Stephanie McMahon Dances With Singh Brothers, Becky Lynch's Top Twitter Burns, Worlds Collide Stream

- Above is the live stream for WWE Worlds Collide with stars from NXT, NXT UK, and 205 Live, WWE is currently airing the opening rounds on all of their social media accounts. Tonight at 8 pm ET the WWE Network will feature a 15-man battle royal, matches from the later rounds, and the tournament final.

- WWE posted an article looking at Becky Lynch's 5 best Twitter burns. Starting a number five: calling Corey Graves a "middle-aged emo poured into skinny jeans," wanting to burn down Seth Rollins in a match, calling out Alexa Bliss for sitting on the sidelines, waiting for Charlotte to come along and copy her, and at number one, posting a photo of Ronda Rousey following Lynch on Twitter with the caption, "She tried."

- In the video below, The Singh Brothers are talking about Bollywood and Stephanie McMahon just happened to show up to talk about her enjoyment of Bollywood. Sunil and Samir then showed Stephanie a few dance moves.


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