When it comes to the next steps for All Elite Wrestling, there are always two topics that consistently pop up. One is what talent will the promotion scoop up next and the other is the long-rumored tv deal that a promotion needs to be successful.

The Young Bucks were asked about the TV prospects for AEW and about how far down the line they’ve mapped out what they want to do in AEW.

“Well, I can tell you this,” Nick Jackson said to Sporting News. “I know I’ve told Matt [Jackson] and I’ve told Kenny [Omega] and Tony [Khan] that I’m giving my career to this project. So, however long my career lasts, I’ll be here and Tony sees it just like that as well. He’s already talking 10, 15, 20 years from now, still running this thing. We’re in it for the long-term. We want this to succeed. We want this to be big and we don’t see it failing.”

“We’re all in on this, man. This is it,” said Matt. “We’re working on very big things. We don’t want to give anything away but, hopefully, rather sooner or later, we’ll have some stuff to talk about. As far as creatively, I’m already thinking about it. I know who a lot of the guys and girls, who aren’t even announced yet that are on our roster, I’m already thinking of stories for them and what we can do to evolve their character and what we can do with each division. We’re already planning ahead.”

Getting back to the topic of television, Nick took a minor shot at WWE Raw when asked what his ideal length for a weekly TV show would be.

“Definitely not three hours, that’s for sure,” responded Nick. “I feel like three hours is too much. You get into a problem where you overexpose your talent and some people get tired of the talent you use because you’re using them so often. A three-hour show, that’s a long time. We do our mini-series on YouTube and it’s 15 minutes once a week and people seem to love that. We can’t do a 15-minute TV show or something like that. I think the sweet spot would be 1-2 hours at most.”

Matt seemed to suggest that a weekly TV show wasn’t mandatory and that once-a-month may work as well, with the one requirement being that the show is aired live.

“I feel like in the 21st century, professional wrestling shows are best when they’re live because everybody wants to watch a sporting event live,” said Matt. “They want it to be happening right before their eyes because they don’t want to have to read the results later. I think being live is very important to help with the must-see aspect. That’s one thing I would love to have. And then, I don’t know? What is the best option? Is the best option to have a monthly special, so you’re just doing one big one a month or is it weekly? That’s a good question.”

Matt also said that AEW may play off their highly successful Being The Elite YouTube channel when deciding how often talent would appear on the TV shows.

“There’s so many different options and different ways to go about this,” stated Matt. “Like Nick said [about the YouTube channel], it feels like we’ve picked our time every week pretty specifically, it’s 15, sometimes 20 minutes a week and we give each character a little bit of a spotlight. Sometimes, each character isn’t even on every week. And that’s OK; they don’t forget.

“I don’t feel like every single character has to be on every week or every show. I feel like we don’t want to shove each of the talents down our throats because then it’s like I’ve seen enough of this guy already and then you grow tired of him. I feel like we’re going to try and be mindful of that very thing.”

The Bucks also talked about how AEW will stand out from the other wrestling promotions and what they learned from All In that they can utilize for Double Or Nothing. The complete Sporting News interview can be seen here.

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