Kofi Kingston's partners in The New Day continue to hype him up on social media as he rides his current wave of momentum to a WWE Title shot from Daniel Bryan at WWE Fastlane, and hopefully the WWE Title match at WrestleMania 35.

Xavier Woods took to Twitter today and pointed to how the group has been saying Kofi will become WWE Champion since day one. Woods said it will soon be a reality.

Woods wrote, "If you're late to the party, #NewDay has been repping that @TrueKofi will become the WWE world champion since our inception. It will soon become a reality. There is no bandwagon. There is no alternate truth. We are here for him and always will be. #KofiVsBryan"

As seen in the tweet below, Woods has also changed his Twitter name to "#KofiVsBryan."

On a related note, Kofi took to Twitter this week and said after 11 years of preparing, he is ready for the title shot at Fastlane.

Kofi wrote, "All I have ever wanted was a chance...and it's finally happening. Words cannot express my excitement or my gratitude for this truly rare opportunity. Over Eleven years...I am so ready! To #WWEFastlane we go!"