Becky Lynch recently spoke with Chuck Carroll of CBS Sports to promote WrestleMania 35. You can read the full interview at this link. Becky was asked what it means to be main eventing a show that is loaded with so much star power.

"That's the thing. It's one thing to main-event if there's no good matches. This WrestleMania is stacked," Becky said. "Absolutely stacked to the brim, but I have been obsessing about this. Not just this year but since I was 15 years old wanting to come into WrestleMania. So, it really is the culmination of my entire life's work. Just as soon as I got hot, I was just strategically planning this. How could I make the story so compelling? How could I get people so invested that they have to see this as the main event because they're just so invested? Even though it feels like this build has been happening for about 12 years now, I think the blowoff at WrestleMania is perfect."

Regarding her entrance for the match with SmackDown Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey, Lynch said she hasn't heard anything about a special entrance for her.

"Yeah, and I mean last year Charlotte was carried in on a throne. I'm sure somebody will just stand in the corner with a party popper," Becky said. "It is me after all. I haven't heard anything. So, we'll see. To be honest, my sole thought process is on how this ends, and that's with me standing in the ring with 80,000 people holding the RAW women's championship."

The Twitter feud between Lynch, Rousey and Flair has been a hot topic going into WrestleMania 35. Lynch was asked if she's the one who comes up with her tweets. She joked that she obsesses about everything.

"Yeah, because I obsess about this. We have maybe five or 10 minutes if we're lucky when we're on TV every week," Becky said. "But when we have social media, we have a live microphone 24/7. So it's a chance to get my message across unfiltered, uncensored and get people to really care and [to] entertain. Of course, I'm not tech-savvy, so I have someone else Photoshop things for me. It's just a matter of obsessing about that and making sure that people care more about this than they do about anything else. And my way of doing that is making sure my voice is out there all the time. All the time in people's faces, whether it's polarizing, offensive, or funny, or whatever. At least people are talking, and at least people want this to be the main event."

Source: CBS Sports