Recap of last week's episode of WOW, when Tessa Blanchard defeated Jungle Grrrl, thanks to assistance from the Beast, to become the new WOW world champion. Video narrator reminds us that this was the first time that Jungle Grrrl's shoulders have ever been pinned to the mat in WOW.

David McLane welcomes the live audience to the show with his traditional high-energy introduction. Rapper Enjay Rima then performs a freestyle track to pump the crowd up.

Following the performance, WOW world champion Tessa Blanchard is welcomed to the ring by David McLane. McLane acknowledges that Blanchard is champion, but that he doesn't respect the route she took to get there. He runs through the past week's events to remind Blanchard that she is a dirty fighter. Blanchard doesn't shy away from her accomplishments, commending herself for sending former champion Santana Garrett's father to the ICU, and claiming that she pinned Jungle Grrrl for the very first time all on her own. She ends by saying that the live crowd may not like it, but they'll learn to respect her title reign.

The "Norwegian Nightmare" Krumpus against Stephy Slays is coming next following a commercial.

Back from break and a vignette for The Dagger is played. She reflects on the moment that she lost her father, and how she used that heartbreak to motivate herself into joining WOW. She also reveals her fascination with blades, comparing her body as the sharpest weapon she has to utilize. Dagger finishes the video package by talking about her kids, and trying to be a hero for them.

Shaul Guerrero introduces our first bout of the evening.

Krumpus versus Stephy Slays

Slays with a quick-roll up to open things up. Krumpus escapes, but runs right into a drop-toe-hold by Slays, who then snags on a headlock. Flying crossbody by Slays. Krumpus slows Slays down with a spin kick to the gut and a big boot then knocks her to the apron. She picks Slays up for a suplex and turns it into a powerslam. Big leg drop from Krumpus. Slays lands an attack but Krumpus yanks her off the turnbuckle and she hits the mat hard.

Slays attempts another crossbody, but Krumpus catches her and delivers a brutal side-walk slam. Slays can't kick out.

Krumpus wins by pinfall

Commentary questions when Stephy Slays will pick up her first win. Krumpus grabs a microphone and says (in Norwegian) that she promises to decimate each WOW superhero one-by-one until there is no one left.

Following the break, we'll get Holidead versus Princess Aussie.

Back from commercial and the competitors are on their way to the ring.

Princess Aussie versus Holidead

Holidead shoves Aussie into the turnbuckle to open things up. Ref breaks them apart. Tie-up. Holidead forces Aussie to the corner again. A third time, and now Holidead yanks at the hair. Aussie uses her athleticism to escape a hammerlock and put the pressure onto Holidead. Shoulder block from Aussie sends Holidead to the mat, but Holidead fires right back with one of her own. She takes control with a corner lariat and a vertical suplex in succession. Early pinfall attempt but Aussie escapes.

Holidead smashes Aussie's head off the top turnbuckle. She charges Aussie in the corner but Aussie evades and goes for a spear...Holidead catches her and tosses her to the mat with ease. Modified Indian Deathlock from Holidead and Aussie is in a lot of pain. Holidead breaks the hold by dead-lifting Aussie and dropping her on her chest.

Aussie begins a comeback by clubbing Holidead's legs out. Superkick and lariat back-to-back. Aussie climbs the middle rope and hits a swinging frankensteiner! Pinfall but Holidead gets a shoulder up. Aussie goes for a middle-rope crossbody, but she gets caught and spinebustered by Holidead. Two count! Holidead climbs to the top...she misses a diving leg drop. Aussie takes advantage with a sliding lariat. Aussie climbs again...frog splash! That's it!

Princess Aussie wins by pinfall

As soon as the bell rings the lights go out. Voodoo Doll appears and stares down Holidead. She attacks Princess Aussie, clubbing her in the face with a palm strike.

Stephy Slays is seen backstage following tonight's loss. An interviewer asks if she's going to give up. Slays says that she's okay losing, because to her it's not about what happens...but the bravery it takes just to compete. Abilene Maverick walks in and pokes fun at Slays, saying that losers say exactly what she said. Slays challenges her to a match on the spot. Abilene responds by reminding Slays that she is the Governor's daughter, and she has to earn a match against her.

The Dagger is in action next!

A vignette on Keta Rush is played. Rush's backstory is that she was bullied when growing up, even physically attacked at a young age. She was worried that she would never be able to break free of her past, but joining WOW helped her become the person she was meant to be. She even opened up the "Bully Buster" gymnasium in Los Angeles. Her backstory with Stephy Slays is displayed as well...including their falling out after Slays lost a contenders matchup to enter as a tag team in an event. Rush would get attacked when leaving in the parking lot by The Dagger. McLane grants them a matchup for later in the evening.

Backstage the Beast cuts a promo. She says that she deserves a shot at the championship because she is the biggest and the baddest. "I'm coming for what's mine," growls the Beast to end the segment.

The Dagger is on her way to the ring accompanied by the Temptress. Rush is out second. Before the bell even rings she runs in and takes out both Dagger and Temptress with a double-lariat.

Keta Rush versus The Dagger

Rush with a Lou Thez press and mounted punches. Dagger slides to the outside. Coming back in Rush surprises Dagger with a dropkick, a headscissor, and another dropkick that sends Dagger into the turnbuckle! Temptress trips Rush up which finally slows down her momentum. Dagger takes advantage and lands an enziguri to take control of the action. She slams Rush's head off the mat, then off the top turnbuckle. While Dagger distracts the referee, Temptress chokes Rush on the ropes. Boston crab by Dagger...Rush eventually crawls to the ropes to break the submission.

Dagger wears Rush down with a powerslam, but misses a running elbow drop. Rush brings Dagger down with an armbar! Dagger taps but Temptress had the referee distracted! She goes to argue but Dagger comes at her from behind...she moves and Dagger runs into Temptress! Armbar is locked in again! Dagger taps!

Keta Rush wins by submission

As soon as the bell rings Temptress and Dagger double-team Rush. Fire runs out and runs Dagger and Temptress off! Davd McLane runs in the ring and announces Rush as the winner of the match. He and Fire hold up Rush's arm. The home crowd of Los Angeles is going crazy. Keta Rush and Fire hug, which ends the segment.

Main event is next.

Shaul Guerrero is in the ring to announce the final match-up of the evening. The Beast is out first. Azteca second.

Azteca versus The Beast

Beast destroys Azteca with a spear to open things up. She picks Azteca up and rag dolls her across the ring. A second spear. Beast is in full control. She goes for the powerbomb...AND HITS IT. IT'S OVER.

The Beast wins by pinfall

Jungle Grrrl is out and attacks the Beast. They go at it. Referees and security are out to separate them from each other. Fans screaming let them fight.

That's the show friends.