AEW Teases Location For Future "All In 2" Show

At the C2E2 event in Chicago, AEW Executive Vice Presidents Matt & Nick Jackson of "The Young Bucks", joined by Kenny Omega, were present for a discussion panel. Before things really got under way, the three Executive VPs of the company couldn't resist when they revealed that AEW All In 2 will be returning to Chicago in the future.

"Hey Kenny, we should come back [to Chicago]," Nick Jackson says while taking his place on the discussion panel.

After some banter between the group, Omega responds, asking, "For what? A Comic-con?"

As the crowd audibly chants "All In 2!", Matt points to the fans and says, "Let's actually do what they're saying, let's do that instead."

"Okay, All In, you know what? A show very near and dear to my heart...I would like something to do with All In Part 2 – or whatever it is that we call it," Omega continued. "So, heck, I don't know, what do you say, guys? Let's maybe do it again?"

"I mean, there's a particular building here that has our damn faces on the plaque in the entrance, maybe we should go there," Matt said.

The building Matt is referencing is the Sears Center in Chicago, the location of last year's All In PPV.

You can watch the full discussion panel at this link. There are also photos from the event displayed below: