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The show begins with a video package recounting the rivalry between Toni Storm and Rhea Ripley.

Mark Andrews & Flash Morgan Webster vs. Mark & Joe Coffey

The match starts out with Mark immediately giving Webster a few forearms to the face and a couple of tosses that send Webster flying. Mark stays in control and tags in Joe, who slams Webster from the apron in to the ring. He then stomps away at Webster's abdomen. Websters escapes and dropkicks Joe, allowing him to get a quick tag on Andrews. Andrews goes for a hurricanrana but it's a failed attempt. He delivers a boot and jumps from the top rope, finally connecting with the hurricanrana. Andrew evades Coffey and connects with a swift kick on the side of Joe's head. Joe manages to tag Mark in to the match. They struggle with Andrews some but ultimately perform a tandem european uppercut that looked gnarly.

Mark knocks Webster off of the apron and then goes back to Andrews, hitting a chop and a body slam to stay in control. Mark tags in Joe and he uses a series of punches and strikes to keep Andrews in the corner. Hard irish whip crashes Andrews in to the turnbuckle and forces him to crumble. A full nelson from Joe to Andrews keeps him down on the mat. He's finally able to roll out but Joe keeps his grip and stabs him with some elbows. Coffey with a front-facing full nelson and tosses him overhead with a suplex. Mark is tagged in yet again, but so is Webster! He comes in hot and goes to dropkick Joe off the apron, not really getting all of it. He turns his attention to Mark and connects with various uppercuts. Both men reverse one another until Webster manages to deliver a springboard moonsault on Mark.

Webster with a kick to Mark that sends him outside the ring. He then swings around the outer ring post and uses the momentum to hurricanrana Joe on the outside. He slides back in the ring and delivers a knee to Mark prior to tagging Andrews back in the match. Andrews & Webster work together for an assisted 450 splash, however, Joe gets tagged in and he and Andrews start trading blows. Webster with a blind tag and a jumping knee allows Andrews to perform a jumping DDT. Both Coffey brothers are outside the ring, which prompts both Andrews & Webster to come over the top rope with tope somersault splashes on both Coffey boys. Nevertheless, Joe regains himself and has control in the ring. He splashes Andrews in the corner but Andrews comes back with a stundog millionaire that surprises Joe. Mark catches Andrews on the apron with a vertical suplex and Joe puts his knees up as Webster goes for the swanton dive. Joe headbutts Webster and they use a tandem forearm and clothesline for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Mark & Joe Coffey

The Coffey boys celebrate in the ring as replays of the match are shown.

We see a vignette promoting Nina Samuels in NXT UK.

Trent Seven vs. Shane Thorn

The matchup begins with a lock up that ultimately favors Seven. Thorne gets out of a headlock by clutching on to the ropes. The two feel one another out a bit more before Seven uses a wrist lock to gain control. Thorne with a forearm and some strikes in the corner on Seven. He retaliates by wacking Thorne with a few chops of his own. Seven with a cross body gives him a 2 count. He follows it up with a clothesline in the corner but Thorne quickly thereafter switches the momentum. Thorne is focused on Seven's arm, pulling it against the ropes and the ring post. Thorne with a wrist lock of his own but Seven manages to deliver a stunner and some chops to get out. Seven with a DDT that rallies the crowd back up.

Seven with a running chop and a beautiful dragon suplex. After a 2 count, Seven ties Thorne in the figure four leg lock. Thorne finally reaches the ropes but he pulls them both to the outside, causing Seven to scream in pain and clutch at his knee. Both men trade blows on the outside of the ring. Thorne gives Seven a back suplex on the ring apron. He climbs to the top rope but Seven meets him there, hitting him with chops to keep him at bay. Seven climbs up top and connects with a huge superplex for the two. Seven with an inside cradle for another two count. They trade blows and shots once more until knee hits a ripcord knee and an unorthodox german suplex for a close 3 count. Thorne tries for another submission on Seven, however, he gets a few elbows and a huge ripcord lariat for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Trent Seven

Seven plays to the crowd as he celebrates his big win.

Jack Gallagher talks about the prospect of coming over from 205 Live to compete for NXT UK.

WWE NXT UK Champions Zack Gibson & James Drake come down to the ring. There, Gibson introduces himself and his partner, telling the audience that they've traveled the world for twenty years to prove they are the best. Gibson explains that being the champions has some drawbacks, like the fact that he was forced to come to Phoenix, Arizona instead of staying home in Liverpool. He goes on to say that Johnny Saint was insistent that they make the trip so they can be exposed to the best competition. He says that it doesn't matter if it's 205 Live or NXT, the teams don't impress them.

Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch come out to the ring. Burch tells Gibson that no one wants to hear what he has to say, and they have arrived to show the best of what NXT has to offer. Burch says, why wait until next week? They run to the ring, but Gibson & Drake escape up the ramp as they yell some words back and forth with Burch & Lorcan.

Next week, Tyler Bate will go one-on-one with 205 Live's Jack Gallagher!

Toni Storm (c) vs. Rhea Ripley (For the NXT UK Women's Championship)

Ripley immediately rams Storm from behind as she's preparing for the match. She rains down a series of forearms and tosses Storm face-first in to the turnbuckle. Ripley is relentless, with shoulders to the abdomen and stomps to Toni in the corner. Ripley gets nailed with more forearms before being dumped down to the mat and stomped on. Storm is able to switch directions on the irish whip, kicking Ripley with a dropkick. Her momentum doesn't last long and Ripley mounts Storm with endless punches before she ties her in a body scissors. Ripley is pulling at Storm's hair while she's trapped. Storm continues trying to shift her weight to get a pinfall on Ripley, but Ripley keeps getting out.

Storm starts gaining a bit of momentum and connects with a couple blows to Ripley's chin, but she's nevertheless dropkicked back down by Ripley for the 2 count. Ripley yells in Storm's face as she shoves at her face. Storm fights back with forearms but is hit with a knee to her abdomen as she falls back down to the mat. Ripley stands on Storm's hair as she struggles to escape. Ripley ties Storm up in her inverted cloverleaf hold and yells at her to give up. Storm uses her legs to swing Ripley out of the ring. Storm with a kick to Ripley on the apron, followed by a suicide dive that connects. Storm with a german suplex and a hip attack on to Ripley in the corner. Storm with another german, this time, with a bridge for yet another 2. Storm tries for Storm Zero but Ripley wiggles out and wacks Storm with some forearms and a short arm clothesline.

Ripley won't release Storm's wrist and continues on with another short arm clothesline. She tries for a third but is dodged and hit with a backstabber. Both women are down as the ref counts away. They make it up and go blow for blow in the center of the ring. A nice pump kick from Ripley is met with a sick headbutt from Storm that gives her a close 2 count. Storm struggles by jumps up to the top rope. Ripley meets her there with chops and a running kick that stuns Storm. Ripley climbs to the top and the two women come tumbling down for a superplex. Another close 2 count causes frustration and Ripley stomps away at Ripley. Ripley goes for a shouler tackle but Storm avoids it and sends Ripley in to the ring post. As she's dazed, Storm delivers her Storm Zero for the final 1-2-3!

Winner and STILL NXT UK Women's Champion: Toni Storm

Toni celebrates with her title in the ring as Ripley looks on in defeat from the stage ramp.