- Above is video of Sarah Schreiber trying to get a word with new WWE NXT North American Champion The Velveteen Dream after his win over Johnny Gargano last night. Dream wanted Cathy Kelley to interview him instead.

"No, no, no. You're not Queen Cathy," Dream said. "Who are you? Who are you? No, no. Better question - yea, put that mic in The Dream's face but don't block his championship. Who are you? You want to interview The Dream now? Where were you, where were you a few months ago? You can't just be a new face here, I've seen you around. This is The Dream's moment. Go find someone who needs a moment, like Johnny Jackass. You go find him because tonight is The Dream's night, it is not your night, you don't get airtime. This is The Dream's time. The Dream has to clean this thing, filthy hands have been all over it. The Dream has to have a little time with this thing, he just got to know it. And you're here interrupting The Dream. Be gone, bee gone. This is The Dream's night. You don't get to be a part of this. This is The Velveteen Dream's moment, this is my moment. Be gone, be gone, be gone."

- Rey Mysterio recently spoke with Al Jazeera and talked about how he believes one of the best ways he can serve his Latino people is by making sure WWE has a Latino core on its roster, one that will be there long after he's gone.

"I want to leave something behind. A lot of fans will still be talking about Rey Mysterio after I am gone. But my purpose isn't just to leave memories behind," Mysterio said. "My purpose is to help those up-and-coming Latino superstars that are bringing in this lucha libre style, and help them revolutionise the sport."

- Lana took to Twitter after this week's WWE SmackDown and taunted SmackDown Women's Champion Asuka for her non-title loss to Mandy Rose. Lana said she is ready for The Empress.

Lana wrote, "WOW !!!! Asuka couldn't kick out of a roll up ???? Asuka fell for the "my eye is messed up"??? I'm DEFINITELY READY for ASUKA !!!!! I AM READY !!! Just cheat cheat cheat !"

You can see Lana's full tweet below: