On February 28, 2019, All Elite Wrestling, LLC applied for yet another trademark through the United States Patent & Trademark Office. This time, AEW is applying to trademark 'All Elite Wrestling - AEW'. 

According to the filing, "[t]he mark consists of the term ALL ELITE WRESTLING AEW surrounded by rectangular border, with the words 'ALL ELITE' in smaller font on top, the stylized wording AEW in bigger font in the middle, and the word 'WRESTLING' in smaller font at the bottom." 

Moreover, the design is to be associated with AEW music and ringtones, merchandise such as posters and trading cards, mugs and glassware, toys and Christmas ornaments, clothing, bags and backpacks, various forms of retail sales, as well as the live streaming of events, among other things.

This filing comes hot off the heels of news that AEW's prior trademark applications (the original AEW design and wordmark, 'All Elite Wrestling', 'AEW Double Or Nothing', 'AEW All Out', 'Tuesday Night Dynamite', 'Fight For The Fallen' and 'Change The Universe') all faced initial refusal from the USPTO on a variety of technical grounds. AEW has six months from USPTO's February 19, 2019 letter of initial refusal to rectify its rejected trademark applications.

What is unknown at this time is whether the new trademark application has any impact on AEW's previous filings. The February 28, 2019 application could be used to replace the prior AEW design; however, given the distinctive appearance and description of this most recent filing, it is most likely merely a variant logo design.

Source: Wrestling Inc.