WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar will defend the title against Seth Rollins on April 7 at WrestleMania 35. The last time the two were face-to-face was on a January 28 episode of RAW where Lesnar dropped Rollins with six F-5s. Since then, it's been basically a war of words between Paul Heyman and Rollins.

On this past Monday's RAW, Roman Reigns announced his leukemia was back in remission and he was back in WWE. In the video below, nobody was happier than Rollins, who also commented about his upcoming match against Lesnar.

"I've been thinking about Brock Lesnar every second of every day for the last few weeks," Rollins said. "WrestleMania is without a doubt the biggest match of my entire life—I said it last week and I'll say it right now—I promise I'll walk out of WrestleMania as the Universal Champion."

Earlier today, Rollins retweeted that interview and threw a shot at Lesnar, calling him a "ho." Rollins wrote, "Eyes on the prize, heart with my homie...Always bros before hos. #LesnarIsaHo #JustAskHim"

WWE's website is advertising Lesnar for its March 18 episode of RAW in Chicago.