside the ring, ramming him with a forearm to the chest in the process. Dunne attacks Wolfgang as he comes back inside the ring and does his signature arm stomps and contorting. Wolfgang escapes by tossing Dunne face-first in to the ring ropes for a 2 count. Wolfgang keeps on Dunne in the corner but the situation quickly turns to Wolfgang coming off the ropes and being nailed with a snap german suplex.

Dunne connects with some punches and an enziguri on Wolfgang. Wolgang tries for a german suplex but Dunne lands on his feet and kicks at Wolfgang's head. Dunne with the X Plex for another close 2 count. Dunne continues contorting Wolfgang's fingers as he stomps away at Wolfgang's head. Dunne puts Wolfgang in the triangle choke, which results in Wolfgang picking him up and powerbombing him in to the turnbuckles. Wolfgang off the ropes with a back senton splash and an innovative reverse suplex for a close 2 count.

Wolfgang goes to the top rope in desperation but Dunne nips to his feet and kicks Wolfgang in the head. Dunne runs to the top and hits a superplex on Wolfgang as they come tumbling down in to the mat. The ref begins the count as Dunne struggles to his feet. Once he's up, he nails a double stomp on Wolfgang's hand, he kicks at his head, and contorts his fingers some more. Wolfgang hits a hard clothesline a reverse lumbar check for a close 2. He goes to the top rope for The Howling but Dunne avoids it and puts Wolfgang in the armbar for a tapout.

Winner: Pete Dunne

We see replays as this week's NXT UK comes to a conclusion.