RevPro: High Stakes took place last night at York Hall in London with Will Ospreay and PAC going to a 30-minute time limit draw. With that finish it looks like these two will meet up again down the road for the promotion.

After the match on Twitter, Ospreay already called for a 60-minute match against PAC. He also looked a bit banged up after the bout with a busted nose and swollen eye.

Below are the full results from last night's show:

* Team White Wolf defeated Besties in the World
* Zoe Lucas (c) defeated Bea Priestley (Undisputed British Women's Championship)
* CCK defeated Aussie Open
* El Phantasmo defeated MJF
* MK McKinnan defeated Kip Sabian
* Will Ospreay vs. PAC (30-Minute Time Limit Draw)