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205 Live general manager Drake Maverick says that tonight…we will find out who will challenge Buddy Murphy for the cruiserweight championship at Elimination Chamber.Maverick announces a Fatal-Four way Elimination #1 contenders matchup for tonight’s main event. Competing in that match: Lio Rush, Humberto Carrillo, Cedric Alexander, and Akira Tozawa.

205 Live Intro.

Vic Joseph, Aiden English, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to the most exciting hour on television.

Mike and Maria Kanellis make their way to the ring. Mike will be competing in the evening’s first bout. His opponent…Brian Kendrick. Maria joins the commentary table.

Mike Kanellis versus Brian Kendrick

Tie-up. Kendrick takes early control with a hammerlock. Kanellis reverses the pressure and snags on a rear chinlock. Kendrick takes back control with a headlock of his own. He bounces Kanellis off the ropes…Kanellis steam-rolls Kendrick with a shoulder bump. Kanellis starts jaw-jacking at Kendrick…screaming that he doesn’t belong. Kendrick doesn’t like that…and smashes Kanellis in the face with a right hand. Series of strikes by Kendrick, followed by a lariat that sends Kanellis to the arena floor. Kendrick in pursuit…he goes to throw Kanellis onto the announcer table, but Maria steps in front! Kanellis takes advantage with a club to Kendrick’s back. Kendrick responds with a strike of his own. He goes for Sliced Bread off the ringpost…but Kanellis turns it into a back body drop! Kanellis jumps back into the ring. Kendrick nearly loses by countout, but gets back in at the last second.

Now with the advantage, Kanellis wears Kendrick down with a vertical suplex. Kendrick attempts a comeback, but Kanellis whips him down into the mat. Snapmare by Kanellis, followed by a boot to the head. Kanellis goes to whip Kendrick into the ringpost, but Kendrick reverses it and Kanellis is the one who smashes off!

Back in the ring, Kanellis hits a stiff lariat to slow Kendrick down. Another suplex attempt, but Kendrick shifts his weight and locks in the Bully Choke! He’s right in the center! Kanellis crawls…and just makes it to the ropes to break the hold. Kendrick on the apron, he springs over Kanellis and lands a superkick and a dropkick in succession. Kendrick goes for Sliced Bread again…Kanellis pushes him off…superkick! Firemans carry driver by Kanellis with cover…Kendrick just gets a shoulder up. Kanellis puts Kendrick up on the top for a backpack stunner…Kendrick rolls him up! Two count! Big spinebuster from Kanellis! KENDRICK KICKS OUT! An angry Kanellis unloads elbows onto Kendrick’s jaw. The ref has to pull him off. He does it again. Kendrick tells Kanellis to bring it on. Big boot to the face of Kendrick! And another! Kanellis for some reason doesn’t go for a cover. Running boot from Kanellis. He picks Kendrick up…SLICED BREAD FROM KENDRICK OUT OF NOWHERE. GOT EM!

Brian Kendrick wins by pinfall.

Maria and Mike can’t believe it. For the second week in the row, Mike has let a victory slip through his fingers. Mike is irate in the ring, Maria has to calm him down.

Commentary team flashes us back to last week’s main event, when Akira Tozawa defeated Hideo Itami in his final WWE matchup. Following the bout, Ariya Daivari would turn on his friend Itami, and attack him with a hammerlock lariat.

Cut to Daivari who is cutting a promo from Instagram. Daivari says that time after time, he came to Itami’s aid, and even after showing him respect, he still couldn’t get it done. Daivari growls, “If you want something done…”YOU JUST HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF.”

Promos from all four of the competitors in tonight’s #1 contender’s match. Rush is first. He says that tonight…the man of the hour will reign supreme. Akira Tozawa is next…he says that he has never gotten to face Buddy Murphy in a singles-match, and if he does…he will become champion. Humberto Carrillo is third. Carrillo reminds the WWE Universe that he gave the champ everything he could handle in his 205 Live debut, and is ready to face him once again. Cedric Alexander closes the promo package. “Last year…I ran through 15 other men to become the Cruiserweight champion. Tonight…I only have to go through three.”

Main event is next. Commercial break for NXT and Elimination Chamber.

Flashback to last Tuesday when Tony Nese attacked Noam Dar in the parking lot prior to 205. Because of his actions, general manager Drake Maverick has suspended Nese indefinitely.

Backstage Drake Maverick is with Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher. Gulak asks Maverick to allow him to accompany Humberto Carrillo to ringside tonight for the Fatal-Four Way. Maverick refuses, saying that everyman has to fight his own battles. Gulak concedes, but threatens Maverick if Carrillo “falls down the wrong path.” He and Gallagher leave.

Noam Dar rolls up. He tells Maverick that he’s been cleared…and he wants to face Tony Nese. Maverick says that Nese is suspended, and can’t compete. Dar fires back, promising Maverick that if he doesn’t make the matchup for next week, he’ll find Nese and settle this on his own terms. Maverick gives Dar what he wants, and announces that he and Nese will face each other next week…in a NO-DQ bout.

Lio Rush is on his way out to the ring, which means it’s main event time! Akira Tozawa is out second, followed by Humberto Carrillo. Former champion Cedric Alexander closes out the entrances.

Humberto Carrillo versus Cedric Alexander versus Akira Tozawa versus Lio Rush Fatal-Four Way Elimination

The four men stare each other down. Alexander, Tozawa, and Carrillo all try and go after Rush, but he uses his speed to evade all of them. Carrillo and Alexander go at it in the center of the ring. Big arm-drag by Alexander. Tozawa jumps in and takes down both men with a sunset flip bomb. Lio Rush with a suicide dive onto Tozawa! Another suicide dive onto Alexander on the other side of the ring! (Man my fingers are tired.)

Rush goes after Carrillo. Big chop, snapmare, and basement dropkick in succession. Carrillo tosses Rush into the air, but he turns it into a tornado DDT. Rush goes for the pinfall…Carrillo kicks out. Carrillo reverses an Irish-Whip…big enziguri from Carrillo. Tozawa comes out of nowhere with a missile dropkick taking Carrillo down. Rush attacks Tozawa from behind. Sunset flip, but Tozawa rolls through. PK by Tozawa misses, Rush lands a head kick of his own. Rush climbs and goes for the final hour frog-splash on Tozawa, but Tozawa gets to his feet. Rush misses the splash…Alexander with a LUMBAR CHECK ONTO RUSH. Cover…Rush is gone.

Lio Rush has been eliminated.

Carrillo and Alexander now go at it. Carrillo wins the exchange with a Pele kick. Carrillo uses his lucha experience to dodge an attack from Tozawa and Alexander. He climbs…missile dropkick from Carrillo to Tozawa. Standing shooting star onto Alexander with cover! Alexander kicks out. All three men with a fun sequence showing off their athleticism. Alexander goes for a springboard but slips off the ropes but still lands a clothesline onto Carrillo. Alexander grabs his leg in pain. (Not sure if it’s legit, but the slip didn’t look pretty.) All three men climb to the top turnbuckle, all clawing for position. Carrillo knocks Alexander to the floor. He goes for a top rope arm-drag, but Tozawa blocks it and Carrillo hits hard. TOP ROPE SENTON FROM TOZAWA ONTO CARRILLO. He’s gone.

Humberto Carrillo has been eliminated.

Just Alexander and Tozawa left. They trade stiff elbows in the center of the ring. Tozawa locks Alexander in a twisting octopus! Alexander tries to escape but Tozawa locks it in on the other arm. Alexander with a roll up! Tozawa shifts his weight and now he’s attempting a pin! Kick out. Tozawa and Alexander land duel bicycle kicks…both men are down!

Alexander goes for the Lumbar check, but Tozawa lands on his feet. Huge haymaker from Tozawa, but Alexander comes right back with a reverse elbow! Handspring enziguri attempt from Alexander…TOZAWA CATCHES HIM IN A GERMAN. Another German with a cover! Alexander kicks out! Tozawa tries to climb for the Senton, but Alexander grabs his leg to stop him from going up. Tozawa boots him away and climbs, but Alexander rolls to the apron. Tozawa chases him and now they’re both on the apron. Big boot by Tozawa. He goes for a suplex, but Alexander blocks it Tozawa charges him…STO onto the apron by Alexander! Michinoku driver from Alexander! TOZAWA ESCAPES THE PIN! (Crowd is loving this all by the way.) Alexander can’t believe it.

Alexander goes for the Lumbar Check again…Tozawa lands on his head. They both almost fall…but they regain their footing. POISON FRANKENSTEINER! Tozawa climbs…SENTON LANDS. He pins Alexander…and…that…is…it.

Akira Tozawa is the new #1 contender.

The commentary team admires the fight in all men as they show highlights from that wild main event. Tozawa celebrates with the crowd.

Buddy Murphy shows up on the titantron. He says that Tozawa has won the opportunity to try and stop the unstoppable. He says that he won’t look through Tozawa, but won’t let him stop his path towards WrestleManiaand becoming the greatest cruiserweight of all time.

That’s the show friends.