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Tonight features: Ricochet vs. Adam Cole, Dominik Dijakovic takes on Shane Thorne, Aliyah vs. Taynara Conti, Kassius Ohno has something to say, and more.

Dominik Dijakovic vs. Shane Thorne

Dijakovic powers Throne into the corner, Throne hops out of the ring and drapes Dijakovic's arm over the over. Thorne continues the attack in the ring with a bunch of kicks, dropkick, and a bunch more kicks to the back. Dijakovic with some forearms as he tries to break out of the wristlock. Big lariat by Dijakovic, kicks, back elbow, and a release suplex sends Thorne across the ring.

Thorne continues to work on the left arm, saito suplex lands. Both end up on the second rope, Dijakovic looks for a superplex, Thorne stops him for a moment, but Dijakovic back flips on his feet, superkick sends Thorne down to the floor. Dijakovic with a springboard corkscrew crossbody to the outside, back in the ring he hits feast your eyes for the victory.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic via Pinfall

- Backstage, Undisputed Era they talk about hitting speed bumps, but they are going to get back that gold. Bobby and Kyle look to be the tag team of the group again. Adam Cole says it starts tonight with his match against Ricochet who is in way over his head and 2019 will be the year of Undisputed Era.

- Last week, we see how Io Shirai ended up being the one to put away Shayna Baszler in 6-woman tag team action. After the match NXT cameras caught up with Io Shirai (and Kairi Sane). Shirai was asked about the win, she showed she can beat Baszler and she is going to be champion. Sane goes to echo that, but Bianca Belair shows up to let them both know she is the one coming for the title.

- Humberto Carrillo and Stacey Ervin Jr. in the ring. Kassius Ohno shows up on the stage to talk for a moment. He says he was sitting in the back and saw the cameras pan the crowd that he sees a lot of familiar faces. Ohno says each and every one of the fans absolutely detest him. Ohno continues, "I'm out of here" and plans on going somewhere to show he's the best at what he does. Keith Lee sneaks up behind Ohno and cracks him with a rolling elbow. He tells Ohno not to let the door hit him on the ass on his way out. Lee apologizes for the interruption as we get to the match.

The Street Profits vs. Humberto Carrillo and Stacey Ervin Jr.

Ford and Carrillo get things going, both lots of back and forth counters, ending with a stalemate. Dawkins and Ford work together to keep Carrillo grounded, Carrillo flips his way out of Ford's attack, hits two arm drags on his opponent. Dawkins tags back in, big shoulder block, Carrillo returns fire with a big kick. Ervin tags in, double dropkick. Standing shooting star press right into a cover, two-count. Dawkins up and hits a spear.

Ford tags in drops Ervin, cover, two. Ford with a massive suplex on Ervin, referee jumps in quick to check on him, but things continue. Ervin avoids both opponents, Carrillo tags back in, handspring elbow. Giant arm drag on Ford, massive missile dropkick on Dawkins, standing moonsault, cover, two. Ervin tags in and hits a huge high-elevation moonsault. Dawkins pops Ervin for the super blockbuster, cover, 1-2-3.

Winners: The Street Profits via Pinfall

- Post-match, Ford and Dawkins on the mic. They say a lot of people looking to get some gold and they want some too. The duo attempted to call out NXT Tag Team Champions War Raiders, but out comes Marcel Barthel and Fabian Aichner. Barther says no one deserves an opportunity at the tag champs more than them. Barthel tells Dawkins and Ford to stand aside. Out comes Lorcan and Burch and they just start yelling at everyone in the ring. War Raiders' music hits, Rowe on the mic, says there's a lot of talking about their titles, but no fighting. Hanson says if they want the titles, make a move. The champs approach the ring, but Undisputed Era run out and attack Rowe and Hanson. They toss them in the ring and let the rest of the teams brawl. War Raiders end up clearing out the ring though.

- Vignette with NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano, who says he's going to show the entire locker room how dangerous he can be. Next week, he'll defend his title against Velveteen Dream.

Aliyah vs. Taynara Conti

Conti goes for the early pin, Aliyah with a handful of hair, almost gets put in a cross armbreaker, but gets the ropes. Vanessa Borne makes her way to ringside. Fireman's carry by Aliyah and hits some kicks to the back, cover, two. Conti with a roll-up two, then sends Aliyah into the corner, couple judos throws, big kick to the face. Conti heads to the top rope, Aliyah is up, but gets put in an armbreak. Conti heads to the top, Borne grabs her foot and Aliyah launches her off the top rope. Aliyah with a kimura and multiple kicks to the back of the head for the victory.

Winner: Aliyah via Submission

- Post-match, Borne heads into the ring and raises hands with Aliyah, looks like we have a new team. NXT Women's Champion Shayna Baszler marches to the ring, both Aliyah and Borne bail up the ramp. Duke and Shafir attack from behind and send the duo back in the ring. Borne gets dropped by Shafir and Duke. Baszler destroy Conti and then gets on the mic. The champ says this is reality now, don't get in their way, and don't piss them off. The three heads to the back.

- Vignette for Velveteen Dream who talks about being able to handle the pressure. We see clips of him winning the WWE Worlds Collide tournament to get hit title shot. More clips are shown of Dream appearing at NXT TakeOver: Phoenix. Dream decided to use his title shot and go after Gargano.

Ricochet vs. Adam Cole

Cole gets the best of Ricochet initially, but is sent out of the ring. Ricochet nails him with a suicide dive and follows up with a flurry of punches. Cole gets sent back into the ring, Cole nails a big kick on Ricochet, but he returns fire and puts Cole up on the turnbuckle. Cole tries for a sunset flip powerbomb, Ricochet holds on, Cole with a kick to the face, Ricochet falls down, but his leg gets caught around the rope. Cole immediately goes after it, then wraps his leg around the ring post.

Cole continues to work over the leg, big kick sends Ricochet flat to the mat. Ricochet makes his way to his feet, tries for an enziguri, misses and gets his knee jammed into the mat. Cole continues to kick away and work over the leg. Low dropkick lands hard as the referee checks on Ricochet. Cole tries for a suplex, Ricochet lands on his feet, but falls down. Leg giving him trouble, but he hits a big lariat that turns Cole inside out.

Ricochet lands a few attacks, heads to the top rope, hits a diving uppercut. Hits a standing moonsault, cover, two-count. Cole finally gets a kick that and instantly drops his opponent. Cole with a big kick to the head, drops Ricochet down on his knee, cover, two. Crowd fairly split over both Superstars. Cole tries for another kick, misses, Ricochet with a northern lights sluplex, tries to roll through, no luck, gets dropped again, pin, two-count. Cole looks for last shot, Ricochet avoids it, Cole with another kick, tries for another last shot, no, reverse-rana by Ricochet.

Ricochet tries for a one-legged spring board 450 and has a pretty ugly landing, cover, two. Back-and-forth strikes, Cole drops him yet again, misses a kick. They trade a couple kicks, Cole lands a low superkick, cover, two. Both end up on the turnbuckle, Ricochet slips under Cole, goes back up, gets knocked down though. Ricochet heads back up, hits a hurricanrana, ax kick, northern lights suplex, rolls through for another suplex, vertigo hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Ricochet via Pinfall

- Post-match, Undisputed Era hit the ring and attack Ricochet. Out from the back comes Aleister Black to help out. Black gets taken down though and Undisputed Era stands tall.