New promotional material for Roman Reigns’ appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America tomorrow notes that Reigns will be there to make “an announcement you can’t miss.”

Another promo for the appearance on GMA, seen below, says Reigns will go one-on-one with host Robin Roberts.

There’s no word yet on what that announcement will be but Reigns will return to WWE TV on tonight’s RAW from Atlanta to give an update on his battle with leukemia. Reigns has been away from WWE since announcing the diagnosis and relinquishing the WWE Universal Title back in October 2018.

There’s been speculation on a WWE ring return for Reigns after comments made by a personal trainer who recently worked with Reigns while he was in Hawaii. The trainer, Dave Gonyea, first noted that he had been helping Reigns prepare for his “in-ring return” while at the Island Club & Spa in the Waikiki area of Honolulu. Gonyea posted the photo below and told fans to tune into tonight’s RAW for more on the “in-ring return.”

Gonyea posted another comment to fans over the weekend and said Reigns is still recovering. He wrote, “Nah man he’s still recovering. He won’t be in action for another few months… keep in mind what leukemia is… and that he has been in remission this was a flair up that he needed treatment for. I was working out with him and he was definitely moving slow. It’s the PG era they aren’t working cancer.”

Stay tuned for updates on Reigns’ status and be sure to join us for live RAW coverage at 8pm ET.

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