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Tyler Bate vs. Jack Gallagher

The match starts out with Bate grabbing Gallagher in to a wrist lock. Gallagher kicks Bate off of him. Gallagher goes after Bate's leg but Bate grabs the rope to escape. Gallagher takes Bate down to the mat, yet Bate manages to keep control of Gallagher's arm in a hammerlock. Gallagher secures Bate in to a headscissor but Bate transitions in to a headstand. Gallagher powers him back down to the mat with his legs, however, Bate uses his strength to nip up. The men trade control of one another's legs until Gallagher gets on top with an ankle lock.

Gallagher goes for a body slam but Bate has a double wrist lock tied in and he carries him along for the ride. Gallagher ties Bate's knees in a surfboard but just stomps away at the back of Bate's knees. Gallagher with a version of a bow and arrow submission that wrenches at the back of Bate. The men meet in the center of the ring and trade more submission reversals until Gallagher secures Bate's leg and pulls at it.

The men trade strikes and uppercuts. Bate lifts Gallagher in an arm lever and then performs an airplane spin to disorient Gallagher. Somehow, Gallagher still grabs Bate's leg and yanks away at a single-leg crab. Bate finally makes it to the ropes but Gallagher continues with stomps. The men start rolling around the ring in a ridiculous series of pinning attempts that last for a good minute. Bate with a final schoolboy rollup for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Tyler Bate

We see a video from earlier this week at the NXT UK Performance Center, where Travis Banks was blindside attacked by Jordan Devlin. Trainers and superstars had to intervene just to tear the two men apart.

We see another video package that advertises Nina Samuels.

We also see a video that features Eddie Dennis talking about his loss at TakeOver: Blackpool. He talks about how a year ago, he was injured and couldn't feed his family. But adversity motivates him and now he's back more violent, more vicious, and more vindictive than ever before. He says that he will take the roster down one by one.

Kassius Ohno vs. Walter

We get started with Ohno and Walter locking up but Ohno gets backed in to the ropes. They test one another's strength but it seems like the men are equal in the power department. Ohno gets backed in to the ropes and shoves Walter off of him. Ohno pulls Walter in to a headlock but Walter escapes. Ohno gives Walter his best chops but Walter just shoves him down with a shoulder tackle. Ohno gets set up on the ring apron but Walter knocks him down to the outside with a big boot. The men start trading shots until Walter slams Ohno with a back suplex on the apron.

Back inside the ring, Ohno backs Walter in to a corner and nails him with multiple forearms in the corner. He continues the attack with a number of boots to the face and body of Walter. Ohno with the 3/4 nelson but Walter makes it to his feet and delivers a huge body slam to Ohno. Walter and Ohno trade hard shots in the center of the ring. Ohno tries for a pump kick but Walter ties him in a rear chin lock. Ohno makes it to the ropes but he still gets tossed through the ring with a german suplex. Walter with a boot and a jumping hip attack on a downed Ohno. Ohno scores a pinfall out of nowhere for another 2 count. The men trade stiff kicks and shots until they're both incapacitated on the mat. Ohno misses a top rope moonsault, eats a dropkick, and a standing powerbomb for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Walter

Backstage, Ligero tells Joseph Conners that he lost because he took his eye off of the ball. He says that it doesn't matter how long you're here, it's about how you did in your last match. Next week, Ligero and Joseph Conners will go one-on-one.

Next week, Travis Banks and Jordan Devlin go one-on-one in a falls count anywhere match!

"Grizzled Young Veterans" Zack Gibson & James Drake (c) vs. Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch (For the NXT UK Tag Team Championships)

Drake and Lorcan start things out, with Drake gaining the initial advantage after an attack on Lorcan's arm. Drake stays on the wrist lock until Orcan spins out and performs an arm drag. Burch gets tagged in and they connect with a double chop on Drake's chest. Drake with a snapmare takeover but Burch still keeps momentum on Drake's arm. More reversals until Gibson comes in and stomps away at a downed Burch. Gibson tags Drake back in and he stays focused on Burch's arm. Burch escapes from Drake's clutches and tags in Locan, who comes in full speed and gets control of the match. Gibson acts like he tagged in and distracts the ref while Drake tosses Lorcan in to the ring post.

On the outside, the GYV use a backbreaker/double axe handle attack on Lorcan. Drake tosses Lorcan back in the ring and uses stomps and a short-arm clothesline for a quick cover. Gibson with a cobra clutch in the center of the ring on Lorcan but Oney will not give in to the pressure. Drake makes the tag in and forearms Lorcan in the face for a 2 count. GYV stay in control and Drake grips at the collar bone of Lorcan. Drake with a solid backbreaker just before he tags in Gibson. He comes in an nails a back suplex for another 2 count from the ref.

Lorcan rallies behind the crowd but Gibson smacks him down and tags Drake back in to the match. Drake pummels away at Lorcan's abdomen and then puts him in to another cobra clutch. Gibson tags in yet again but Lorcan is also able to tag in his partner, Burch. Danny comes in hot with right hands for both GYV. Burch with a clothesline, a series of german suplexes, and a running clothesline/kick on Drake in the corner. Burch comes off the 2nd turnbuckle with a missle dropkick to Drake. Drake goes for an enziguri but Burch connects with a powerbomb. Drake eats a hard knee to the face for a close 2 count.

Gibson distracts the ref again and it allows the GYV to gain control. Burch eats a kick to the face and a Ticket to Ride off the turnbuckle for a super close 2 count! Gibson tags Drake back in and they set Burch up for the finish. Things go awry and Burch headbutts both members of the GYV. Lorcan runs in with a double Blockbuster on the GYV. Burch puts Drake on his shoulders and they hit the Doomsday Device for yet another 2 count. Lorcan and Gibson tag in, with Lorcan securing a single leg crab on Drake and Gibson delivering the Shankly Gates on Burch.

Lorcan and Gibson are staring at one another while their partners scream in pain in each respective hold. Gibson and Lorcan smack the crap out of one another's faces until Lorcan nails a running uppercut on Drake and a diving senton somersault on the GYV on the outside. Lorcan & Burch connect with their assisted, elevated DDT for a super close 2 count. Burch tags in Lorcan but Gibson separates the two and Drake rolls up Burch while Gibson holds his feet down on the ropes. Even with the assist, it's only a 2 count. Burch with stiff hands to the GYV but it's futile - GYV with another Ticket to Mayhem for the 1-2-3!

Winners and STILL NXT UK Tag Team Champions: Zack Gibson & James Drake