WWE Mae Young Classic Star Priscilla Kelly Is Back With Another Gross Spot (Video)

Former WWE Mae Young Classic competitor, Priscilla Kelly is once again garnering attention for a gross spot she performed. At The Ultimate Bar Brawl in Atlanta, GA, with no wrestling ring in sight, Kelly teamed with Darby Allin to battle Delilah Doom & Eli Everfly in a match that carried all over the bar.


As seen in the video above, the finish of the match saw Kelly seemingly vomit on Everfly, which allowed Darby to pin him for a three count. Kelly's puke would incite Everfly to also begin vomiting in front of the bar's audience.

Kelly's ability to evoke a powerful response out of the pro wrestling community has been on display before. Earlier this month, we reported the widespread attention Kelly was receiving for wrestling in a Suburban Fight event where, at one point during the match, she took what looked like a used tampon out of her wrestling tights and shoved it into her opponent's mouth.

A fan at the Suburban Fight caught the moment in the video below: