Tessa Blanchard On If AEW Will Be Successful, When Her Impact Wrestling Contract Expires

As previously noted, Wrestling Inc.'s 2018 Impact Wrestling Knockout Of The Year Tessa Blanchard spoke with WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross on The Jim Ross Report. Among many other things, Blanchard revealed when her current Impact contract expires. Additionally, Blanchard shared her thoughts on the formation of All Elite Wrestling.


According to Blanchard, she will be with Impact till 2020. 'The Queen Of The Carolinas' shared that she has made difficult decisions for the development of her craft, though she is not motivated by money.
"Over this past year, I've had to make some really hard business decisions, say 'no' to some certain things, and I decided to go to Impact, sign there for two years, so I'll be there until 2020," Blanchard divulged. "And I think it [has] been the best thing for me. I've really grown to find myself. I've started to learn the TV style, if you would. And with WOW, I've been able to meet some of the best people. And one thing for me is I've never been motivated by money. That [has] never driven me. I care more about who people are as a person and being around good people because when you leave the world, you're not going to be able to take the money. You're only going to take the memories and the people you keep around you plays a huge part in it."


On the subject of AEW, Blanchard indicated that she has not looked into whether existing her contractual obligations would prevent her from working with AEW. With that said, 'The Diamond Of Professional Wrestling' said that she thinks AEW will be successful as Cody [Rhodes] and The Young Bucks are intelligent and driven.

"We haven't really looked too far into contractually, but I think it's going to be successful," Blanchard said. "Cody's like a brother to me and The Young Bucks are very, very, very smart people. Cody as well. And if they want something, they're the type of people that are going to tackle it and dive head first into it."

In Blanchard's view, AEW like WOW does not need to compete with any other professional wrestling promotions and will showcase a different style of professional wrestling.

"Progress only happens with change and people love something different," Blanchard explained. "And they don't have to compete with anyone. Just like WOW, I don't think they're looking to compete with anyone, it's just an alternative, which is really cool because I think they're going to showcase a different type of wrestling, a different style."

Blanchard approved of AEW's signing of the wrestling dentist not named Yankem, Britt Baker.


"I know that they signed a few females, I believe, already. Britt Baker being one of them and I love sharing the ring with her. I think that she's going to be a star one day. She's athletic and she has everything going for her." Blanchard added, "so it's exciting that she gets to be a part of AEW."

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Source: The Jim Ross Report