WOW founder David McLane welcomes us to the show. Highlights are show of the ongoing feud between Satana Garrett and Tessa Blanchard.

Garrett is in the ring with Mclane, telling him that she wants to have her match with Blanchard tonight. Jungle Grrrl comes out. She says that Garrett has a responsibility as champion to defend her championship. Jungle Grrrl claims that if anyone deserves a title's her since she's never been pinned.

Tessa Blanchard is out next. McLane stresses that if Blanchard touches Garrett...she'll be fined and out of here. Blanchard says that at the end of the day, she always gets what she wants. McLane polls the audience to see if the fans want to see Blanchard in action tonight. A favorable cheer is given in support of Blanchard. McLane then turns his attention to Jungle Grrrl, admitting that she does still deserve a title shot since she was never defeated. So McLane makes tonight's main event a triple-threat for the WOW World championship! Crowd goes wild. Jungle Grrrl and Tessa Blanchard show their frustration in not getting a singles-match, but Santana Garrett seems surprisingly confident. We got to commercial.

Back from break...the Beverly Hills Babe and Lana Star are taking selfies at a hotel. Lana angrily tells BHB need to focus, and stop living the Hollywood glamour life. BHB says she plans on climbing back up the chain. When Lana walks away...BHB takes another selfie by herself.

Time for our first matchup of the evening. Bevery Hills Babe comes down to the ring, along with Lana Star. Her opponent...Eye Candy.

Beverly Hills Babe versus Eye Candy

Tie-up. BHB takes early control with a hammerlock. Eye Candy escapes the hold, trips BHB, and mounts her to land some shots. BHB gets on her feet and tells the ref to inform Eye Candy not to touch her hair. Eye Candy responds with a forearm, swinging neckbreaker, and a running senton in succession.

BHB baits Eye Candy in landing a jawbreaker. Lana grabs Eye Candy and pulls her down neck over the ropes. Referee sees it but doesn't call for the DQ. BHB slaps Eye Candy in the face and starts stomping her down in the turnbuckles. Foot to the throat by BHB. Eye Candy with a rollup...two count. BHB lands more strikes before checking in with Lana.

Eye Candy surprises BHB with a Russian-leg sweep. She chains together her comeback moveset with a series of running elbows. She climbs the middle-rope...Lana grabs Eye Candy's leg! Eye Candy kicks it off and hits a dropkick. She picks her up...DVD by Eye Candy. She has the match won but Lana distracts the referee! Eye Candy goes after Lana, but BHB takes advantage of the distraction. Backslide pin by BHB...that's it.

Beverly Hills Babe wins by pinfall

BHB and Lana get on the mic. Lana puts the locker room on notice, saying that the streak has begun, and they plan on running through the entire roster. Lana mentions all of her accolades, especially improving the BHB's career. She calls herself the one true star of WOW.

Jessie Jones is in action next after the break.

A promo for Stephy Slays is played. She talks about growing up without a father, and being bullied in school. With tears in her eyes, she admits that she had no confidence, or any motivation to live. She is thankful for Sophia Lopez, who helped get her into WOW, and channel her insecurities through wrestling. Slate says that through WOW...she's made a new family. "No matter how many times I fall down...I will get back up."

Jessie Jones is being interviewed. Jones reminds the fans that she whooped Azteca last time, and tonight, she'll do the same to Stephy Slays.

Jones is on her way to the ring, followed by Slays.

Jessie Jones versus Stephy Slays

Jones and Slays trade hammerlocks. Slays with an arm-drag. Jones comes right back by pulling Slays down by her hair. She drops a leg on Slays back, but Slays turns it into a rollup...Jones kicks out. Back on their feet...Slays with a crucifix pin! Another two. Oklahoma roll by Slays. Jones escapes again but is exhausted from Slays onslaught. Dropkick from Slays, but Jones slows her down by slamming the arm across the top rope.

Jones targets the arm, dropping leg drops. Armbar. Jones picks her up for a powerbomb but Slays turns it into a frankensteiner! Jones slows her down with a dropkick. Big lariat from Jones. Sunset flip pin from Slays! Jones reverses the momentum. Each woman trade pins but not enough to finish. Flying crossbody from Slays off the middle rope.

Slays with a series of clotheslines. She hesitates on a move and Jones locks her in the gory special. Another rollup from Slays. Jones escapes and transitions into the armbar again. Slays taps.

Jessie Jones wins by submission

Following her victory, Jones tells production to cut her music so she can address the audience. Jones says she's sick of the wannabe wrestlers here at WOW. "These girls...they're gonna respect the name Jessie Jones...or I'm gonna beat it into them."

Holidead is advertised next!


Stephy Slays is dealing with her injured arm. She's very upset when Lana walks by and tells her to suck it up.

Holidead is out for her matchup against Azteca.

Holidead versus Azteca

Holidead tries to play mindgames to start, but Azteca isn't backing down. Test of strength...Holidead wins the exchange, but Azteca comes back with a series of arm-drags that really show off her athleticism. Top rope frankensteiner from Azteca, followed by a big chop to Holidead's chest. Holidead wakes up after that....catching Azteca with a tilt-a-whirl-backbreaker to take control of the matchup.

In the corner, Holidead whips Azteca hard into the opposing turnbuckles. Another hard whip. Big backbreaker from Holidead with cover. Azteca kicks out. She gets to her feet and hits a forearm. Holidead regains control by atomic dropping Azteca into the turnbuckles, and splashes her. Holidead locks in a modified indian-death lock. Fans chant for Azteca to get to the ropes...she does!

Azteca attempts a comeback, but Holidead slows her down with a clubbing forearm. Azteca goes for a crossbody but Holidead catches her and delivers another backbreaker. Holidead climbs to the top rope...Azteca meets up there with a knee. Azteca with a tope rope frankensteiner! Both women are down.

Huge combo from Azteca that ends with a buzzsaw kick. She goes for the win...Holidead just gets a shoulder up! Holidead with a firemans carry...she drops Azteca right on her stomach and nearly wins the match. Holidead goes for her finisher, but Azteca lands the Azteca destroyer (code-red) out of nowhere! GOT HER!

Azteca wins by pinfall

The lights go out. Voodoo Doll is in the ring! She has an intense staredown with Holidead...but attacks Azteca! Lights go out again and Holidead and Voodoo Doll are gone.

Main event is next!

Shaul Guerrerro is in the ring to announce the competitors. Tessa Blanchard is out first, followed by Jungle Grrrl. Champ is out last.

Santana Garrett versus Jungle Grrrl versus Tessa Blanchard for the WOW World Championship

Jungle Grrrl and Tessa run through Garrett with a double shoulder-block. The Champ comes back and takes down both her challengers with a dual armdrag that sends Blanchard to the outside. Garrett and Jungle Grrrl square off. Series of armdrags from Garrett. She locks Jungle Grrrl in the octopus stretch! Blanchard grabs Garrett's foot and pushes her into the ringpost. Garrett is down.

Blanchard and Jungle Grrrl go at it. Big back suplex from Jungle Grrrl, but Blanchard comes right back with a codebreaker out of the corner. Blanchard sets her up for the hammerlock DDT, but Jungle Grrrl picks her up and slams her!

Garrett back in the ring! She runs through both ladies with lariats. She whips them both in the corner...handspring elbow! Double bulldog! DOUBLE MUTA-LOCK! Jungle Grrrl gets to the ropes and Garrett breaks the hold on Blanchard as well. Garrett and Blanchard have a nice sequence where Garrett blocks the Buzzsaw DDT. Jumping cutter out of nowhere from Blanchard! German suplex to Blanchard from Jungle Grrrl! Eat-da-feet, followed by the supernatural moonsault by Garrett onto Blanchard. In that time...Jungle Grrrl climbs and hits a superfly splash! Garrett and Jungle Grrrl pin Blanchard..ref counts to three!

Santana Garret & Jungle Grrrl pin Tessa Blanchard. No official winner announced

Garrett and Jungle Grrrl claim that they are the winner, while Blanchard rolls to the outside in defeat. The referee hasn't officially announced a winner, and before they can, McLane announces that they are out of time.

That's the show friends.