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General Manager Drake Maverick recaps Buddy Murphy’s thrilling title defense against Akira Tozawa from this past weekend’s Elimination Chamber. Maverick then announces an eight-man, single-elimination tournament beginning next week, where the winner will go on to face Murphy for the title at WrestleMania. Matches announced for tonight: Humberto Carrillo against TJP, and Mike Kanellis against Cedric Alexander in the main event.

205 Live Intro

Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English welcome us to the most exciting hour on television. TJP makes his way to the ring for our first bout of the evening. Humerto Carrillo is out second.

Humberto Carrillo versus TJP

Tie-up. TJP takes Carrillo down and goes for an early pinfall. Carrillo escapes. Headlock from TJP. Fun sequence from both men showing off their speed. Carrillo displays his athleticism with a jumping springboard arm-drag. Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher make their way to ringside. Gulak is waving his finger, as if to say, “stop doing high-risk moves.”

Back to the action, TJP takes Carrillo down with a headscissor. He goes for a second but Carrillo lands on his feet. TJP sends Carrillo to the apron but the luchador lands on the apron. Big elbow from Carrillo. He goes for his signature arm-drag again but this time TJP has it scouted. He cranks Carrillo’s arm across his body and wears him down with quick strikes. Springboard plancha onto a prone Carrillo from TJP.

Carrillo breaks off a submission and dodges a charge by TJP, but runs into the ringpost when trying to spear TJP. TJP ties Carrillo up in the tree-of-woe, runs around the ring to gain momentum, and nails Carrillo with a running dropkick. Pinfall attempt, but Carrillo escapes. TJP targets Carrillo’s arm, but Carrillo breaks away again. Sunset flip from the top rope by Carrillo but TJP rolls through and goes for a PK…Carrillo ducks…gets to his feet….spinning roundhouse! TJP goes to the floor but Carrillo nails him with a suicide dive!

Back in the ring TJP nearly steals the match with a roll-up, but Carrillo fires back with a combo, followed up by a standing asai moonsault. Gulak and Gallagher are trying to coach Carrillo from the outside to assist him in victory, but they cringe every time he goes for a high-risk maneuver. TJP locks in an STF, but Carrillo gets to the ropes to break the hold thanks to the motivating cheers from Gulak on the outside. Both men on the apron…they trade strikes. Carrillo wins the exchange, climbs the turnbuckle, and hits a missile dropkick onto TJP. He lands his finisher to secure the victory.

Humberto Carrillo wins by pinfall

Gulak and Gallagher slide into the ring afterwards to congratulate Carrillo. They try and get the fans to cheer his name, then hoist him up on their shoulders. Carrillo seems stunned, but accepts their celebratory demeanor.

Promo from Tony Nese. He says that he finally proved that he was better than Noam Dar when he defeated him last week in a NO-DQ match. He says that if you look at his performance last week, you’ll see why he deserves to be in the tournament.

Mike Kanellis is taping his wrists preparing for the main event. Maria is with him. Dasha comes up for an interview, asking Mike how he feels about facing a former champion in Cedric Alexander, and whether or not he is worried if he’ll lose again. Maria answers for Mike, saying that they’ve been in this business for a long time, and they don’t take the easy way out. Tonight, she promises that Mike will take out the “pride of 205” as they begin their journey towards WrestleMania.

Commercial for tomorrow’s NXT, where Johnny Gargano defends the NXT North American championship against Velveteen Dream.

Commentary team reminds us that DX were the first inductees for this year’s hall of fame ceremony.

Ariya Daivari is on his way out. He has a microphone in hand, and tells the fans in attendance that tonight is the beginning of his destruction of 205. His opponent…an enhancement talent named Johnny Lyons…is already in the ring.

Johnny Lyons versus Ariya Daivari

Tie-up. Daivari forces Lyons into the corner and starts unloading strikes. Lyons surprsies Daivari with a dropkick, but Daivari slows him down with a head kick. He ties him up…hammerlock lariat. Cobra-clutch applied. Lyons taps out.

Ariya Daivari wins by submission

Buddy Murphy cuts a promo backstage. He commends Maverick for setting up this tournament, because it’ll take a great fighting spirit to dethrone the most dominant cruiserweight champion of all time. He runs down the lineage of his time in 205, defeating Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, Akira Tozawa, Hideo Itami, and Kalisto. He wonders who he will face on the final stage at WrestleMania.

Commercial for Fighting With My Family.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are on their way out, which means it’s main event time. Cedric Alexander follows. Highlights of Cedric’s title win from Mania 34 is shown, since they’re in Louisiana.

Mike Kanellis versus Cedric Alexander

Tie-up. Cedric takes Kanellis down with a waist lock, but Kanellis pushes Cedric into the turnbuckle. They struggle for a bit near the ropes until the referee separates them.

Second tie-up. Kanellis takes early control with a headlock, then runs through Cedric when bouncing off the ropes. Cedric takes over with an arm-drag, but Kanellis fires the bout’s first strikes with a series of knife-edged chops. Cedric responds with a headscissor takedown and a flush dropkick in succession. He fires off some chops of his own, then smashes Kanellis’s head off the top turnbuckle.

After a solid back-and-forth, Kanellis surprises Cedric with a big right hand as Cedric was coming off the top rope. Kanellis targets the head and neck of Cedric, while screaming “I’m the best in the world.” Vicious elbows from Kanellis to Cedric’s sternum, followed by a running basement dropkick. With Cedric’s head draped across the apron, Kanellis levels him with an elbow.

Cedric mounts a tiny comeback, which includes an impressive roll-up, but Kanellis goes back to the well and catches Cedric with another right hand. Cedric avoids a fourth and lays into Kanellis with a series of jabs and a combo that ends with a dropkick to Kanellis’s face. Two straight lariats plus a reverse elbow from Cedric. He’s on a roll now…handspring enziguri! He goes for a springboard attack but slips and hurts his leg! Kanellis immediately goes after the leg, stomping down on it. Kanellis goes for a figure-four, but Cedric hits a superkick before clutching at his leg once again. Cedric tries to go for the Lumbar check but his leg gives out. Superkick by Kanellis! Samoan driver with pin…Cedric just kicks out. Kanellis can’t believe it.

Both men trade stiff shots in the center. Cedric climbs but Kanellis grabs him and hits the backpack stunner. Pinfall…Cedric gets a shoulder up at the last second. Kanellis goes to pick Cedric up but he gets rolled up…kick out. Another roll-up…Kanellis gets to his feet but walks right into a Michinoku Driver! HE JUST GETS A SHOULDER UP. Quick back and forth action…Kanellis stuns Cedric by slamming his throat over the ropes. They take each other out with stiff boots while standing on the apron. Kanellis tries to run away but Cedric is in hot pursuit. Kanellis baits him in…spinebuster onto the metal part of the entrance path! He gets back into the ring…Cedric gets back into the ring at the LAST second. Kanellis goes for a Boston Crab but Cedric is right near the ropes. He finally locks it in. Cedric is screaming in pain….but he gets to the ropes.

Cedric dumps Kanellis over the top rope…Tope Con Hilo from Cedric. He tries to get back into the ring but Maria blocks his path. He gets in but eats a superkick from Kanellis! Crossroads! Cover….Kanellis thinks he’s won it but Cedric got a shoulder up! Ref says it’s not over. They go at it again…Lumbar Check! Got em!

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall

Commentary wonders that after a rough start to 2019, is this the victory that will help get him back on track towards the title picture. Highlights of the match are shown, including the very close count that Kanellis thought he won the match on. Cedric celebrates while Kanellis and Maria look distraught from another loss.

Drake Maverick announces next week’s first round competitors and matchups: Kalisto versus Tony Nese, Brian Kendrick versus Drew Gulak.

That’s the show friends.

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