Ian Riccaboni, Caprice Coleman and Colt Cabana check in on commentary after the usual ROH signature video package. Chris Sabin and Luchasaurus are already in the ring with Flip Gordon, Rhett Titus, Shane Taylor and Kenny King on the apron in the corners as the referee calls for the bell to start that match and open the shown

Six-Man Mayhem Match:
Luchasaurus vs. Chris Sabin vs. Rhett Titus vs. Shane Taylor vs. Kenny King vs. Flip Gordon

Sabin strikes Luchasaurus. Sabin dropkicks the knee of Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus connects with a series of kicks to Sabin. Taylor eventually connects with a forearm to Luchasaurus from the apron. Taylor flips on to King and Titus at ringside from off the apron. Luchasaurus hits a Springboard Senton from the top rope to the outside on Taylor, King and Titus. Gordon hits a Senton from off the balcony on Luchasaurus, Titus and Taylor. Gordon rolls Taylor into the ring. Gordon hits a 450 Splash on Taylor.

King pulls Gordon out of the ring during a pin attempt on Taylor. Gordon strikes King and goes back into the ring. Gordon attempts a Springboard, King strikes him with a chair. The referee ejects King from the match. Luchasaurus rolls Taylor into the ring. Taylor strikes Luchasaurus. Luchasaurus hits a spin-kick on Taylor. Titus connects with a knee strike to Luchasaurus. Titus hits a Samoan Drop on Taylor. Taylor connects with a knee strike to Titus. Taylor hits his Greetings From 216 finisher on Titus. Taylor pins Titus for the win.

Winner: Shane Taylor

Marcus Kross & Griff Garrison make their entrance. The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser & Brian Milonas) make their entrance.

The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas) vs. Marcus Kross & Griff Garrison

Milonas and Kross lock up. Milonas pushes Kross to the mat. Garrison is tagged in. Milonas pushes Garrison to the mat. Garrison eventually connects with a boot to Bruiser. Garrison strikes Milonas several times. Bruiser splashes Garrison in the corner. Milonas slams Garrison to the mat. Kross breaks a pin attempt by Bruiser on Garrison. Bruiser launches Kross into a powerbomb by Milonas onto Garrison in the corner. Milonas hits a Superplex on Garrison. Bruiser hits a Frog Splash on Garrison. Bruiser pins Garrison for the win.

Winners: The Bouncers (Beer City Bruiser and Brian Milonas)

ROH Tag Team Champions The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) make their entrance. Chuckie T. makes his entrance. Beretta is not here due to a family emergency. Beretta introduces Colt Cabana as his partner for the night. Cabana's music hits and he joins Chuckie T.

ROH Tag Team Championship Match:
The Briscoes (Mark & Jay) (c) vs. Chuckie T. & Colt Cabana

Both teams brawl as the bell rings. Cabana eventually connects with an elbow strike to Mark. Mark connects with a boot to Cabana. Mark hits a bulldog on Cabana. Jay is tagged in. Jay stomps on Cabana. Cabana ducks a clothesline attempt by Jay. Jay runs towards Cabana in the corner, Cabana gets his boots up. Chuckie tags in. Chuckie connects with several elbows to Jay. Chuckie hits a Standing Sliced Bread on Jay.

Chuckie pins Jay for a two count. Jay rolls out of the ring. Chuckie comes after Jay. Mark strikes Chuckie. Cabana strikes Mark. Cabana sends Mark into the ringside barrier. Jay suplexes Chuckie at ringside. Jay sits Cabana on a chair. Mark hits a Blockbuster from off the apron on Cabana. Chuckie superkicks Jay in the ring. Jay clotheslines Chuckie. Jay hits a Jay-Driller on Chuckie. Jay pins Chuckie for the win.

Winners: The Briscoes (Mark & Jay)

Mark pulls a table out and sets it up at ringside after the match. Jay lays Chuckie on the table as Mark ascends the turnbuckles. Mark hits his Froggy-Bow signature move on Chuckie from off the turnbuckle through the table.

A video package is shown recapping the formation of the Lifeblood stable featuring Juice Robinson, Bandido, Mark Haskins, David Finlay, Tracy Williams & Tenille Dashwood.

ROH World Champion Jay Lethal makes his entrance for an in-ring promo. Ian Riccaboni is in the ring with a microphone. Lethal tells Riccaboni that there is a lot on his mind, and he will take it from here. Riccaboni exits the ring. Lethal talks about there being so much pressure put on him other than being ROH World Champion, pressures like watching the company that he loves deteriorate. Lethal talks about Bully Ray & The Briscoes doing whatever they want. Lethal says that the worst part is that there is a man walking around with a fake belt, claiming to be the real ROH World Champion. Lethal talks about his soul crying for Ring Of Honor. Lethal says that a change will happen in 2019.

Lifeblood's Juice Robinson, Bandido, Mark Haskins, David Finlay, Tracy Williams & Tenille Dashwood come down to the ring. Robinson has a microphone. Robinson says that they are speaking the same language. Lethal talks about other guys feeling the same way in the back and says that he doesn't want to join the group. Robinson says that respectfully, there was never an invitation. Lethal respects that. Lethal believes that they can do what's best for the company. Lethal praises the members of Lifeblood. Lethal wishes Lifeblood good luck. Robinson stops Lethal from making his exit. Robinson talks about wanting to put honor back in Ring Of Honor. Robinson challenge he's Lethal to find four partners for a 10-man tag against Lifeblood. Lethal accepts the challenge. Lethal and Robinson shakes hands as the show as this one comes to a close.